Thursday, November 2, 2017

Goodbye October, Hello November

Hello November!

Our October passed in a heartbeat...
how is it possible that it can rush by so fast?

Time feels like it slows down when we are at the cottage.
Perhaps we are too busy at home?

A simple floral bouquet elevates our modest and humble IKEA tray.
It is a wee but blurry but the vintage enamel dish 
is where I put my rings 
when I wash dishes...

the silver star holding down the napkins was a birthday gift from a dear friend.

I found this interesting paperweight at the thrift shop.
I have no idea if it is new or from the mid century moderne era.

All the sides are different... 

Reminds me of the style of jewelry created by Robert Larin or Guy Vidal.

Anyone recognize the artist or the era?

Ferries ply the water out front of Quarter Deck Cottage on The Salish Sea.

The views have a hypnotic effect...
the waves lull one
the sun warms
the fresh salty air refreshes.

Two deer lie in the sunshine below the deck.
Its absolutely still
so quiet
that we can hear ourselves breathing!

The Lilias Spalding Heritage Park on South Pender Island
 we explored this area after walking up a rather steep hill.
The views to the valley below were quite spectacular.
I regret not taking a picture now.

Crockery and old bottles

Mossy rocks

Comfort Food for dinner.

mashed potatoes and a bean salad.

Those sleepy deer woke up and munched a bunch of foliage
 then the one with antlers starting pushing the other one around...
they sauntered off along the cliff.
I am wondering if one of them is responsible for eating all my lovely chrysanthemums that were on the front porch!

Have you got plans for the weekend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Lovely photos as always Hostess! We're having meatloaf tonight too! Our baby granddaughter likes it.

    Happy November!

    1. I love making food for the littles and when they have a favourite it makes dinnertime easy...
      Hope you have a lovely weekend Susan.

  2. Lovely, lovely.

    The bouquet is so pretty. Your meatloaf looks delicious. My favorite part of a meatloaf is the sandwiches the next day. which reminds me I haven't made one in a while...thank you for the reminder.

    Have a happy day!

    1. My husband likes meat loaf sandwiches too!
      Meat loaf is great to serve on a cold blustery day...and we have a dusting of snow here this morning!

  3. Your meatloaf looks delicious. I'm off for three days in a row and should cook some make
    ahead meals as Monsieur does not cook. It snowed here last night. One of my friends in Courtney posted yesterday afternoon and they had a lot. Are you still on Pender?

    1. Home now, but there is a dusting of snow on the ground this morning and it is quite chilly!
      I am catching up on laundry and thinking of making are wise to make ahead some meals...when I worked I used to double recipes and freeze one for a weeknight when I was tired.
      Has it snowed where you are?

  4. Best of Bridge! That brings me back. When I was a young mom living in Newfoundland my then mother-in-law gave me all of those cookbooks, well several of them at any rate. They helped me learn to cook. We're on a plant-based diet now so most of the recipes wouldn't work for my kitchen but I have fond memories of them.
    Your cottage seems so peaceful and really the perfect place to enjoy regular hols now that you're retired. What a good choice it was. xx

    1. Oh I know the Best of Bridge cookbooks were all the rage way back when those gals were cooking...they've retired and passed on the torch to a younger woman.
      It snowed last night and it is very chilly back at home...I am already missing the gas fireplace at the cottage.
      I read your post this morning and your trip looks fabulous but your hike up that hill sounded quite gruelling and imagine a fellow not trusting Pie enough to share his phone!! Beautiful scarf and lovely pictures!

  5. NO, clean and cook YOU KNOW THE DRILL!

    1. I am doing laundry today and it snowed here at home so I am feeling the chill and think soup making might be a good idea. Have 3 magazines and 2 books on the table so I will start one later today...BearTown and The Next Best Thing are the book titles...I just finished The Girls which was a riveting but very disturbing book.

  6. Lovely photos of such a peaceful place. Did you get snow out there last night? It's chilly today. Pea soup for supper tonight, and I haven't yet thought about the weekend. We have a few commitments, and I hope to spend lots of time puttering about the house. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh my it IS cold...BRRR. Yesterday afternoon the winds picked up and the sea was rough with dark sinister looking clouds and loads of rain but the cottage has a warm gas fire which really takes the chill off so unlike our heritage home which has single paned windows and minimal insulation!
      I am home now and there is a dusting of snow on the ground and soup making sounds like a great idea...thank you for the idea!

  7. Lindas imagens outonais. As flores são um encanto. Bom fim de semana. Abraço

    1. Thank you! It is a very colourful season here and opportunities for snapping pictures are plentiful.

  8. Lovely post! Just like a couple of men, those bucks laying around and then get up fighting! LOL!
    That meat loaf makes me hungry!

    1. Your observation made me chuckle...and the meat loaf picture has that same effect on me.