Sunday, October 16, 2016

OOTD and some budget friendly ideas

My "new to me" thrifted cognac coloured vintage Due Fratelli bag inspired me to take out my old Burberry jacket which I have not worn for ages.

This jacket was an "investment" piece.
I purchased it when I was working.

It was worn almost every chance I got when it was new 
but of late it has languished in the closet.

I have a weakness when it comes to coats and jackets...
Quite a few are in hanging my wardrobe, a mix of casual and dressy.
Some new and others thrifted.

Walking jackets make up a good portion of these and there are a few cold weather down options in the closet too.
A priority for me "being prepared for all kinds of weather."

~ OOTD ~
Burberry jacket, NYDJ, Jessica Simpson flats, Due Fratelli bag

what you cannot see is the 
thrifted crisp white shirt by Northern Reflections and my baroque pearl necklace.

"Retirement dressing"
Mixing high and low priced pieces help me stay within a budget.
I have a book where I record all the garments that I purchase so I can keep track of my expenditures.
It is surprising how it adds up!

My retirement budget also requires me to mix high and low priced cosmetics and skincare products.

The newest items in my arsenal of products...
Jane Iredale Dream Tint with an SPF of 15
100% natural Brilliant Lip Shimmer by Burts' Bees in Cherry
I love a pop of red in the Fall and Winter.

this is not a sponsored post
 opinions are mine, and are posted for the convenience of my readers

I switched from the powdered Jane Iredale foundation to the tinted moisturizer 
it adds a soft glow and boosts moisture levels
works with my dry skin.

The Brow Drama is like mascara for the eyebrows...
I have found that a spa eyebrow tint lasts only a few weeks 
then the coarse white hairs are visible again...
This product is under $10 and lasts for months.

Spa visits are few and far between...
pedicures in sandal season and possibly one or two facials each year.
While I love the pampering I cannot afford to indulge as often as I would like.

I have fun doing my own facials.
Often I will dedicate a morning to some self care
using products similar to those available at the spa.

This red rose looks so pretty against the soft yellow siding of our neighbours' home.

Thankfully the wild storm that was predicted did not hit us as hard as we expected.

The book that I have been waiting for at the library arrived!
In the spirit of thrift I have been reserving books at the library instead of purchasing every book that I want to read...

Hope you are having a fun weekend.

Are you saving for something special?
Do you try to live within your budget?

Thank you for stopping by my humble blog.
~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Good book, enjoy with the tea. I so love your garden and shore photos. Thank you.

    1. Halfway through the book and it is very well slowing down the pace with which I am reading so as to savour the chapters.

  2. Yes, I cannot afford to buy 300 books a year so I live for the library! Love your look and fashions. Must try some of your cosmetics as they should work well for me. Love your blog and photos, thank you.

    1. Reading 300 books a year is quite a feat! I am impressed!
      Our library is a cozy spot especially on a rainy day...lots of great titles just waiting...

  3. What a lovely post! I have jotted down the title of the book to reserve at my local library. I, too, am working at reducing my book spending.

    I am enjoying the journey of "resourceful living". I invested in a large Dutch oven, and have already halved my grocery expenditures. I am delighted with the delicious and wholesome foods that emerge -- soups, chili. Some for the table and some for the freezer. It's lovely to come home and have supper already prepared.

    I am also delighted with all the resources available at the library in the cookbook section and online on Youtube. I'm currently watching Laura Vitale whose exuberance makes my "cooking lessons" one of the pleasures of life right now.

    I always enjoy the topics you share here on your blog. The lovely photos "spark joy".

    Autumn blessings to you,
    Honey Bee

    1. I have a dutch oven and find that fall and winter are seasons to which it gets quite the workout!
      I am not familiar with Laura Vitale...will go online and watch some of her You Tube cooking episodes...thank you.

  4. I like the idea of a clothes expenditure book, will give that a go.
    I was hunting in my archives for a specific jacket today. It is surprising how many old items I unearthed along the way that seemed like "new" again to me. It feels like I went shopping but I didn't spend a penny and my clothes miles were nothing but a flight of stairs. Retirement can be so satisfying!

    1. I think they refer to that activity as "shopping the closet!"
      Retirement is what we have worked for all these years...I started working part time at 15 if you don't count all the babysitting I did and slowing down when I hit 57 seemed like a good idea and at almost 62 I recommend it!

