Friday, November 24, 2017

Hostess style Holiday Basic Black

The holidays and the festive season are weeks away and I have been thinking about what I will be wearing...I do not plan to buy anything new this year.
I have most everything that I might need right here in my tiny closet.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you'll already know how I rely on garments in Black..
those items particularly the classic styles with the ability to be transformed with accessories and textures.

Black is such a versatile neutral...
I gravitate to it like a moth to a flame!

If you can wear white it is another great option...
winter white is another softer choice that works.

I prefer black with my complexion and salt and pepper hair colour...
with bold red lipstick, eye liner and mascara I am ready for an evening out or an evening at home hosting guests.

Accessories are fabulous on a basic black garment.
I think of it as a blank canvas just waiting for some decoration...

INC black tunic top

Brooches, necklaces and scarves are your best bet to dressing up the simple understated black garments.

Baroque strand of Pearls

Artisan designed necklace.

I purchased it years ago and have worn it many times.

It is SO versatile...
I have worn it with a simple white Tee and Jeans
 under a denim shirt
with a leather Moto jacket
accent with a LBD
and here again with the tunic top.

I love having a funky artsy option in my jewel box.

You could wear some sparkly statement shoes or keep it simple with these Ferragamo flats.

A clutch would be another way to add a fun accent.
I have two black textured evening bags...
 vintage eel skin 
sourced at thrift and consignment shops at a great price point.

Textured hose is fun and feels less conservative...

I keep my wardrobe simple and small.
Owning specific Festive Holiday wear would be a luxury.
If I had to dress for a fancy ball or a "red carpet event" I would most certainly need to go shopping.
(however I feel that a red carpet event is highly unlikely)

Do you have a  favourite colour to wear for the festive season?
Will you add a pop of bright colour to your outfit?
How do you approach dressing for the holidays?

Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I love black but my hubby thinks it depressing so i wear it sparingly...i was told in Paris by the fashion psychic my power color is a pale sky blue which I find remarkably neutral ..I like mixing it with greens or coral.,.white or other blues navy or royal It is a hard color to find but i hunt it down I even have Nike sneakers in palest blue.
    I have earrings that are "moonstone" and palest blue "crystals"these always get good comments $2.99 at Buy Rite Drugstore.

    1. You have an energy that is vibrant and your colouring is perfect for the brighter shades...those earrings must be a stunning design to garner so many have a great eye for a bargain!

  2. I just bought a midnight blue lace dress by Gilmour for the holiday season. We were away last year so I did not "dress up". My mum used to have a black eel skin purse that I coveted. I've been a bit frivolous with my first paycheque and I bought a pair of black suede pumps at Lord's on Granville Wednesday so I'm set for a while. It's funny how going back to work has seemed to make a little extravagent.

    1. Your new lace dress sounds really exciting...please share it on your blog. I love the Gilmour line of clothes made in Vancouver.
      Enjoy your "mad Money" you've earned it.

  3. I like black too-it is "easy" and always looks classy. I am glad my coloring lends itself to looking good in black with a pop of white, red or some other brighter color.

    1. Black IS easy..and versatile...your pops of colour make it more personal.
      I wear eye liner, red lipstick and a sweep of blush on my cheekbones when I am wearing all black in the evening.

  4. I love black so I fully understand and admire your choices and how you are able to turn something relatively unpretentious and simple into a fabulous outfit ... I've tried to switch to navy blue and liked it but... I keep going back to black. Elegant, classic, easy to "dress up" or "dress down" and your ideas give me re-assurance that what I am doing is not wrong.

    Love your blog and I miss it greatly on the days you don't post - thank you for your blog and for being so lovely,


    1. Navy blue is a great neutral...a classic.
      There are no "rules" and we should be happy with what we wear whether it is an all white ensemble of a vibrant shade of blue or perhaps cerise...I have tried the brighter shades but I do not feel confident wearing them.
      It is encouraging hearing from readers who enjoy my to regular posting schedules I have not been able to discipline myself to write every day!
      Too much going on in my life!

