Friday, October 14, 2016

Rainy daze....

 "Money Plant"

Also known as Lunaria or Honesty, the silver dollar plant is rather like a weed.
It self seeds and thrives on neglect here in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
The Pilgrims brought this plant over with them on the Mayflower.
Thomas Jefferson grew it in his garden at Monticello.

What a difference a day makes...
these rose blooms were looking lovely until this stormy weather blip hit us.

Jude The Obscure wearing raindrops

The soft sand at Willows Beach as seen earlier this week when the sun was shining...makes me want to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the sand!

There is an eagles nest in this massive oak tree.

Mount Baker is seen off in the distance.

Loads of kelp has washed ashore.

Snow capped Mount Baker is seen across Haro Strait.

Few people were out walking on this sunny afternoon so I had most of the beach to myself.

This toddler was exploring the beach structure
I can just imagine what fun he is having...

This beach scene looks completely different today...
torrents of rain are falling and the waves are crashing along the shore.

I am escaping this positively beastly weather by dreaming...

Enjoying making notes from this beautiful book on Provence.
Janelle McCulloch has written an informative book on the area and the photographs of the enchanting villages are so lovely.

There is a pot of soup simmering on the stove
the cats are snoozing in their respective spots
it is cozy inside our Humble Bungalow.
Pelting rain and the winds are howling just outside the door...

I will don my boots and raincoat and venture out into the storm.
I have a cheque to pop in the post and I could use some fresh air...

Thank you for stopping by...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Leslie, what are the plants in the last photo? And the money plant, does it start off green and then end up like that?

    1. Sorry but I do not know the names of all the plants in the planter as I purchased it all planted up. The money plant is green most of the season and has mauve flowers when it it dries in the Fall the discs fall off and the "silver dollars" are revealed.

    2. I think one is a heuchera! The one with the blue/green veined leaves.
      Margaret P

  2. Love your planter on the porch - the plants and the pot are so lovely against the color of your house.

    1. Thank you Jeannine...I liked the planter when I spied it and then I saw the white pumpkins which I thought would be fun to add to the table.

  3. Your seaside walk and photos are spectacular. The vista is outstanding - beach, ocean, and mountain capped with snow. A multi-season experience. Nature at the very best. You really have so many nice places to walk. All varied and interesting. Convening with nature is always a pleasant experience. Your garden seems to prosper! Roses in bloom, in late Oct. Amazing. Susan

    1. Susan...I once had a rose called Sally Holmes that bloomed well into December...sadly the rose is gone. We do have some great scenic spots to walk here in Victoria.
      "Convening with nature" might be a wet and wild experience tomorrow! The news said that Oregon and Washington state are going to be hit with this nasty storm too.

  4. You paint a very comforting picture of being snuggled up indoors whilst the storm swirls around you, Leslie. I love the pic of the rose drizzled with rain drops. And you have inspired me to to out hunting for a nice winter planter to welcome visitors to my home. Thank you, as always.

    1. Thank you Mary...I want to say that your blog makes me hungry! Your dinners and lunches out look fabulous!
      I like decorating the front porch with plants and seasonal bits and is one place our cats do not go so I can safely add a bit of cheer!

  5. Love your blog, gives me so many ideas for books, (like this one on Provence and The Hare with Amber Eyes) clothes, jewelry (love those baroque pearls!)and of course all the lovely photos of Oak Bay and Willow Beach. Please continue to do so for those of us in Manitoba who envy your climate and gardens!

    1. Hi Paulette...I hope that you enjoy some of the books, and the pictures, well they speak for themselves. The grey baroque pearls were a gift from our darling daughter...I have several others too which I have collected over the years.
      You probably would not want to be here in Victoria is very stormy!

  6. Planter and pumpkins are lovely!
    Your photos are beautiful in the rain,too,you really have an eye for nature's beauty and details!
    We have rain as well

    1. Dottoressa you are most flattering with your has been a quiet day hunkered down with my book and tea. The winds have picked up and the rain is now going sideways!

  7. I'm always sincere-I don't "like" something I don't like :-)