  5. I use the library too. Not only can I not afford to buy every book I read, but we don't have room for them either. I particularly liked that one, The Summer Before The War.

    1. I don't have room to store books either ...that is one of the reasons that I helped organize the wee lending library on our street. The municipal library has a fabulous collection of materials that we may borrow...might as well make use of it as we pay for this service through our taxes.

  6. I really have a thing for outerwear as well. It is because I walk and I try to do many of my errands on foot. I should try the Brow Drama because my brows are salt and pepper. A dark tint is too dark and does not last. I really enjoyed The Summer Before the War. I am reserving lots of books. There is no need for me to purchase. I just read The Law of Dreams, a Governor-General's Award winner about Ireland during the 1840's. This week, I am volunteering at the Writers' Festival. I'm a writer-walker and a festival ambassador. Tuesday, I am walking Ellen Schwarz and Roy Henry Vickers. I used to really enjoy reading
    Mr. Belinsky's Bagels and The Elders are Watching to students so it should be interesting. I would like to travel in 2018 with my daughter to Budapest where her paternal grandfather was born. We would sail on the rivers from Budapest to Amsterdam. I will volunteer in Mexican libraries in 2017 but I am able to keep my costs very low in Oaxaca. With the winds this week-end, I read and had a church/lunch day with Maman while Monsieur watched NFL

    1. Sounds like you will be busy at the writer's festival! Have fun!
      I read Law of Dreams this summer and enjoyed it...rather a different storyline than I usually read but very well written and entertaining.
      Your mother /daughter trip to Budapest and Amsterdam will be something to look forward to planning.

  7. Hi Hostess- great post! I am s single mom living on a strict budget and love your ideas about how to live well on a budget. I too am an avid reader and while I adore a bookshelf overflowing with books-it is just too expensive to buy a new one every week. My friends and I do a monthly book swap dinner party where we trade our favorite books- so much fun! I do my own mani/pedi simply because a close friend contracted a horrible bacterial infection (and lost a toe nail!) from a salon pedi and it scared me so much I haven't returned. I not much for impulse shopping and will save for a good quality classic "investment" piece. Some of my dresses are nearly 15 years old and still look gorgeous. I have started to grow my own herbs and enjoy making meals that can easily freeze- such a luxury to come home and warm up a hearty stew or chili. Lastly, instead of the expensive gym membership- I find a long hike around the river or up a mountain is just as good, if not better. Truly loving this post and all your wonderful ideas.

    1. KUdos to you Danielle, for living within your budget...
      It is not easy.

      The book exchange sounds like a fun event...a great way to be social and share books at the same time.
      Gyms are great if you make sure to use them often, I never seem to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as when I first join! Walking and hiking are free and there are lovely vistas and plenty of fresh air !
      Glad to hear that you enjoyed this post.

  8. You always look elegant, regardless the time of year or weather. I have been wanting to read that book too and like you, I often put holds on books at the library. I edited down a large book collection in recent years in favour of space and I try not acquire new ones. The one in, one out rule applies but I confess I occasionally bend it. Please let us know how you enjoy it... Violet.

    1. I am halfway through the book and am enjoying the story so much that I am slowing down a bit so that I can savour the chapters a wee bit more.

  9. Your outfit is very smart and I love that you are resurrecting a beloved jacket. My winter jackets are all several years old, and I still love them. A hip length winter coat is on my list for this year, but I will only purchase if I find one that I love, love, love. Since I keep my coats for a long time, it must be something worth splurging on. Jotting down your purchases is a great way to stay within budget and must help with controlling impulse buys.

    The library has always been a special place for me. I originally studied to be a librarian, but was unable to finish.

    1. I am not sure what kind of style you are looking for and if you want a luxury brand or a casual one.
      I just received the Lands' End catalogue in the mail this afternoon and they have some good looking cold weather coats and jackets. If you watch they are frequently offering sales of 30 and 40% off.
      I love libraries too...working in the school library was one of the nicest jobs I had in my school career.

