Monday, November 18, 2019

Behold the Breathtaking Beauty of Roussillon...

Stunning in its Beauty
Roussillon surprised and delighted me.

We walked along the Ochre Trail.

The sunlight reflected off the richly coloured cliffs.

Layers of colours

The Village structures were made with the local soil and stones.

Rich Sienna toned homes and buildings line the streets.

Shops, cafes and galleries...

It's been a busy weekend here in The Humble Bungalow.

Dinner out with friends, 
volunteering at the Goward House Craft Fair
(White Elephant Stall)
We hosted a casual dinner for the grandchildren yesterday 
today it's a "Catch up Day."

Publish a Blog Post
answer some emails
Laundry, housework and French Homework.

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Just catching up on all your holiday posts - wonderful photos - so glad you had such a wonderful time.

    1. It feels like a dream now that I am back home but what great memories!

  2. I remember visiting Rousillon 20 years ago. It is very beautiful and not too touristy.Did you visit Menerbes, Bonnieux and Gordes where the book "A Year in Provence" is set ? They are in the same area.

    1. We didn't see Menerbes...
      I loved Gordes! Check out my previous posts for pictures of the villages.

  3. I am really enjoying all your trip photos! I just love all the different textures and colors in each place you visited. The “oldness” of the architecture and towns is something that really struck me when we visited Germany. It takes your breath away.
    Mary Lou

    1. We are not used to such old architecture here in Victoria so it was delightful seeing the ancient ruins in Rome and the old stone villages with old old old walls and buildings!!

  4. Very pretty. The light is so lovely.

    1. The skies were so blue against the ochre soil...we were very fortunate with the weather the day we visited Roussion.


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