Sunday, May 8, 2016

Garden daze...and a plea for help.

This unseasonably warm weather continues to be sunny and the garden is putting on quite the splashy show.

We have several different varieties of clematis in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Incredibly lush blooms on this clematis which is only a few years old.
I think it might be Clematis Jackmanii.

Our Pink Lewisia Cotyledon grows in a pot in the garden outside the back door.
It puts on a lovely display for most of the summer and asks very little except for the occasional drink of water and a sheltered spot out of the wind.

The  McCartney rose seems happy and is incredibly fragrant...
perfect for picking and bringing inside the Humble Bungalow.

The Rothschildianum Azalea was beautiful but sadly the deer have eaten most of the flowers.
I have suggested to Mr. HB that we look into erecting some fencing out in the front yard!

I observed the doe munching happily on these flowers and thought well...
she is probably expecting fawns and needs a sweet treat.
And Today Is Mother's Day!

Joesph's Coat of Many Colours climbing rose

Madame Gregoire Staechelin climber

closer look at Madame
her flowers are drooping and heavy as she is fully laden with buds and blooms


The bees love these...

On our Instagram feed 
Darling Daughter  @thing_finder and I are putting together a silent auction to help raise funds for more than 88,000 people who live in Fort McMurray Alberta who have had to flee their homes because of a fast moving wild fire...
It is horrific to think that many of these people had to leave their homes 
and left with nothing but the clothes on their back...many driving through flames and heat to escape.
The news is very graphic and scary that I fear that many will be traumatized.

I purchased this scarf new from the Vancouver Hermes shop and have the wee booklet and original box that it came in...
it is a white with grey 
a very "painterly" scarf 
 is so neutral that I feel anyone could wear it

you could buy this scarf and help someone in need.

I am offering my 2012 Hermes silk scarf and our darling daughter is offering a Pyrrha necklace
we both hope that you will help us raise funds for the people of Fort McMurray.
The Canadian government will match all the donations received...
so let's do our bit.
Please help.

So please stay tuned for details of the auction.

Hope all the Mother's out there had a great day!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Not being experienced in roaming deer - do they not cause problems on the roads? at night? We have kangaroo issues on country roads. I am in southern Australia and we have had many devastating bushfires. The Fort McMurray fires have also been devastating - heart goes out to all those affected. Carol S

  2. Carol,
    The deer are a problem on the road...many cars hit them as they are so fast when they dart out in front of cars...we have signage that people can post which alerts motorists where deer are frequently found crossing the streets. Are the Kangaroos now living in the suburbs? Our deer seem to be very adaptive and they frequent our garden on a regular basis!
    Wildfires are very unpredictable and pose a real threat to communities...I hope that we all will be extra cautious when out in the woods so that we can reduce the risk of fires.

    1. I live in Melbourne and some of our suburbs are growing (being built) into areas where kangaroos roam. I also live near the Yarra River and the river flats act as wildlife corridor. As we actively revegetate the flats, the kangaroos move in too. In relation to cars, I suspect that kangaroos and deer have a lot in common! Carol S

  3. YOUR GARDEN is lovely............I recently learned that CLIMBERS were made to hang their heads down so WE could admire!
    I saw the FIRE on our TV...........HORRIBLE.
    Love that you had THREE generations on MOTHER's DAY then got to do a bit of shopping!SOUNDS PERFECT TO ME!

  4. The auction you and your daughter are planning is a wonderful idea! The situation in Fort Mac is dreadful. My aunt and uncle lost their home in a wildfire that swept through their neighbourhood last summer, and it was devastating to have every single thing they owned consumed by the flames. Family photos, keepsakes, important documents, it was all gone in minutes. It breaks my heart to think that thousands of people are now facing the same thing.

  5. Can't believe the beauty of your flowers. Here, on May 9 now, it is snowing on the other side of Canada. We have forsythia out in full force, but not much else.


  6. What a great idea for a fundraiser! Our blooms are way behind yours. We are getting hints of this and that but nothing showy except magnolias at this point.

  7. Your garden is stunning! The roses! Ah! You're good to donate that scarf. It really is lovely.

  8. Prayers for those who have lost so much. Offering your scarf for auction is a wonderful gesture.

  9. Your roses are amazing, especially the climber. How I'd love to be able to grow one of those. What a generous idea to give your scarf for auction. We have seen film of the fires, and they are very shocking indeed. Hopefully the fire will die out very soon.

  10. That's such a thoughtful thing for you and your daughter to do, Leslie ...generous too. Hope its successful.
    Hope you're having a good week.

  11. That's such a thoughtful thing for you and your daughter to do, Leslie ...generous too. Hope its successful.
    Hope you're having a good week.