Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weather, walks and letting go....

Mr. HB and I went shopping for Diptyque candles in Vancouver a few weeks ago...
We purchased our Fall and Winter "go to scent"...Ambre and then it was time to branch out and try something new...
I opted for Roses, because of course, Roses are my all time favourite flower.

Mr. HB got into the swing of things and sniffed all the testers...he liked Menthe Verte.
A fresh light fragrance...greenish, like the Mint itself.

While the house smells all fresh and minty inside we have been adding greenery to the porch.

I had to stop on my walk and take a photo of the moss on a granite wall near The Victoria Art Gallery.

There have been wind storms this past week and there are more in the forecast.

It has been difficult getting my walks in 
as the winds are ripping limbs from the trees 
small twigs are flying everywhere...
I do not want to be a target or suffer a head injury.
So I have been doing what Mother does when inclement weather strikes...
I have been walking in the Mall!

Not that I am a "mall walker" per say.
(many seniors walk in the mall before it opens then they sit and chat over coffee in the food court)
I have been getting some Christmas shopping done and while I am roaming in the shops I make sure that I cover lots of territory!

interesting interior for an elevator
 a sheet metal fantasy

Wind blown hair...
I made an appointment with my hairdresser this week
 after months of the tedious "growing out period."
It has not grown as long as I want it to yet 
but with the festive season upon us 
I can wait no longer.

If I do I might earn the nickname "Scruffy."

These cute little felted animals have my full attention...
they are adorable and so charming.

Crafters that can create such lovely things have my utmost respect.
I have tried to make these and mine looked rather odd.
So odd, 
that I disposed of them before showing them to anyone.

Sometimes we need to let go of the things that we cannot do and let those who can, lead the way!

"Letting go helps us to to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. 
It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations 
that do not belong to us. 
This frees us from unnecessary stress.

~ Melody Beattie ~

That is my deep thought for the day....

I'm currently busy 
rather pre-occupied with cooking and shopping.

I am volunteering at a Christmas luncheon for about 100 people.
It will be all hands on deck trying to get the full turkey dinner 
and all the trimmings out from the teeny tiny kitchen
to all the hungry diners.

I plan to wear my linen apron and comfy shoes...
hope I don't drop any plates
or pour coffee on anyone's lap or slip on the gravy.


  1. "Let it Go" seems to be the latest catchword. I let go of something this week and immediately felt free of "unnecessary stress"
    I love the idea of the older people walking in the Mall before the shops open.
    Hope the Christmas dinner goes off well and am looking forward to reading about it in your blog.

  2. I think that "Let it Go" was the song from Frozen so no wonder it is high on the radar!
    Seriously, letting go of stuff that weighs us down is really therapeutic...good for you to get rid of anything that is stressing you. Dinner will happen...it will be turkey!

  3. I so needed to read the Melodie Beattie quote at the end of your lovely post, L!

    I love your mouse decorations. I hope this doesn't ruin their cuteness to you but their fuzziness reminds me my hair...

    SSG xxx

    1. Oh my! That will not affect my opinion of the mice...they are still adorable...and your hair must be very soft like the mice!

  4. Oh those little pink mice are adorable - I hope you bought one or two..
    I have been walking in the Mall, because the heat here has been too intense to enjoy my outdoors jaunts. Love your square green wreath - very nice.

    1. I do not have any of these sweet little animals...I might go back and buy a couple as the grandchildren would love them.

  5. Those felted animals are so adorable. I want them! Your house looks great, very festive.

    1. Thank you Kathy...I think that your grand daughter would love these wee animals...as would mine. I think I have convinced myself to go back and buy a few!

  6. Thank you. I am awake early reading your blog and I have been ruminating over a situation that was really not my problem. At church, we just read something about choosing to pray for something then letting go of the outcome. No more worries...I walk in the mall on blowy, rainy days. We walk for about 45 minutes. I put out my Nicolai French guest soaps this week and I felt Paris in my life. The mice are very cute but I do not have a "crafty" bone in my body. Your home must feel very warm and cozy with cooking smells and candles!

    1. Feeling a little bit of Paris in your life sounds lovely...I love having French soap. Marseilles liquid soap in Verbena and Lavender scents sit on both the sinks.
      I do not do crafty either...I have tried but it is frustrating!

  7. How have you been liking your longer hair? You're in the hardest part now I'd say. It seems at that length every section has a mind of its own! I know you love your hairdresser and have been with her for a while, so I'm sure your appointment with her will be very helpful! It's amazing what a little shaping can do.

    1. I actually like the longer hair...it takes a bit more effort to keep it looking healthy but I think it is much more versatile than a short cut.
      I want to be able to tie it back when I work in the garden and I do want to wear it in a casual "updo"..not quite as glamourous as Faux Fucshia though!
      My hairdresser is lovely...she is one of the most important people in my life...like my doctor and dentist. I have complete faith in her and she is a gifted stylist...I am looking forward to my appointment.

  8. I think I'll have to try that minty candle. I adore felted animals and I have a big collection that were handmade by a friend who lives in the neighbourhood. I would never try to make them myself because I am very slapdash and can't do fiddly things.
    Sometimes we do have to let go and just do what we can do.
    Good luck to you with that lunch, I'm sure it will all be fine and it's so fun to work in a group like that. Loving the greenery on your porch right now it looks amazing.
    Yes stay out of the wind that sounds like a hazard! XOX

    1. Fiddly things are too tedious for me...I cannot do fancy cakes or cookies that require piped icing either...

  9. Thanks for the quote from Melodie Beattie -- I needed that reminder!!

  10. Hope your weather improves. Mall walking is a good alternative, plus it helps to get holiday shopping completed. Double duty! Your candles are lovely. Love the scents. I especially like the rose too. My perfume is often "Joy." A rose scent. A phrase that I like on my meditation cd is: "Accept things as they are, stop wishing things were different, because they are already here. Accept things exactly as they are. Breath in. Breath out and let go on the exhale. Let go of judgmental and negative thoughts..." I find meditation a great source of comfort.

    1. The weather is still diabolical! Wind wind and more wind...
      Joy is a very sophisticated scent, not unlike the Shalimar that my Mother wore when I was growing up.
      That Meditation quote reminds me of my former Yoga instructor...she would read out a passage from her book and we would meditate on it during our session. Very inspiring.

  11. Beautiful pictures and I can almost smell the candles. Thank you for that quote - just what I needed.