Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rainy Quarter Deck Cottage

 The Salish Sea from Quarter Deck Cottage.

We see all kinds of boats and to get a closer look we brought our binoculars.
They come in very handy, plus we got to see the passing Orcas up close.

The small islands of North and South Pender have a few amenities.
Grocery store, library, several galleries, marinas, a pub, several restaurants and cafes, a pharmacy, book store, second hand shop and an antique store which has the most amazing artwork!

I found a small French satin glass dish made by the Verlys company.

The pine cones attracted me as soon as I set eyes on it...
It is so pretty that I do not plan to put anything in the dish I will leave it as it is.
The cones provide the "feet" for the dish.

I started this mystery book and am already halfway through it...
we can chalk that up to the wind and rainy weather here today.

It is very cozy and warm here at Quarter Deck Cottage.
We lit the gas fireplace and there is no need to go out and get soaking wet...

Mr. HB and I have waited for a break in the weather to get some fresh air but alas Mother Nature has other ideas!

Stay cozy!



  1. It sounds lovely...a cozy rainy day with a beautiful view and a fire to read and sip a cup of tea by. Wonderful!

  2. It sounds perfectly lovely and cozy. Enjoy! BTW- I'm not getting your posts by email anymore :( Is there a new feed burner?

    1. I am sorry that you are not receiving the posts.....I have NO Idea why they are not showing up. My blog is on Bloglovin and Blogger..

  3. It sounds lovely. I met a lady from Pender Island many years ago who volunteered in the library called "The Pender Lender". I'll bet that there are a great many interesting antiques and pieces of local artwork around. I'm reading a Donna Leon mystery right now. The rain has not stopped all day so I've read a lot. The dog went out with a friend and came back wet and cold. A good thing is that my hollyhock has grown a foot in the last two days. Enjoy!

    1. I love that Pender Lender rhyme....
      we have had a great week here and hope for many more.

  4. It looks like your are having a very pleasant and relaxing break in a beautiful spot, despite the rain. The French glass dish is superb, a great buy, and I love your arrangement with the feathers. Sometimes I pick them up and don't know what to do with them - and now I know :)

  5. I collect feathers at home too and have put them in a vintage vase on my desk. Unfortunately the cats like to play with them so they are inside the desk now!

  6. This cottage seems like a great addition to your life. So cozy and charming and a real getaway without all the travel.

  7. I would love you to write a guest post for me on my upcoming Pacific NW series.
    Would you do this for me. I would be so honored. And, you have some amazing insights about living there, the culture, etc. Sending love, Marsha 713.679.1181

  8. Welcome to the islands....We went to Victoria in the rain yesterday. The gardens just loved the downpour, and the sun today is making everything pop.


  9. What a fantastic view. If it has to be cold and rainy (and it seems to be continuing), being on Pender in your cozy cabin is a great place!

  10. Nothing like a good book, a fire and tea on a rainy day.