Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Retirement dressing...

Darling Daughter has a keen eye for vintage treasures and she found this amazing leather handbag.

 ~ Kelly Style ~

The closest to an Hermes Kelly bag that this Humble Hostess will ever own!

Having a daughter who knows your taste and who shops a lot is quite convenient!
I rarely go thrifting anymore unless I am with her...

~ I am trying not to spend much money 
and to be content with less. ~

My wardrobe is much smaller than it was when I was gainfully employed.
My retirement lifestyle is casual
than when I was working.

Every morning I put on my
walking clothes
things to wear when I am gardening.

My walking gear consists of a pair of black knit capri length pants
a tee top
bamboo pop sox
walking shoes

~ Casual dressing is not sloppy dressing. ~

Classic clothes are worn 
when I go out 
running my errands
for appointments
with my husband
sister and Mother.

Clothes in the past couple of years have not "worn out."
There are a pair of skinny NYDJ that have faded but they are still fine to wear.
 (I do not wear ripped jeans but faded are OK)

A classic white shirt was sadly stained beyond bleaching 
by a spot of unknown origin...
now gone.

Clothes purchased for summer include:
white linen pants
white and grey long linen top
white linen tank top
white V neck sweater
blue and white striped short sleeved tunic top
black Clark sandals

~ I do not plan on buying anything more this season. ~

I find that most mornings I work around The Humble Bungalow and go for my walk then come home and freshen up.

I will change clothes
if I am going out running errands or playing bridge with the ladies at the club...
I stay in my fitness gear
to bake bread
read my book
action domestics
prepare dinner

~ I do like to "play around" with accessories ~

a pretty scarf
a stack of sterling vintage bangles 
or perhaps a strand of pearls

~ Editing the wardrobe has been a great exercise ~

It has shown me what I really love to wear

~ I wear the same styles and shapes ~

When I shop I tend to buy similar items over and over.
With that thought in mind I really can avoid the shops unless my current pieces fall apart or become laundry fatalities!

~ Recreational shopping is not high on my radar these days ~

Although if a friend wants me to accompany her on a shopping trip
I am more than happy to help her find some new things!
It is fun spending other peoples' money.

Our Humble Bungalow House and Garden 
is where we are funnelling most of our money these days.

~ Plants, Paint and Pipes ~

~ It is fun living vicariously through bloggers whose focus is on fashion ~

Thought you might like to see this cute sign that I recently saw posted on the gate of a home in our neighbourhood...
walking never fails to offer opportunities for beautiful and interesting photographs.

Do you think a dachshund might be in residence?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. We have a dachshund and love her. I call her my "dogger" (as in dog/daughter).
    Yes, it would be death from the ankles down, or possibly being barked at to death :)

    I've recently been shopping with my daughter (the real one), to find some hot weather clothes. We are expecting 90* F weather already this week in So. Cal. I'll probably get a couple casual t-shirt dresses that I can belt. I'm a stay-at-home mom so this is my uniform most days in the summer. Super easy.

    1. Hope you had fun shopping with your real daughter! The Chanel shop in Paris had many many dogs inside who were treated royally by the staff! Dogs in Paris have many more privileges in shops and cafes than they do here in Victoria.
      Dresses are an easy garment to wear and accessorize...I have a couple of summer ones in bamboo which is soft and cool and a linen longer one that is loose and reminds me of the women I saw in the South of France...they love their linen and buy the dresses made mostly in Italy.

  2. Cute sign. We do have a dachshund, but our "Beware of Dachshund' sign is on the inside of the house, right about his dog door.

    You and I lead the same sort of lives--no need for a lot of clothing--but we need to have appropriate clothing for wherever we might need to go. I didn't buy a lot this season either. I did buy a long sleeved navy and white strip French sailor's knit shirt, and a similar shirt in short sleeves, Eileen Fishers wide legged cropped pants in black and a matching shell, Eileen Fisher's skirt pant (for dressier occasions) and another EF silk shell in a greeny gray and black. I also bought a three quarter sleeve white with black stripes t-shirt. And that's it. I think the new Eileen Fisher items will take me most places that I need to go that are not mundane errands or around the house. I have a few knit summer dresses from the last few years to fill in the gaps and a older pair of EF crepe knit pants which I wear all the time.

    I really enjoy your posts on retirement dressing.

