Monday, May 30, 2016

Well Being...

Do you ever feel frazzled?

After last week with chaos of the plumbing problems
I was edgy and feeling overwhelmed.
So I decided to take some "down time" on the weekend for my well being.

Time to slow down,
to stop multi tasking,
take a day or two and have a change of pace and a rest from the regular routine.

Instead of hopping in the shower,  getting dressed and putting on my make up first thing in the morning I sat quietly with my coffee creme
and lazed about wearing my PJ's and robe.

~ Be Well ~

Time to sleep in and indulge in a little downtime
it feels so luxurious...
Giving oneself the permission to take a day off of the domestics is so simple and restorative, yet it is not in my nature, and it could and should be!

My daily walks offer time for peace, quiet and reflection.
Fresh air and exercise are free.

I opt to walk on a scenic route that provides opportunities for me to capture beauty on my IPhone and then I share them on Instagram and here on the blog.
For that I am grateful...

Re-energizing strategies...

"Stop and smell the roses"
 pick a bouquet and arrange them in a vase and enjoy them indoors.

Mariage Freres Paris Tea, 
in a pretty china cup
is the classic elixir that soothes...

an inspiring book that fuels the desire to feather one's surroundings.
Using simple pieces, editing, rearranging collections for a fresh new look.

Finding things in Nature...
using them in the home
pure white feathers
pine and fir cones
beach stones
fern fronds

I'm embarking on a new project
"fluffing" and "feathering" my hobby room.

I took down my easel and put away my paints as I have not been using them and they take up so much space that I was not taking advantage of the space.

I am collecting a few bits and bobs that I love...
objects that bring me Joy
items that exude
a sense of calm and serenity.

It is a slow process and one not to force or rush.
Listening and looking...
experiencing the feelings a piece can evoke.

This never happens when I am busy or in a hurry.
Slowing down seems to help engage the creative side of my brain.

David Austin's Ballerina rose 
 soft shades of pink and cream 
looks like it could be featured in an issue of Victoria magazine.

I used to buy every issue of Victoria magazine...
Very few magazines have been purchased since I retired...
with the exception of Town and Country and Country Living UK
When I worked in the school I bought oodles of mags and would pour over them while savouring a chocolate bar and sipping tea.
Magazines were an escape from the stresses of work and trying to "do it all."
Home keeping, domestics, parenting, gardening, cooking, shopping etc...

Since retiring I have a looser schedule with fewer demands...
so it should be easy to take a day off here and there,
perhaps by setting unreasonable standards 
expecting a lot from myself and others is setting me up for failure.
Is striving for perfection the root of the problem?

See what happens when one has a few days to reflect on things!

I binge watched the newest season of Grace and Frankie On Netflix.
Love that series...

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen
and a crazy story line come together to make for a very entertaining show.

I had not considered TV viewing as down time 
but if it makes me laugh and I love the characters
and it feels like an indulgence
I consider it 
 "mental snack food!" 

This blog often masquerades as an online journal...
but by now you've probably already figured that out! 

Hope that your week is off to a great start...
thank you for stopping by the Humble Bungalow.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. We just finished the first season of Frankie and Grace. I love the show...I laugh a lot, but there are always moments that make me feel a bit sad, or at the least thoughtful. Such great writing!

    1. I noticed that Marta Kaufmann is a writer on Grace and Frankie, she wrote on the team that did Thirty Something a show that we enjoyed many many years ago...

    2. ....Oh I can see the same high quality in the writing now you've mentioned it. Loved that show too.

  2. My husband and I retired while in our 50's 4 years ago ... and I went back to work part-time two years ago. However, I see that he is far more relaxed with his hobbies while I'm edging back into trying to do it all. This post is a reminder to me that I don't have to do it all anymore and to take things slower and enjoy my home and my surroundings. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. If it is a reminder to you, as it is for me personally, then we can change the way we think about how we do things and why.

  3. Wisdom of simplicity!
    Yes,the spirit has to be free to create,to start fresh.

    1. Simplicity brings with it an amazing and freeing feeling...

  4. I binge watched Frankie and Grace as well - what a hoot. Wish there were more episodes. I like to hear your musings - gives me food for thought.

