Sunday, December 13, 2015

Walking in between the Windstorms...

We had a brief respite from the storms that have been pummelling our coast and the sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky.

What a lovely view!

The blue sky was such a gift after so many days of gloomy grey.
I felt so much energy walking along the seafront.
I found myself smiling to myself and to those that I passed by.

This seagull let me get quite close to take a photo.

The sun illuminated these trees and cast an amber glow.

The shoreline was littered with large logs washed ashore from the storms.
They are tossed around like match sticks in the winds and some land on the sidewalk and the road.
The pavement was full of rocks and pebbles that had been thrown up by the cresting waves...
it was a walk where I had to look down often so as not to trip.

It felt wonderful to breathe in the salty air and have the sun beam down and warm my face.
There was not even a hint of a breeze...

on the way back home the sun was setting into the sea
another day done.

Earlier in the week 
on one of those ghastly windy days 
I splurged and had a facial.
I have not had a facial for ages and ages...
it was a lovely experience being pampered.

It was my first visit to Sapphire Day Spa.
The lovely young woman who takes good care of my feet in the spring and summer months moved to this spa which is located downtown.
She used a line of organic skincare products called Eminence.
I love the variety of products that are targeted to individual skin care needs.
I purchased a couple of "Starter kits" with smaller sample sizes.
I will be switching over to this new line as the products are remarkably effective.

While I was out buying a few gifts, I found two new bras 
(which I needed)
 Olga and Triumph bras at bargain basement prices.
Then on the way to the check out I zigzagged to the clothing racks...

Black and Blue with a touch of mustard yellow = leopard

This Chaus top is just what I needed to "perk up" my black and grey wardrobe.

I bought some new skinny jeans with a "higher waist" 
Mom Jeans 
(so much more comfortable now that my mid section is wobbly)
The waist is not tight at all, the spandex in the jeans acts as a tummy tamer!

Hope that you are pacing yourself and enjoying the Christmas preparations at a reasonable speed.
Give yourself permission to reduce any unwanted stress...
take away anything that is not necessary.
Christmas will still happen and everything does not need to be "picture perfect."
Please do not exhaust yourself...stay calm.
Be realistic and choose to celebrate traditions that are most important to you and your family.
Ask for help, delegate some of the jobs or cross them off your list!

"Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life."

~ Marilu Henner ~


  1. We have had some very wild weather! It's nice to be cozy inside, but it's even more wonderful to get out and enjoy the calmer scenes. Beautiful photos. I like your new top - where did you find it, if I may ask?

  2. Hi Lorrie,
    My new top was found at Marshalls at Hillside. You look great in blue as it compliments your eyes so maybe there is one for you in your size !💙

  3. Beautiful photos yet again. Love the seascapes. Our stormy weather has abated and the floods are beginning to recede. The big clean up process has started in many homes in Cumbria but it could be months if not years before some people are back in their homes.

    Love that top. Like you my wardrobe is essentially black, white and grey. A pop of colour is needed at times to cheer the soul.

    1. Water is such a forceful intruder at times...there were a few waterfront houses flooded here after this last storm but nothing on the scale of Cumbria.

  4. Nature is a poem in itself. Thank you for reminding us to stay calm (and in peace) during the Christmas season. I am well on time with my list; crossed off a lot of stuff I had on a long list. I now feel relaxed, and looking forward to be with family. The top is very pretty and I imagine it worn with a little red added to it (scarf or necklace or earrings or broach) for the Christmas season. Lovely post as usual! Please excuse any English grammatical errors:-) greetings Maria x

    1. Your English is exceptional!
      I have some gum ball sized pearls that have some blueish toned pearls in the strand and I will opt for those or another of my pearl children gave me a stunning pearl pendant for my 60th birthday and it would look nice as well.
      Happy Holidays Maria!

  5. A lovely spot to walk. Our weather here is the opposite very hot for the week. I too sometimes stop and think when I 'm preparing a meal for guests why? This Saturday I was thinking I don't think I should be making this I should have stuck to a roast. But the food was good and most had seconds. I do enjoy entertaining.
    The top is very nice. I pace myself I want to enjoy what I do not feel stressed and unhappy life's to short.
    Thank you Hostess for posting I so enjoy your blog.

    1. Entertaining can be stressful but in the end I always enjoy having people here.
      It is not always about the food that you offer, I think it is the welcome and the thought that counts!

  6. Isn't life, in some ways, a walk between windstorms?

  7. That view across the Bay reminds me of our view across our Bay here in Torbay, South Devon, UK!
    Just thought I'd say that when you mentioned Mitsouko eau de toilette the other day, it reminded me of how much I missed it (I've been using Hermes' Caleshe and Hermes' 24 Faubourg) and so I treated myself - the perils of reading blogs!
    Margaret P

    1. I wore Hermes 24 Faubourg before switching to their Voyage d'Hermes.
      That is my summer scent...Mitsouko is heavier and feels more like a Fall and Winter scent to me...nice to treat yourself once in awhile!

    2. I think Hermes' Caleche still my favourite, summer or winter. There is nothing else like it. But that's a coincidence that you wear 24 Faubourg for the summer. Snap!
      Margaret P

  8. Yes i have seen big logs and even telephone poles washed up on shore during a big storm! Great shells too

    1. I rarely find a great shell after the storms on the beaches close to our bungalow...I imagine that the sandier beaches would be better spots to look...shells make such great accents in the home.

  9. Oh, you will look lovely in that top. I really like it.

    1. Thank you Jeannine...hope that you are keeping well and that you are looking forward to the Holidays.

  10. Thanks for sharing these .... I can imagine walking along beside you! :) Shame I can't just "pop over the ocean" for the morning... we could go for coffee after our walk!
    I think you'll suit your new top ....very versatile.
    I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Take care!

  11. We will have to pop over in cyberspace for now! If you ever find yourself over the big pond and in our city we will meet up for a walk and that coffee!
    My walking partner and I split up our 10K walks with tea or coffee after about 5K then we resume the walk.

    1. Thank you Lesley ...I ll look forward to that! We've visited Vancouver in the past as part of an extended holiday that ended in Toronto! Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit Victoria and the Island but after following your blog and seeing all the gorgeous photos you post I'm determined that we will next time. It ll be a few years though as we hope to visit Eastern Canada next year.

  12. Love Eminence - especially the eye makeup remover. How wonderful to get such a great break from the storms. We saw the sun here in Oregon yesterday for the first time in quite a while.
    Happy Christmas!