Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY Christmas Wreath

While many of you in the states will be preparing for your Thanksgiving Feast...
here in Canada those of us who celebrate Christmas 
are looking ahead to the Festive season.

Our lovely DIL and I recently took a wreath making class
which was offered at the local garden centre.
I have never made a Christmas wreath, I usually make swags or buy a pre-made Christmas wreath.

I'm posting pictures of the evening.

You know what they say...
pictures are worth a thousand words.

You will need :
Wreath base, wire, secateurs, heavy string, moss, assorted boughs, pine cones.
I wore my garden gloves to keep the sap off my hands.

Hot coffee and apple cider were available to sip while we worked
as we were outside (BRRR!)
  we were dry as we were underneath a canopy.
Next year they assured us they would have heaters!

First you fill the wire base with moss
then cut all your boughs to a similar size and lay them on top
of the base at an angle overlapping them
wrapping each bough to anchor it to the base as you go.

Fill in any areas where the string shows with short pieces of greenery.

Wire the pine cones and attach them to the wreath secure the ends 
then cut off excess wire.

Natalie's wreath...I love the eucalyptus and the touches of gold.

You may add baubles, bows, ribbons, glitter accents 
anything that you like.

attach a zip strap at the top for hanging and enjoy your newly decorated festive wreath!

I am pleased with the results and will be able to make another one next year.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

 I'll be back with more on the continuing wardrobe edit soon.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Great job. I love the different hues, light and dark greens and the pine ones.

  2. Very lovely wreaths! I wondered how wreaths are constructed. Yes, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving in the US. The day after, I will start to 'deck the halls' and begin sending cards. Love all the good cheer and festivities of the season. Susan

    1. This is only one way to make a wreath...
      Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. What a beautiful wreath. I love the greenery too, so fresh and, well, green. The pine cones are so effective, and how handy you will have the wire base to use every year now.

    1. I will recycle the base after the holidays....waste not want not!

  4. Oh, your wreath is lovely (as is Natalie's) - I really like the different shade of green - they make it very striking. Good job.

    1. It was a fun evening...we both have our doors decorated for the festive season.

  5. I love the wreaths! Here it is snowy and I was just outside trying to shovel the dusting of snow that we had. It is actually harder when there is not much because everyone walks over it and it gets compacted. It was lovely outside and I noticed, across the ravine, a neighbour has a star shining with pink lights up. Here we seize any break in the weather to put up the lights. I have a wreath which is just twigs and I'm going to use yours as a model to add some greenery to it. Great blog post!

    1. Oh snow is so perfect for the holiday season as long as we can navigate the roads...which here is near to impossible if we get a major dump!
      Lights and a twig wreath...lead the season ...

  6. I love the green simplicity of your wreath Hostess.

  7. How pretty! There is nothing else as lovely as real greenery at the holiday season. Good job.

    1. I think it would be pretty to add some white fairy lights...but they would need to be battery powered and discrete.

  8. Your wreaths are beautiful .... very professional . What a lovely thing to do together with your daughter in law. Seems like a good idea to have heaters next year!!

  9. Your wreath is lovely!

    Hint: vegetable shortening or vegetable oil can be used to dissolve sticky pine or spruce sap that sticks to the hands, followed by a good washing with soap and water. My mother used to get sap out of my hair that way.


  10. Your wreath is so pretty. I like the different shades of green. What a fun thing to do with you DIL. My husband put up the outside lights on Saturday when it was not raining, but we haven't turned them on yet. Soon, though. Have a good day, L.

  11. What a beautiful wreath! Well done!
    We haven't even thought of things Christmassy, but that will change after the weekend.

  12. Very pretty! It looks unique, not mass-produced.