Friday, November 15, 2019

Villages ~ L' Isle Sur la Sorgue...St. Remy...Ansouis

Lovely green glass vintage bottles...
sadly a wee bit too big for the carry on.

Water wheels...


Many streets with oodles of shops

I purchased a fabulous linen tea towel in this shop.

Cheryl found some crystal champagne glasses.
I could have bought a LOT of things in this shop!

The champagne flutes are at the bottom left hand corner of the window display.

We enjoyed lunch at the Cafe de France.

French Onion Soup and toast for the Hostess.

Lots of ducks in the water.


St. Remy is a charming spot for a stroll or a bite to eat.
We were not there on Market Day 
but we heard it is one of the best villages to buy antiques. 

Love the periwinkle blue shutters and doors.

Old old buildings...
everywhere there are beautiful heritage homes.

We don't see these here in Canada
 we are a much "younger" country than France.

I was gobsmacked by the architecture...
the patina of the stone structures
the colourful doors
the tall stands of Plane Trees.

The agave's and greenery
established wisteria
gnarled old vines.

We drove to and explored Villages in close proximity to each other.
We ate in small cafes and enjoyed seeing the different style of each Village.

All the Village we went to had churches...
some were vast and other small
all open to the public
with candles that could be purchased and lit for a small fee.

I've got loads more to share so please pop back soon.
 (I am trying to be quick about uploading all the images!)

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Thank you for the gorgeous photos! What a wonderful trip you had. So happy for you and your opportunity to have that experience.

    1. Thank you Susan...will keep posting until I have shared more of the trip wit you.

  2. The photos are beautiful. The richness of the stone and colours of the shutters and doors. I made calendars of a couple of trips that I have taken. Then I gave them to my travel partners.
    It seems a meaningful way to use the best photos.

    1. Calendars sound like a wonderful idea...
      we have some photo books of the grandchildren that were gifts which we love.

  3. It is all so beautiful, it must have been hard to leave all of this loveliness
    All of your photos have been so good!

    1. It was so much fun seeing new things but our home has a powerful hold on me.
      I will remember the charming villages and scenery forever...

  4. Everything looks beautiful in France. St Remy is just gorgeous, and I love your photos of the old blue buildings.

    1. Provence area of France is particularly beautiful...the stone buildings are just so lovely...I really loved all the colourful doors ad shutters too!


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