Thursday, December 3, 2015

A time tested Hostess Gift

Olives anyone?

I love a Martini...gin and 3 olives...just one and I am done.

“I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.”

~ Dorothy Parker ~

Last time we were sharing the dipped fruit we are making my Mother's Rum Balls.
I have made them every year for the past 30 years.
They are well received and a much anticipated sweet treat...

These are quick and easy...

Mother's Rum Ball Recipe

In a food processor grind a 312g. box of Vanilla Wafers and 1 cup of pecans.

Place in a large bowl 
add 1 cup of icing sugar
 3 tablespoons of Caro Syrup
1 1/2 tablespoons of cocoa 
1/2 cup rum

Mix together and roll into small bite sized balls.
Roll in icing sugar or cocoa.

Store in airtight containers.

Place in pretty containers for gift giving.

(don't tell Mother I am sharing her recipe yet again...she likes to keep these family recipes a secret!)

We bought a wee tree for the front porch.

We can look out the living room window and see the little white fairy lights twinkling.

The sunlight warmed a very frosty day...

we scavenged some boughs from the fallen limbs on the Golf Course for the porch.

I am reading this novel...the first in a series and am enjoying it very much.

We went to see our darling grand daughter in her school Christmas Play.
All the students in her private school were in the production.
From the preschoolers and their rendition of the "Teddy Bear's Picnic" to the grade 4's
it was an uplifting and joyous evening.

We gave Isla a pink rose after it was over and she just beamed...
our little Miss shined on stage...
she danced
she remembered her lines 
and best of all she smiled and waved to all of us!
Members of the audience were oohing and awing when she waved and Mr. HB and I wanted to stand up and shout...
"That is OUR Grand Daughter!"

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your busy day to say hello.


  1. Aaaw, I'll look forward to being warmed by watching our grandchild entertain us on stage one day!! What a fun time you had, I can almost see you, if you jumped up in proudness as your Little Miss smiled and waved to you both. How sweet is that!!
    Thanks for sharing your family Rum Ball recipe. Sounds good...we'll have to try it :)

    1. It is a wonderful thing to see your grand daughter up on stage performing! Your turn will come as Atticus grows...take a hanky with you!

  2. I'm almost finished My Brilliant Friend. Don't you find the relationship between the two girls fascinating? Your decorations are beautiful. We're going very simple this year with Christmas decor because of our puppy. What fun to share a Christmas concert with Little Miss. My daughter's concerts were always a special treat for the grandparents.

    1. The relationship is real in so many ways...the author has a great way with words.

  3. Your porch looks lovely, decorated with the mini-tree! And the rum balls (I don't know what we'd call those here, but perhaps not balls! They are a little bit like rum truffles.)
    Margaret P

    1. I think the name came about as they were rolled into balls...truffles might have more of a chocolate flavour...whatever they are called they are delicious!

  4. How much fun to see your granddaughter in her school program! I still remember our younger son's kindergarten Christmas program. He's 33 now and those are precious memories. As usual, you have shown your readers wonderful photos. I especially like the idea that you can see the lights on your porch tree from inside your house.

    1. I used to get such a lump in my throat when our kids were on stage or singing in the choir...tears usually followed. The little ones are so good at tugging at the heart strings!

  5. I wonder why you found it necessary to say private school? I'm not familiar with the Canadian education system. Helen

    1. The school is not one that you can go to without an additional must pay fees.We have many schools here that are funded by the Ministry of Education and no extra fees are required. I hope that answers your question Helen.

  6. Beautiful. I'll have to try that rum ball recipe. They are my favourite!

  7. What is "icing sugar"? Is it superfine sugar? I am going to make this and I want it to be perfect!

    1. Icing sugar is powdered sugar...very white and soft.

  8. Oh, I'm going to have to try those rum balls! Yes to martinis with olives, though make mine vodka.

    1. I have had and enjoyed Vodka martinis' favourite gin is made by Ken Maytag.
      Junipero...and it is so smooth.

  9. The rum ball recipe sounds delicious and simple.

    Aren't grandchildren wonderful? My 7 year-old will be a Frost Fairy in the Snow Queen portion of the Nutcracker tomorrow night and I couldn't be any more excited! You would think she was opening on Broadway.

    1. She might not be on Broadway (yet!) but nevertheless it is a star performance! Enjoy.

  10. What lovely decorations. We haven't started yet. No point in decorating outside at the moment as we are experiencing torrential rain and gale force winds! Can't wait for our granddaughter to be in her first little play. She's only 9 months so a bit longer yet!! Great photos as usual. Thank you for some brightness in a wet and dreary day.

    1. We had a terrible wins storm and there are more to come...I have had to put the wee tree down on the floor of the porch and wedge it in between the chairs to keep it from blowing over...if you want to see some footage of the storm check out my instagram video!

  11. Your front porch looks lovely! When I first read this I thought you wrote "I have made them every DAY". Ha ha lol! I might gibe this recipie a whirl...thanks for sharing!

  12. I like a martini too! (Remember the classic Wayne & Schuster "Martinus" bit?)
    That risqué little quatrain might be more accurately be "attributed to Dorothy Parker"; see this Slate article about its provenance as well as some interesting comments about Parker- including to whom she willed the royalties on her estate:

  13. Oh thank you off to read more about her.

  14. I made the rum truffles today. Delicious! Had to make a few substitutions according to what I had in my jar cupboard. Walnuts for the pecans. No cocoa so a jar of Nutella went in. And I used our Tate and Lyle golden syrup which seems to me to be our version of your corn syrup. It all worked out well and our best St Nicholas Abbey rum pulled it all together.
    If you spill the beans and let Mother know what you've been up to, please give her a big thank you from me in Guernsey.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead. Mary xx.