Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wisteria I want you!

On one of my recent walks I decided to explore Rockland.
It is a well established area that was developed early on in Victoria's history.
Many of the lovely heritage homes occupied large tracts of land, which have, in more recent times been subdivided and infill houses have been built.
There is a magnificent canopy of mature oak trees, streets have wide boulevards and you need not look too far to see gorgeous gardens.
It is lovely to meander up and down the streets and never know what you'll see or who you will meet.
Be aware as there are a few very large bucks and families of deer living in this part of town.

This lush wisteria with it's delicate drooping clusters of flowers is stunning!

such a delicate flower

how pretty it looks against the blue sky

even more lovely as it drapes over the wrought iron railing onto the granite wall.

I am having a "greedy gardener" moment
"I want one!"

Lusting after plants is something that I do often.

Wisteria's require something sturdy to climb on and they can such vigorous climbers that can pull down a trellis...
I am considering where could I find room for one of these.
If I did find a spot 
then I would need to install 
(have someone install!)
something super strong for the wisteria to grab onto and grow up.

In the meantime, I can dream...
 I am imagining the scene will be set in soft mauves and vivid purple.

 Oh and that fragrance is exotic...sweet, almost a tropical scent.

Gardens evolve...
and change at the whim of the gardeners who work in them.

Some gardeners, myself included, are never quite satisfied with how their gardens grow.
We can always do better.
Find more beautiful plants and arrange them in a pleasing design.

Like a work in process 
a garden is always in flux.
We are plotting our next moves
our next acquisitions
how to make our little patch sparkle with beauty.

Books, lectures, garden tours, TV shows, 
all play a role in fuelling the creative process
that is felt deeply by gardeners alike across the globe.

"The most noteworthy thing about gardeners is that they are always optimistic, 
always enterprising, and never satisfied.  They always look forward to doing 
something better than they have ever done before."

~ Vita Sackville-West ~

So with those thoughts on a sunny Sunday afternoon I will take my leave.
Until the next post from this Hostess of  The Humble Bungalow Blog

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Wisteria is so beautiful, it takes my breath away. How I would love to grow it also, and like you, I experience plant envy! We have tried wisteria here twice, but lost the plants so not meant to be. Love that quote from Vita S.W. We are planning to visit Sissinghurst later this year - so looking forward to that.

    1. Oh how exciting for you!
      Sissinghurst is on my bucket list when we cross the big pond on an ocean liner and visit the UK...actually I have many many gardens that I want to see when we go! Mr. HB has many many historic sites that he wants to visit...
      I hope you will share your experience with your readers...
      I will be making notes!

  2. I enjoy so much the photos you capture of your gorgeous flowers. You are obviously quite a gardener. Where I live in the southeastern United States, the wisteria has been blooming everywhere. It drapes itself over large trees and covers really big areas. Even though it's beautiful, it is very invasive here and really damages the trees it covers.

    1. I have heard that wisteria has power to pull down trellises and arbours, roofs and gutters but trees?
      My goodness that does sound like a challenge... they are incredibly beautiful...
      I am still "very tempted" despite the vigour with which they climb.

  3. That is a lovely wisteria indeed. Last week, we removed our wisteria that I had planted 8 years ago, thinking it just the thing to wrap around the railings of our sun deck. Well, it was just the thing in an overboard kind of way and needed to be clipped every other day in summer to prevent it trying to lift our house roof off! In addition to wrapping its tendrils around the deck chairs and BENDING the metal railings, of course. It somehow developed a wisteria disease and I didn't want to be using poisonous treatments every other week, so, it is gone. Which was no small task, let me tell you. As the garden shop employee told me when I purchased it -- "make sure you want it where you plant it, because if it likes the spot, it will take over". Guess I should have listened! They are gorgeous, though.

    1. Oh dear me...your experience is rather telling...
      Perhaps I should admire this plant from afar!
      Sounds like wisteria is not a plant for the faint of heart...maybe I am better off sticking with roses!

    2. Actually, I replace the wisteria with two David Austin roses : Alnwick and The Lark Ascending. I think we'll all be very happy together--the David Austin's have a sense of decorum. Actually, when you go to England, try to go to the Alnwick Castle Gardens. They have the complete catalogue of David Austins in their rose garden, over 250 different roses and about 3000 actual bushes. You will swoon from the beauty!

    3. You are a gal after my own heart! Roses are my muse, I adore them and cannot ever get "enough" We just planted 3 Claire Austin roses...pure white and I am so excited to see the fully cupped blooms.
      Ooh we might need to park Mr. HB at a pub while I peruse the roses!

  4. I also love, love, love wisteria. It grows along the roadsides here In Virginia on the large oak and other trees. I have pleaded with my husband, but we do not have the right spot for it -our yard is mostly wooded. Your pictures are so BEAUTIFUL and I have been looking at them over and over. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Wisteria's must need a lot of sunlight as I have seen many lovely specimens here and they are all planted in sunny spots...
      I am going to pop over to your blog now.

    2. My blog has been posting my outfits and creations only for the past two years, but if you go to the first few years, there are many other posts. Thank you!

  5. They are so beautiful - other worldly, almost. We had a very large Wisteria at Pondside House. It bloomed along the length of the veranda and while it required some heavy pruning I did not find it an inordinate amount of work. It was certainly worthwhile!

    1. That is encouraging to husband has been thinking about a possible site and arbour or trellis that he might design for I may get my wish!

  6. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful sights you find on your strolls.

  7. I once was torn between choosing to live in two houses and I chose the one with wisteria!

    1. I love how people name their homes...and you chose yours based on this you have me thinking of the name "Wisteria House."

  8. I love wisteria and have wanted one, but keep getting "advised" against it for all of the reasons others have mentioned. I chose a David Austin climber instead (in the place a wisteria would have worked) but still wonder if I made the right decision.....

    1. You can never go wrong with a Davis Austin rose!!

  9. I absolutely love wisteria! It doesn't really like to live here so it's rare to see such gorgeous specimens like that.

    1. Can you imagine being able to cut some of the wisteria flowers for a vase and use it as a centrepiece?

  10. There is a more compact wisteria suitable for growing in a largish container. It is wisteria frutescens Amethyst Falls. You might try that one instead of the original variety. Lovely photos as usual.

    1. Oh my goodness I am going to look that variety up! Thank you!!

  11. Your photos are lovely, and your comment about never quite being satisfied with your garden struck a chord with me. I always think after the last round of spring planting, this time I'm finally finished. But no, there are always improvements to be made, and new inspiration almost every where I look. Regarding wisteria, there's a town in Southern California, Sierra Madre, that has a wisteria that is over 100 years old and stretches for almost three blocks! Breathtakingly beautiful when it is blooming.

  12. I love wisteria. I do have one that was on a trellis but the trellis fell down. The wisteria is supported by bamboo stakes at the moment.
    My mother had a beautiful wisteria tree that I had given her when it was small. I wanted to dig it up when she moved but I couldn't. There is a beautiful wisteria tree a couple of blocks away from me and I just love it.

  13. Did you know VITA took ALL her meals OUTSIDE!??I was told this an AVID GARDENER herself from AUSTRALIA!

  14. I planted Wisteria on the trellis at my cottage; Summerhill (I'm one of those people that name their house ) years ago, and I didn't expect it to live. It did; but I lost it when I had to tear down the trellis to install new siding on the cottage. I bought the Wisteria at Home Depot, and it bloomed the following year, and kept on blooming.
    I'm definitely going to try it again.