    1. Those two classic actresses are great in their roles...hope they continue to make more episodes.

  5. Well done you for taking the day off. Putting the paints away must have felt decisive and liberating too.

    1. I am a bit of a procrastinator so putting the paints away was long overdue!

  6. I really enjoyed Frankie and Grace. It's not Monsieur's thing but..I stopped buying magazines when I retired because I had finished redecorating our apartment. I probably spent as much money on my "fantasy" books as I did on the renos. Now, I read blogs, borrow from the library and once in a while I buy a Victoria or a New Yorker. Your "work life
    balance" is just as important after retirement because domestic chores never end. I started reading "An Uncluttered Life" and it seems that putting the paints away for now will free your creative space for something else. Take care!

    1. MR. HB is not a big fan either but we do not always watch the same shows on TV. He loves hockey and I watch but am not always as keen...An Uncluttered Life is another book suggestion which I will make note of...merci beaucoup Madame!

    2. That's funny! Monsieur is a Canucks fan and an NFL football watcher so I get a lot of solo watching time. I'm not much of a sporting gal....An Uncluttered Life is actually a blog/podcast that I read about on another blog. I don't want to pay for advice (frugal me is going to Ireland) but their free podcasts have encouraged me with my decluttering ( of the physical and obligational sorts). PS Monsieur was out last night and I watched Grandma with Lily Tomlin on Netflix.

    3. I saw that the Grandma move was available on Netflix but have not seen it yet.
      Mr HB and my Mother are serious hockey fans...Mother grew up in Trail, BC the home of the Trail Smoke Eaters and she skated as a young girl...she loves the Canucks and gets excited watching them play...she does not miss a game. My sister and I did not inherit this gene!
      I envy you planning a trip to is where many of my ancestors came from Wexford in County Cork.

  7. I always enjoy your reflections on daily life! My only regret with Grace and Frankie is I watched the entire Season 2 in one weekend, and it was over too fast.

    1. The convenience of Netflix makes it so easy to watch it all at once instead of opening a box of chocolates and eating the entire box instead of making them last!

  8. Love this post - I have been reminding myself to do the same thing every so often and it makes such a difference after a busy week at the office. As I get older I've finally accepted the fact that I can't do it all and that a day off now and again is more than well deserved.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your hobby room.
    I love Victoria magazine - I own every single copy and often enjoy a quiet hour or two going back over older issues. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. I gave away my collection of Victoria magazines and all of the Country Living Uk issues...we have so little space here...but like you I used to sit and peruse the back issues in a few hours. Beautiful pictures and lovely writing.

  9. I am always surprised at what seems to send you for a tailspin..buck up-you have a very charmed life. Next time think of a harried single mother working two jobs to make ends meet, a homeless man, someone fleeing a war torn country....seriously it might put things in perspective.

    1. Why are you always so surprised?
      Stick around and you'll get to know me!

  10. I've found a great alternative to buying magazine, or borrowing hard copies from the library that must be returned, is to borrow online periodicals from the library. I read them on my ipad with the Nook app, and take screen shots of pages I want to keep for reference, then I can simply delete the periodical when I'm finished. Every once in a while I go through the screen shot photos and decide if I'm ever really go to try that recipe or lipstick, or whatever, and delete or save. Far less messy than a folder of ripped out pages!

    1. Sounds like a great app and that you are capturing inspiring images to keep for future use.
      Pinterest is one of my favourites for recipes and inspiration these days.

  11. What a lovely post, Leslie, it hit a number of buttons for me. First, Grace and Frankie - what a hoot! Watch it with hubby and mama (she's 90) and we all love it. While my life is certainly not frenetic, there is always a need to purposefully decompress and relax without guilt. Always love your nature photos, you've a keen eye. jen.

    1. How lovely that you are watching this series with your mom!
      My Mother is celebrating her 89the birthday next week and would probably enjoy Grace and might be fun to re-watch the series with her...
      Days and weeks of frenetic activity are particularly draining when one is used to calm and order! I know that I get worn down quite easily if I do not take time out.
      Guilt free is key to really relaxing...

