Tuesday, December 15, 2015

OOTD what I wore to a party.

Tis the season to be sparkly...fa la la la la la la la la.

Vintage Woodwards sequin top
Black Nygaard velvet pants
Stuart Weitzman patent shoes with gross grain bows

Hand sewn sequins = Holiday sparkle.

Ready to go...

I had my hair cut and few layers put back to free up the natural curl.
I opted for bright Red lips for the evening...

Hand hammered sterling earrings...vintage.

Standing by the fridge so that Mr. HB could take a picture for me to text to lovely daughter.
My arms are so short that a selfie would not have worked.

The food was catered by Julie.
The Tapas were delicious and  totally amazing.
She kept them coming hot out of the oven...I don't know how she does it!

The tasty skinny bread sticks were a big hit.
Tapenaude, stuffed dates and fig spread, assorted cheeses, nuts, crackers, a frittata type tarte.
Smoked salmon, beef tenderloin, crispy cubes of pork belly.

Lox, cream cheese and caviar...I enjoyed several of these tasty morsels.
Love how the caviar "pops" a salty sensation when you bite into it.

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and grilled.

My favourite were the Lamb "Popsicles."
Fresh off the BBQ and drizzled with curry sauce.
Vikram Vij has a recipe for these in his cookbook.

later on in the evening...

With a fun group of people
good food
great conversations
a present exchange 
Single Malt Scotch
we had all the ingredients for a Party.
They all came together to make for an enjoyable evening.
Thanks again to Julie!


  1. Looks like a fabulous party! I don't like smoked salmon, but I might like it with caviar!

    1. The lox is quite different from smoked salmon...almost like tuna tataki.
      Caviar is scrumptious!

  2. Love your look!!! Don't you love dressing up? I know I do ;-)

    1. I do indeed...it reminds me of the days when I lay on my Mother's bed watching her get dressed up for an evening out...she would sit at her vanity, hair in curlers and put on her makeup...she would spritz herself with Shalimar and put on her red lipstick...and then she would unroll the curlers and her hair would fall into place...I thought she looked amazing!

  3. You put great care and love in all you do! The clothes, shoe, earrings, and lipstick choice for the evening were perfect - so elegant. The new haircut suits you, it frames and softens your face, you look very pretty. The mouthwatering food must have been a real delight on the taste buds! Thank you for sharing your lovely evening with us. Oh, and thank you for complimenting me on my English :-) Happy holidays to you too, hostess. Greetings Maria x

    1. Thank you Maria,
      I love the layers that my hairdresser gave me...it frees up the natural curls...worth growing it out to get to this longer stage.

  4. Love your outfit! ...and then those breadsticks and proscuitto-wrapped asparagus spears, oh my! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Looks like a fun time! Your sparkly top hits just the right festive note.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - love your outfit - you look lovely. The house and the spread are wonderful! I'm having about a dozen friends over on Saturday night for similar types of food and Scotch. Everyone is bringing over whatever bottle they'd like to share, and I;ve asked them not to buy new bottles but rather to share something they've already enjoyed and have a few inches or perhaps half a bottle left - didn't want it to be too costly for them. Everyone seems to think this is a good idea so hopefully we'll all get to try something new.

  7. Everything looks lovely. You look great in that sparkly top and may I say - nice arms!

  8. Fantastic outfit, Leslie and what a beautiful dinner it was too!

    SSG xxx

  9. Love your outfit. The sparkle for the holidays is perfect. Your party sounds like a perfect gathering. Wonderful friends, food and conversation to share in the holiday spirit. Nothing could be better. Julie is an impressive hostess. Her decor and food selections sound and look outstanding. Enjoy the holidays - Susan

    1. Julie is amazing...she could teach lessons or write a book!

  10. Love your sparkly fun outfit, with your pretty haircut and lipstick. And that food looks fantastic. Sounds like a great party.

  11. Love your festive holiday outfit!! Looks great! Looks like you had a very nice evening and yummy meal!

  12. You look beautiful! Love your hair and makeup, love the sequined top. The holiday spread looked and sounded scrumptious. Looking forward to our holiday parties to begin soon. Best wishes.

  13. You look fab. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. You look fab. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  15. Although nowhere as beautiful as yours, I just quit wearing a Woodward's blouse. It was still is great condition but my closet needed to be purged.

    What a wonderful party. I wish I could make as beautiful food as that Julie.

  16. You look lovely! Positively glowing! Your outfits perfect ...simple and stylish with just the right amount of sparkle:) all the food looks delicious. Some great ideas especially the lamb "Popsicles"

  17. Sounds like a wonderful time. I love your top, and you look so festive!
    Mary Lou

  18. Your outfit is perfection. The lipstick was definitely the right colour choice.
    The food looks so amazing. We have a party here on the 23rd. It's a casual thing a tradition started 30 years ago the last Wednesday night before Xmas. Every one brings a plate and takes home whatever left on it. Easy clean up back when we all had young kids and jobs to go to the next day.

    1. Those casual gatherings are such fun and the host and hostess are so much more relaxed...I remember open houses like that when our kids were little too.
      Have fun!

  19. You look darling!! Love the new cut and sparkly clothes..Coco

  20. I ADORE your hair cut! It is chic, soft and feminine. You looked beautiful Leslie!

  21. You look so pretty. Your clothing is perfect for a party. Your hair is adorable. Do you use 'Don't Blow It' every time you wash your hair?
    Merry Christmas, dear lady

  22. Everyone is right. Your new 'do' is wonderful and you look fabulous. Merry Christmas and thanks for the gift of sharing your life with us for another year.