Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wardrobe edit: Scarves...those that made the cut

I've recently been editing and culling my wardrobe.

I like to do this regularly as it helps me refine my style, allows me to see what regularly gets worn, who are the key players and what features make them the workhorses in my closet.

My wardrobe is kept small...the closet is also small and I share it with my husband! One day we will redo it and install some features that will improve its storage 1913 a "pedestrian bungalow owner" would not have had many clothes...daytime wear (house dresses) and Sunday best.

First on the chopping block are the scarves...

Too many scarves and they were spilling off the shelf in my bedside cabinet
not enough space so some had to go...
7 scarves were donated to the charity shop and two were consigned.

Silk Hermes collection
 (which I wear mostly in the Spring and Summer)

Three orange boxes

Small square purchased in Paris

Black and White silk from Vancouver Hermes store

The original from the San Francisco Hermes shop.

Long scarves
some worn in summer and some in the Fall and Winter

Large white scarf (shawl size) from the Monoprix 
 St Germain, Paris

Burberry print infinity scarf

Two Linen scarves:

black and grey 
blue and white 
(purchased at the Pharmasave in Oak Bay)

Burberry cashmere
(gift from my husband)

I tend to wear the Burberry cashmere all through the Fall and Winter as it offers warmth and is so cozy and goes with my wine coloured puffer coat.

That's all the scarves and they neatly fit inside the cabinet now with some "breathing room!"

The new Bosch dishwasher arrived and was installed today...
looking forward to clean dishes and no more leaks!

I am taking a wreath making workshop this week with our lovely DIL
Hopefully my efforts will be worthy of a photo and if the wreath looks OK
 I will share it here in a future post.

Have you started decorating for Christmas?
For some strange reason this year I feel like putting up our decorations and tree already and it is not even December!

I recently read this book the subject matter was quite disturbing...
extremely well written but rather graphic
 a NY Times bestseller.

I'm reading a much lighter book right now...
(Chick Lit)

Set in London and the South of France...
love the style in which it is written
just the thing to put a smile on my face as I sit with my mug of tea on these rainy afternoons.

What is new with you and 
what are you reading?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I am reading the latest Louise Penny mystery and also Mrs. Bridges. The scarves you have kept are just lovely. I especially like that black and white Hermes. Your dishwasher looks beautiful. I am anxious to see your wreath - please do show.

  2. Hello Hostess! I always love a peek inside your home. The new dishwasher is refined and elegant and yet fits so well with the woodwork in your kitchen. My family came to Canada as immigrants from Europe in 1957 (I was an infant) and rented the main floor of a very similar house in south Vancouver. (Maybe a bit larger? As the landlords lived upstairs.) Nothing was upgraded in the early sixties. I was just a child but I loved the leaded windows and wrought iron heater vents. It was a great neighbourhood to grow up in. And I approve of your scarves... naturally, as your taste is very similar to my own. I too edit constantly. You are correct, it does help to refine one's style. Our tastes change and evolve. I requested the book "The Cool Factor" from the library after seeing your feature of it, and am hanging onto it as long as I can. I already have ideas for what to look for next time shopping (Thrifting, mostly.) Thank you for the all your lovely posts that are always thoughtful, inspiring and entertaining. Cheers, Violet.

    1. There are quite a few arts and crafts bungalows in BC...Vancouver and Victoria have many of these homes still in use although sadly they are being torn down to make way for new more modern homes. The Cool Factor is a great book, I am glad that you were able to find it at your library...hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  3. The scarves are all so pretty it would be hard to decide which one to wear.

    Have a happy day!

    1. I wore the black and white Hermes when I volunteered at the craft fair this weekend...and when one has too many choices it is rather challenging making the decision of which to wear!

  4. You have a great collection of pretty scarves! After our warm summer and early fall, I'm glad to be back wearing mine, too. I'm currently between books and haven't quite decided which one to read next. I just finished report cards and have begun a few Christmas sewing projects. The new dishwasher looks like it will do a good job for you.

    1. I just finished my book and am going to pop across the street to our wee lending library box and see if there is another book for me to read...making soup today and staying cozy after a busy day volunteering at the craft fair.

  5. I love your scarves - I know that I really should cull mine somewhat, but I wear almost all of them, so that's my excuse!