    1. You do love your EF separates, I can tell!
      My white V neck sweater is by Eileen Fisher and I have several of her summer weight tees and tops...her prices here are quite dear and if I could only justify owning more of her garments... I would in a heart beat!

  3. I'm with you, trying to limit clothing purchases to things I like a lot and know I can wear often. I'm not retired yet so still need a work appropriate wardrobe in addition to the casual clothes but I can be happy with fewer items than I used to think necessary. No one really notices if you wear the same things all the time, especially if they are flattering and you look good.

    1. The Parisian women wear the same things over and over....classics that are versatile, fit well and are in basic solid colours. They have a flair when it comes to scarves and accessories and do not seem to follow trends...their confidence is quite admirable....I am still learning how to get more mileage from my basic garments...adding a scarf or a belt...mixing things is fun.

  4. I am glad you wrote about what you wear on most days. I like that you dress up the casual with a scarf and jewelry. I need to consider that. One of my biggest problems with clothes is that I have two distinct clothing personalities.....bohemian and casual classic. So, for me, paring down my wardrobe too much causes me stress. I do a lot of my clothing shoping at resale shops, so that has helped budget-wise. I wish I could have a more cohesive wardrobe, but that's not me.
    That handbag is very nice, and will be a good addition.
    Mary Lou

    1. Adding accessories and wearing jewelry is how I "dress up" the casuals.
      Understanding your personal style is the key to dressing honestly. If you love prints or as you say BOHO Chic then your are dressing to suit your personality and what better way to give the observer an insight into who you are.
      I love getting a bargain...I shop consignment and thrift shops for clothes and accessories but lately I have been preoccupied with the home and garden...
      when we get many days in a row of rain I will wander back into the shops!

  5. That sign is so cute and gave me a chuckle! As others have said I appreciate your posts on retirement style as I am on the same page. Always enjoy your pics taken on your walks and the flowers, oh my, I am so jealous.

    1. Thank you Christy,
      We are very fortunate to live is a beautiful city...besides the lovely flowers I have been noticing many signs on my walks. They may have been there before and I could have passed them by...taking time to notice the small things is quite the eye opener!

  6. I like your thoughts on your wardrobe. I am impressed that you go out walking with jewelry and scarf! Very neat.

    1. If I was going to a gym I would definitely not wear them but my walks are not that intense! Besides I often stop in at Mothers condo and she would "not be amused" if I were "under dressed!"
      (I am my mothers daughter!)

  7. I have been assessing where I go and what I wear. I definitely have a mode of dress that is basic without too many pieces. Most of my clothes don't wear out either. A grease mark or a moth hole can end the life of an article. I always change when I come home. Our puppy is a mini-dachshund so I can relate to the sign. That is a very classic purse. Did you buy it?

    1. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is would not want to feel "out of place" in any situation...over or under can be a minefield!
      My daughter bought the bag for is very lady like and has a handle which makes it a dressy and classic option...I have a similar bag that she also found for me with a strap and I use that when I need a hands free bag.
      Your puppy sounds adorable!

  8. I do enjoy your blog so much. I learn a lot, and I do admire your outlook on living a contented life...Hope you know how much your readers enjoy your blog !

    1. Thank you Patricia...after years of working and striving to get ahead I find that finally I am content. I purposely focus and make it part of my be grateful, to count my blessings and seek out Joy in Nature which in turn makes it easier to lead a relatively simple uncluttered life.

  9. The bag is quite a find! Your daughter has a good eye, indeed.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts on retirement dressing. I am trying to make do with what I have for work for now. With retirement 22 months away I don't want to invest any more money on office clothes. A scarf, replacement shoes, and that sort of thing will be my only purchases. I will be saving money for an 'at home and about' wardrobe!

    1. You are wise to plan ahead...we are fortunate that there are so many great shops close by that carry good quality basics...I found a new one in Duncan and we might arrange to drive up there sometime and I will show it to you!