  10. I bought a Burberry trench way back in the 1980s but found that even in a shower it wasn't even shower-proof and wasn't worth the enormous sum of money I spend (well, for those days.) Something similar is now around £1200!!! Eye watering, isn't it? I'm afraid it went to the charity shop years ago and now my raincoats are either Jules or Marks & Spencer - but my Jules red trench was admired this week! But I have to say I love that Burberry jacket. I recently parted with a three-times-only worn winter coat as it was camel-coloured with a large fur collar and I can't think what possessed me to buy it - perhaps an over-enthusiastic sales' person! It made me feel ancient and didn't go with my now-grey hair (but now highlighted-grey-hair!) I have recently bought a new navy winter coat (again Marks & Spencer, not hugely expensive but I love it!)
    Never tried those beauty products so must make a note of them. I use Boots No 7 much of the time but recently, after a make-up demo in a local dept store, I bought a couple of Lancôme products but really, nice as they are, Boots No 7 are just as good and a fraction the price. I bought one of those liquid brow makeup thingies, but as my brows are almost non-existent, and what there are are white hairs, it was useless, so I've returned to using a pale grey soft eye-brow pencil instead.
    Love your flowers as always.
    Do you change your fragrances in the autumn? I've ceased using my Aqua di Parma rose perfume which is so appropriate for summer, and am now using my old favourites again - Hermes' Caleche, Hermes' 24 Faubourg, and Lancôme 'O' de Lancôme. During the summer I also purchased some samples of Miller Harris fragrances and they are so lovely - trouble is, I can't make up my mind which I like the best and as they are expensive (well, to me they are) I might just as well get another sample box of 8 of them for £28 again!
    Margaret P
    Margaret P

    1. Marks and Spencer have some pleasant perfumes. They also have some French pharmacy style skin care such as Nuxe.

    2. Margaret P,
      Thank you for your comments!

      That Burberry trench sounds very expensive...
      I have seen Jules online...and I love how they use briught cheery colours for their boots and coats.
      We used to have a M&S shop here years ago and I bought a wool swing coat that I wore through 2 was well made and very stylish. I miss the store.
      I am currently wearing Fragonard Belle de Nuit that I purchased in Paris but I will be changing to Mitsouko by Guerlain for winter...Hermes makes a lighter spring and summer scent that I use.
      Limited Boots products are available here. They are readily available in the UK.I have never tried them...have English friends who bring them back after they visit their mums in Kent.
      I like visiting Jo Malone in Vancouver but I can never decide what scent I current thought is that I must use up what I have before investing in something new!
      Have fun choosing your new fragrance!

  11. I think I will try your idea of jotting down personal expenditure. I feel a spread sheet coming on!!! I have pared down my wardrobe to the things I wear with the exception of a couple of 'posh' outfits. Retirement has brought about a simplified life style and my husband's health curtails our holidays to staying in the UK so purely holiday clothes are not needed either.

    We also have a very good library within driving distance so I should use it more. I have lost that habit recently. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Retirement dressing is much simpler than dressing for work...less expensive too!
      I am not very savvy when it comes to spreadsheets...
      My little book is quick and all I need to do is total each page and keep a running tally. I started this habit because I did not want to let my spending get away from me. It helps keep me mindful of what I own and so I do not buy more than I need.
      I drive to go to the library too but all their books are online and can be easily put on hold...the new releases are listed before they are available and it feel like visiting a bookshop!

  12. I don't know if I have a budget, but I am very frugal... I try to be a good shepherd of what I have. I am interested in the brow drama. I will check it out. I do buy a lot of books, but I love the library as well. I'm not the most patient person when it comes to waiting on a book. I hope you have something wonderful planned for the week. Hugs!

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Frugal is a great way to be...I find that I am much more frugal now than when I was working. My walking partner reminded me today that if we do not buy books then the booksellers will go out of business...she has a point but for now as I have a goal to save for a holiday I am going to try just to use the library.
      Enjoy your week!

  13. To galant: Couldn't resist this note as I see you're in the UK. I recently started using makeup from Look Fabulous Forever, a company started by a 68 yr. old woman (Tricia)in the UK. Prices are reasonable, all online and I believe free shipping in UK. Look up the website (under same name)with how to videos, and check it out
    for yourself. I hope I'm not offending by assuming that like me, you are not a 20 something.

    1. Paulette,
      Thank you for sharing this information...

  14. How coincidental - I just picked that book up from the library the other day after putting a hold on it! I love the library and use it all the time. Whenever I moved (years ago - I haven't moved for 30 years) one of the first things I did was find and check out the local library.