    Currently reading: On Borrowed Time (How World War II Began) by Leonard Mosley. I read history or philosophy almost exclusively, these days...

    And I do ZERO holiday decorating. I might light a pine-scented candle, but that's it. First up, I personally don't celebrate Christmas, and I live in a huge high-rise that decorates to the absolute insane possible limit, so I don't feel like I miss anything. The view from our apartment is chock-full of holiday lights, so our home shares the overall feeling of festive!


    1. I haven't culled my scarves for years...I think we need to be in a certain mood to be ruthless and purge our closets and cupboards!

  6. Enjoy your new dishwasher! We also have a new Bosch and I enjoy not being able to hear it---at all!

    Did you consign some of your Hermes scarves? Was it hard to give them up? I love the ones you kept. I have several and don't wear them as much as I would like.

    1. I consigned two of my Hermes scarves...just no point in keeping them if they are not getting worn.

  7. I've also culled my scarves, and I could probably edit even more. A small space is the very best editor, right?
    I see that both you and Sue (Une Femme) have posted about Hermes scarves today -- I don't wear mine very often, but I'm thinking I might give it a careful wash and perhaps even risk the dryer as she did just to soften it up a bit.
    As for Christmas, we'll be away from home for the first time this year, leaving early December and not back 'til mid-January, so no decorating at all. The kids will be using our place, though, and I think they're even doing Christmas dinner here, so maybe they'll do some seasonal gussying ;-)

    1. The space for storage can be a blessing in disguise! One can feel "almost like a Parisian woman" with one wee wardrobe for all our clothing.
      Oh a holiday at Christmas sounds like an adventure...I look forward to your travel posts.

  8. Too early for me for Christmas decorating - after American Thanksgiving and more likely, December 1st!

    Enjoy what you like to do!

    1. We have a wreath on the front door...thats it for now...will decorate in December.

  9. I like to minimize my wardrobe and keep it simple- too many choices become overwhelming and I end up wearing the same things all the time! I always find something I can take away and apply to my life from your posts- thanks for sharing! Bridget

    1. I like keeping things simple too...
      happy to hear that you enjoy the posts.

  10. Your scarves are beautiful-and the approach to your wardrobe is an excellent one-one has to follow one's lifestyle and circumstances and make the best
    I have only a couple of things on repeat this fall and it makes me happy
    I'm reading Camilla Läckberg's The Mermaid,a swedish mistery. I like her books very much,a little bit "noir",as Scandinavian misteries are,but very good

    1. I must check out that author...thank you for sharing the title.

    2. You're welcome
      The title of the book might be also -the same book-( translated from swedish) The Drowning

  11. I really like your Paris square. It is so pretty for spring and summer.
    I worked on my closet ten days ago but I still have too much. Most of my clothing falls into the grey/navy with colourful accents so I'm not ready to relinquish. Probably after a couple of months of working, I'll rethink. It's weird when I see my school pictures in the hall (straightened auburn hair and a lot more print in the wardrobe). It seems like a different person. I've just watched the last season of Scott and Bailey on Netflix. Are you watching The Collection on PBS?

    1. Oh and your curly hair is so flattering...I cannot imagine how you would look with straight hair...we fight nature sometimes don't we? Especially with our hair!!!
      I am not watching the collection...will certainly have a peek.

  12. I love the ways that people wear scarves, however at the moment, they do not feature in my wardrobe. I have them, just haven't been wearing them. But it's nice to see what other people have in their scarf repetoire.

  13. good for you with the cull! I love the cactus edge scarf x

  14. I am in early days on “The Girls”, I really am uncomfortable and can only read a bit at a time. Debating about ending it all together

  15. You do have some lovely scarves. I have my favorites that get worn most frequently but just can’t bear to part with a few others that are only worn occasionally. I’ve taken to hanging them on a ladder hanger which saves tremendous space and allows me to see what I’ve got. I’m thinking of getting some Christmas things out early too. It must be in the air!

  16. I have a Bosch dishwasher and it has been going well for years. Hope yours does equally good service. It is lovely to see your Hermes scarves, and I would never be able to give one away! However, there are a lot of others which really need to go off to the charities. I am reading Hillary Clinton's book and also one about the Queen. My tree is up and decorated because grandson adores it all. He will be doing the Nativity next weekend.