  10. Well Hostess The handbag is a nice find (I do love a nice handbag) I think I might be getting my act together finally regarding my retirement wardrobe. I decided after I commented to you on a previous post that I didn't want to become a Hermit. I have analgised my wardrobe and think in the past I have bought or made things I truly like but do not reflect the life I lead. A lot of random stiff that I can't wear everyday or have nothing to wear with.
    Like you I live and crave a simple life. To reflect that I have started planning my sewing.
    I too like to wear gym clothes at home. So I need to make or buy some as the problem is I seem to have not a lot that isn't stained or torn. It' seems that whenever I garden ,clean or cook I manage to ruin my clothes. With that in mind I aim to wear an apron when cooking and keep my rags for the garden and heavy cleaning . Only the other day my husband asked that I help move a door that had been painted. Result paint on my only pair of decent house cloths. I scrubbed and manage to get it out. Where there's a will there's away.
    Your blog is always helpful. Our money has been going on fixing our roof ,some new taps for the laundry etc

    1. Ah yes home maintenance dictates what we wear and how we dress.
      I do not like to wear stained or clothes with holes and so my garden gear is usually what i wear to walk in...I have two pairs of black knit pants...both capri length and several casual tees...I wear my apron outside as well as indoors as I am a messy gardener and cook! It has saved many a garment.
      If you only have a few good things set aside for wearing out for dinners, dates, the theatre, running errands you can get by with very little if they all work together...same colours or a palette that everything is interchangeable...very few prints you will be surprised how many combinations you can have! Think of ten items and you should be done...and if you are on a budget try shopping the consignment shops. Good luck and most of all have FUN getting your minimal wardrobe together.

  11. You need an unlimited money pit when you own a home! We have a 5,000 liter water tank under the house and the pipes have silted up so we can't use the water in the tank. $2,000 AUDI was the quote from plumber to remove silt! Sheesh! Prefer to spend it on your beautiful bag and other such essentials! Den xx

    1. We do not have an unlimited budget at all! Did you ever see the film Money Pit?
      It was about a couple who buy a fixer upper...
      Homes require maintenance and things do break...our dishwasher is making grinding sounds right now and I do not want to pay for a new one just yet so I will be hand washing dishes if it stops working!
      The bag was very thrift savvy darling daughter purchased it!

    I LIKE THAT............
    I understand YOUR wardrobe and why..............
    Let's NOT even approach that subject with ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes I action domestics daily!
      Your style of dressing is much more exciting and fun than my sedate and conservative style ever could be!
      Your personality seems to be much bolder and brighter than mine...and I LOVE your flair for fashion!

  13. Isn't it great not to be a slave to fashion and still not be frumpy?

    I do the same thing-casual and comfortable for dog walking and yard/housework and then a little more fashionable to go out.

    I buy some basic things as needed and maybe something new for a special occasion but that is it! So liberating/joyful to pare down on many levels.

    1. I agree with you Jan..."frumpy" I do not want to be...ever!
      Mother who is 89 next week is not frumpy and still dresses up, even for a stay at home day...her neighbours always ask her where she is going when she is in the elevator and she says to the lobby to pick up my mail!!!!

  14. A simple classic wardrobe for retirement. Sounds wonderful, and I've blogged about the Project 333 thing, but I have found lately I've been buying stuff. I just love pretty clothes. Problem is I'm often all dressed up and nowhere to go, haha! I'll be like your mom, dressing up to go get the mail!

  15. If you are happy to add to your wardrobe and can afford it why not?
    I adore my Mom and she has always set the fashion bar pretty high...her dressing for events when I was younger were epic!
    Wear what pleases you...and do it in style!

  16. Love the bag! What a find!
    Love the little sign, too! When I was a child my parents had a Corgi (not following the example of the Queen, you understand, but because the dog breeder lived in our village and we needed a dog as a house dog for our shop - she would let anyone in, but allow no one to get out again!)
    However, I have a question ... I loved your green & black dustpan and brush you showed some time ago. Is this only available in Canada, or is it one I might buy over here in the UK. I just love it! Forget Chanel, forget Davis Austin roses (we have those in our garden centre), forget Dior nail varnish and your lovely boat ... I cover your dustpan and brush!
    Margaret P
    (Torbay, Devon, UK).

    1. I have had that dustpan for several years...I purchased it at Home Sense which is a shop here in Canada affiliated with TJ Maxx in the USA...I am not sure if it is available in the UK at a similar shop. If I ever find another one or see one online I will post it on my blog...I will see what I can find online too and suggest that might be something you might try.

  17. Sorry, I meant covet your dustpan and brusy!
    Margaret P

  18. Galant the dustpan set is made by Grandway Honduras...hope you can find them! Good luck!

    1. Thank you for that info, I will try and find them. And sorry about my poor spelling . "brusy" instead of "brush" and no, I'd not been at the gin! I can spell, it's just that my fingers can't!
      Margaret P