    1. How are you enjoying the books so far?
      My neighbour across the street works at the local library and I am there so often picking up books these days I think I see her more there than I do in her garden!

  15. I always love your book suggestions. My library is under renovation so I am traipsing several towns over to get my books. So glad the storm was not as bad as expected. I love that Dream Tint too!

    1. I like the texture of the dream is so easy to apply.
      People here are complaining about the forecast..they are basically saying no one will believe the forecasters again? It has become a bit of a joke...
      What are you knitting? I have joined a ladies knitting group and we knit and drink tea in a local cafe once a month...pure BLISS!

  16. I like the texture of the dream is so easy to apply.
    People here are complaining about the forecast..they are basically saying no one will believe the forecasters again? It has become a bit of a joke...
    What are you knitting? I have joined a ladies knitting group and we knit and drink tea in a local cafe once a month...pure BLISS!

  17. I'm so glad the storm wasn't as bad as they predicted! What a beautiful flower you have pictured here....absolutely gorgeous, I can almost smell it all the way down here in Charleston! Ha ha LOL

  18. I am an avid reader too,so slowing the pace is something I try to do with a book I like (and The Summer....was one of them)
    I loved libraries a lot but recently the books in my library are in horrible condition,dirty and missing pages, so I stop to borrow them (the treatment I could not understand).Have to find a better one.
    I buy books in english,and sometimes other foreign languages, at Amazon Kindle store and in croatian real,paper books. My mother and me read them both. I used to keep and cherish my books but I let them go now to my friends and than their friends
    Last week I've read about the new cafe where you can bring and take books,so I went there on Saturday-books are great,as well the coffee,so I have to bring some of my own next time.
    The other one cafe became Free Reading Zone (in developing)so one will be able to download books for free there!
    Great,isn't it?
    I have a soft spot for Burberry,so I like your jacket. I have mid-knee navy trench for more than 15 years,now more appropriate as evening wear,and a mid thigh classic one (more than 8 yrs) I wear a lot. With those eye-watering prices,that would be it.
    I find The Brow Drama very interesting. My brows are very blond,as well as my hair was/is,so I like to add a little drama and tint them a little bit darker
    Have a nice day!

    1. Oh dear a library with books that are in disrepair! I wonder why the condition of the books is so poor...perhaps they are not given the respect they deserve...when I worked in the school library I had to repair books on a regular basis and if they were returned beyond salvage the borrower would have to pay to replace the book. I hope you find another better library but in the meantime your book group at the cafe sounds like a good idea.
      Burberry items are definitely investment pieces...they do last a long time provided one takes good care of the garment.
      The brow drama comes in several shades so there would be a colour available for your lighter brows...hope you like the effect.
      Take care,

  19. Retiring to France has meant a whole new attitude to our way of living. We are in the country so casual dressing is all that is necessary for most occasions so I live in jeans and t-shirts with a scarf and a jacket/cardigan when the weather turns cooler. As english language books are hard to find in the local library, we have found a fabulous way of stocking up and helping a charity. An animal welfare charity, run by english people here, holds a book fair in a local hall twice a year. Everyone donates their old books and then, on the day, we all pour through the books and choose enough to keep us going for another few months. A donation of €1.00 for each book is all that is asked. There is also lots of homemade cakes and tea and coffee available at a small charge. It's a wonderful fundraiser and a fun day out as we join friends for morning tea in the grounds. Are there any such events in your area ?

  20. Love the sound of your French country wonderful to be situated in France!
    the book sale sounds very much like one that Thetis Island residents host in August. The books are current and in fine shape...I have attended several times and am always leaving with a bag full of books. Your fund raiser is an excellent idea...we do have our wee lending library across the street which the neighbours use. We try to keep it well stocked and we ask that if you borrow one you leave one. It is just a year old and has been a wonderful addition to the street.

  21. We also have a similar library 'box' in our town square and I have seen them in others. Unfortunately for us, the books tend to be all in french. Perhaps eventually we will be able to read them too. It is wonderful to see that reading books is still a popular pastime as I cannot imagine my life without them.

  22. Another good book by this author is Major Pettigrews Last Stand
    Really enjoyed it so I'm off to get Summer Before The War
    Loving your posts!!!!