  12. Plumbing work like that is so stressful. I am waiting for my builder to come and fix two separate issues and it is just wearing on me. But I don't feel guilty about TV. I absolutely love it and anything that entertains is fine by me. Your roses are just so divine - I am sure David Austin would make your his local ambassador!

    1. It was particularly stressful because the crews kept sending me downstairs on "flood watch" where I had to be the one to tell them if and when the sewer was backing up into the basement which is a finished basement...fortunately this was my job for only several hours each of the 4 days!
      A rose ambassador sounds like a honourable position but there are many more rosarians who would be more suited to the position...there is a local award winning grower who has over 1500 roses in his garden! Can you imagine the work and dedication involved in a garden of that size?

  13. Beautiful pictures! I envy you your scenic walks; so much beauty there where you live! I find that downtime is essential for re-charging and refreshing. It often allows time for inspiration and creative surges.

    1. Thank you Deborah...your blog posts are always interesting...I love your tea posts especially as they exude luxury and a sense of calm.

    2. Having a relaxing start occasionally and coffee in your pj's sounds like the right thing to do. As does giving yourself some quiet time for reflection.
      Take care ..hope you're having a good week.

  14. Glad you've been kind to yourself. xo

    1. Your recent IG post of the office view looking over new garden is gorgeous!

  15. I'm going through a bit of STRESS myself...........but lets NOT GO THERE!
    I like your idea of COLLECTING Objects that PLEASE YOU!
    I need to long do you walk?I have been saying this since JANUARY!!!!!!!NO HOPE HERE.
    NEW blog POST on HEATHER.............hope you swing by!

    1. I read your post earlier this afternoon...a lovely thing that you have done for I mentioned in my comment you have huge heart and are a kind woman...women need to stick together when things go sideways...we have all been at a low ebb at some point in our lives and need someone to lean on.
      I hope your stress levels lighten and that it does not last too long.
      I walk at least 50 minutes most days and when my walking partner is not "flying around the globe travelling!" we do almost a 10 K walk once or twice a week...we walk briskly for 45 minutes and stop for a cup of tea or water and another 45 minutes back home. Start small and work up to it... say 20 minutes every day and when that becomes a habit increase the time might be surprised at how great you feel. Good luck!

  16. We are the lucky beneficiaries of your daily walks. I always look forward to the scenery you send to us. Hard to believe that I can get flustered in retirement (which I love.) Yet, sometimes I find myself overbooked. Downtime is essential. Every day now at noon I fix tea, a light lunch and watch a show that my husband wouldn't enjoy. The time is all for me and I love it.

    1. Retirement is not a holiday from there are things that we still need to accomplish...domestics, gardening, family obligations, volunteering, and personal self care.
      Your mid day routine sounds like fun!

  17. I enjoyed reading your "journal" thoughts here. There are good things to ponder on. I, too, do not give myself down time when I should, and, really, at this point in my life, there is no reason not to.
    Mary Lou

    1. Carving out me time is important...
      I realized that the days when the plumbers were here I did not go for my usual walks and that might have been what triggered my frazzled feelings.

  18. I wonder if now that the paints have been put away you will now feel inspired to paint again?! It seems to go that way! I agree with all your calming techniques. It's amazing how much relief can be found when focusing on something small and beautiful.

    1. Possibly those paints will call my name the meantime the garden roses seem to be calling...water me, dead head me, pick my blooms and take them to your Mother!
      Routines like cleaning silver, washing dishes, even ironing can be calming...
      I bet Barbie has calming influence!
      Your holiday sounded so wonderful...I love fresh shrimp and your shrimp recipe sounds lip smacking good!

  19. IMHO, it's all about peace of mind. That's what matters. Sounds like you are working on finding your way there. xox.

    1. My thoughts Exactly...and perhaps that is why many of us are content pottering about in our gardens.or visiting other gardens..they offer such a beautiful place for respite.

  20. I empathise with you feeling frazzled by your plumbing issues. Having workmen in your house can really jangle your nerves. Honestly I'm frazzled at least once a day. lol
    BUT I'm never frazzled in the morning. I refuse to get out of bed until I've had my coffee (two cups), and breakfast; and have prepared myself mentally for the day ahead.

  21. Your morning routine sounds excellent!
    I hop out of bed, shower, dress then get my coffee...maybe I have everything backwards!!