  5. Black is my go-to as well. We do go to a gala at leaat once a year but I don't buy a new dress each time. For holiday entertaining and parties I rely on a small but growing collection from the Canadian-made SYMPLI line.
    I love your artisan necklace. It really changes the look of the tunic.

    1. Love the Sympli line...
      I owned several pieces before I lost weight and I wore them a lot....they were all in black!!!
      What colour have you opted for Pondside?

  6. I've sewn two teal velvet tops, which I'll probably wear with black trousers.

    1. Velvet is the favourite fabric this season...teal is a lovely choice, perfect with black pants. Clever you for sewing your own clothes...I have the utmost respect for people who can tailor their own clothes.

  7. Lovely tunic,pearls and necklace-black is always very elegant and I love to wear it as well. Lately I tend to navy again,as one of my first choices
    My last year holiday's outfit was a red dress-this year it will be a navy dress or black monochrome combinations,always with a scarf or necklace
    I will not buy anything new-although I go out a lot (concerts,theatre,dinner),I don't need red carpet outfits,silk or velvet black trousers with a black or white blouse is my choice
    I will try the recipes from your last post

    1. Sounds like we both shop our closet instead of rushing off to the shops to buy something at the last minute for an event.

      Black and white are stunning will look very polished and smart indeed...hope that you enjoy the rum balls!

  8. I've been wearing lots of black lately with a scarf and dark brown accessories. It's funny but my style has really changed, while I once wore lots of pattern I am now wearing all black with brown or all navy with black. The most pattern I'm wearing these days is a bit of tartan in a shawl, and I also have tartan Harris tweed covered boots which are my favourite.
    Love your style as ever Hostess, I always picture you so elegant having a cocktail with me at the Bengal Lounge! It's a happy memory.
    Have a lovely weekend. XX

    1. Patterns can be tricky...I do like stripes and tartan or plaid do not fall into the same category as a "pattern" I think it is in a league of its own! The scarf that you purchased while on holiday is sumptuous...
      I think of our meet up frequently Dani...and sadly The Bengal Room is no more...the new owners of The Empress have made many changes...some to the shock and dismay of the locals but it is still an iconic local hotel.
      I recently found a vintage Coach Court handbag in brown and I am loving it so much, it is a classic style and in immaculate condition...brown and black work together as you already know.

  9. Over the past two years I have built a black collection around theor cigarette pants, a tank and a pencil skirt. At sales I added a tunic top. During the summer sale i branched out with the same pants and tank in navy. I added a red tunic and a robin's egg blue Joseph Ribkoff tunic as well. These pieces take me from a cruise to holiday parties. They are timeless and easy-care. I love the whole line!

    1. There are quite a few shops that carry Sympli here which makes it easy to shop the sales. Josef Ribkoff make some lovely garments...they work for those of us who are height challenged!
      Being prepared is key...avoiding the stress of what to wear before an event or a party can be avoided when you already have the basics covered.

  10. Black is my go to color also but just recently I’ve been thinking it looks harsh on my pale skin. I need to wear much more makeup when wearing black. However, it is so easy and all the best things come in black. I love that artisan necklace. So fun

    1. You are much fairer than I am and with your blonde hair and blue eyes I see you in it is so flattering on youe!
      Perhaps wear a whisper weight scarf in blue next to your face with a black dress or top? You would know better than I, after all, you are in the business of dressing well!
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Another here who relies on black or charcoal grey though I do like to add a pop of colour. I rely on Robell for well fitting trousers as they have just the right amount of stretch. I may invest in a new tunic this Christmas as it will be the first one without my lovely husband. My present to me.

  12. Recently, I also like black. All black is appealing with accessories that add a bit of color. I recently bought a 3/4 length sleeve, St. John, drop shoulder wool tunic with slight slits on both sides accented with 3 brightly detailed gold buttons just above the slit opening. Burgundy, 2 inch heels with a matching bag works well with the outfit. Pearl and diamond french clip studs add a bit of jewelry to the outfit. Like you, relaxed, comfortable and understated works for me. Susan

  13. I love black, too. I agree with Twiggy, who said that: "black is the new black".