Thursday, December 17, 2015

Festive season snippets..all is calm, all is bright.

The festive season is in full swing...
socials, lunches, parties, shopping, baking, gift giving, concerts, Christmas Carols, decorations, egg nog lattes and gingerbread houses are just a few of the highlights that I savour and enjoy.
It is a busy time of year.

Maintaining balance and calm we like taking a drive in the country and having a healthy lunch in a waterfront bistro.

These beautiful swans look pretty content nibbling in the farmer's field.
You can see the pumpkins in the back ground and the raindrops on the window of Mr. HB's car.

Caesar salad with kale and romaine lettuce.

I spy with my little eye a wee kitten in an Advent calendar...
in one of the shops along Oak Bay Avenue.

Felted animals...
I have a serious crush on these charming wee cute and cuddly creatures!

Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Laurel Point Hotel where we took in the annual decorated gingerbread house display.

The baking and decorating of the gingerbread displays is quite impressive.
I remember trying to make one years ago and it listed so far to the right that it fell apart!

Neighbours are decorating...
the streets looks quite bright and festive.

a gold bauble blew down in the gale force winds...
I stopped on my walk to capture the image not realizing that I would be visible in the reflection.

I'll be posting sporadically over the next weeks as there are so many wonderful and engaging activities to enjoy.

Right now I have my nose firmly planted in Louise Penny's latest novel 
the Inspector Gamache mystery series..."The Nature of the Beast" is brilliant!
If you have never read Louise's books start with the first in the series and work your way up.
She uses the same characters and they develop over time.

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Wonderful photos of the season. I especially like the look of that salad with kale!

  2. So glad you mentioned Louise Penny's latest, you've reminded me it is awaiting my pickup at the library! I love how you take time out of the busy-ness to reflect and just enjoy!

  3. Ms. Penny's books are so wonderful and who can not fall in love with Inspector Gamache. Enjoy this special season.

  4. It looks and sounds lovely, Hostess. Funny how things pop up from nowhere, little felt animals are to be found all over the place; lots of dogs, foxes, reindeer and mice this Christmas!

  5. Ha, I have inadvertently photographed myself in baubles several times lately! The swans look beautiful - we almost never see them. And the little felted animals adorable. Happy Christmas Hostess.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Love the details; raindrops on the glass, your reflection on the bauble, kitty's blue eye...
    I've never read a Louise Penny's novel. I'll try and see if my library keeps them. Is "A trick of light" her first novel? Feet up, relax and enjoy your book! Greetings Maria x

  7. Beautiful pictures Hostess. The felted animals are so cute. I guess your grandchildren love them! Enjoy this festive time! I'm sure you are :)

  8. Beautiful glimpses of December life. The swan photo is so artsy looking. The little animals are charming.
    Ooh, The Nature of the Beast is fascinating. I'm sure you're loving it!

  9. My librarian recently recommended Louise Penny when I requested a recommendation for my cousin who is a big murder/mystery fan. Later, I found a LP book on the library sale table to send to my cousin. Now, I want to try one for myself as I like a good one of that genre now and then. My current favorite is Donna Leon, author of the Commissario Guido Brunetti series set in Venice. Library sale tables are good sources of finding great books, and in turn the funds contribute to great books being added to the shelves for our reading pleasure.

    1. Donna Leon moved to Venice in 1981, the city near where I stay. As her books are all set in Venice, it is remarkable that Italian is one of the few European languages ​​in which her books have not been translated. Greetings Maria x

  10. Looks like the holiday season is in full swing in your home.

    I read Nature of the Beast and I was so sorry to see it end, I hope there will be another one in the series...her books are so good!