Monday, November 11, 2019

Fishing with Paolo

Paolo the Fisherman
is an advocate for sustainable fishing.
He's been fighting to change the way that people fish for many years.
He's been written up in The New York Times, National Geographic and many more publications.

We left the dock early in the morning from Talamone Italy
and we headed out to meet up with Paolo.

Paolo caught a wee octopus and showed us before throwing it back into the sea.

We were in an open Zodiac small enough to enter this cave...
the water was a beautiful shade of blue.

Paolo has organized carvers and artists to decorate huge slabs of marble.
These are barged out to sea and sunk to prevent large nets laid by big commercial fisheries to over fish the area.

Paolo and his wife fed us a tasty lunch after our morning at Sea.
They have many visitors and show films while serving dinner to people who come from afar to learn more about the fight to save the fish.

Cook Eat Discover 
is so much more than a cooking school
it's a wonderful adventure!

We learned about organic and sustainable practises...
vineyards and wines, 
cheese making, 
rice growing, 
buying fresh foods grown locally and in season.

I've a new appreciation for the way our foods are grown and harvested.

Next post I will share some of the pastas we made.

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. What a wonderful trip you had. I have enjoyed all your posts, especially this one. The colour of the sea - amazing, like the sea at Nice, just the most beautiful blue. What a fantastic idea, making marble sculpture to sink into the sea to save the fish. It presses all the right buttons for me!

    1. I have quite a few more posts waiting to be published! I took so many pictures to share...hope you enjoy them.
      Your trip to Ottawa looked amazing!

  2. I love what he is doing. Those floating fish factories are absolutely devastating to our oceans.

    1. Paolo has such passion! He's so enthusiastic and committed to his is quite inspiring meeting up with someone who is so determined and focused on something that will help the environment.


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