Friday, November 13, 2015

Thinking of Paris and I've bought a new hat...OOTD

The past few days our  weather has been stormy and grey.
Torrential rains, gale forced winds and while I sit inside in the comfort of The Humble Bungalow looking out the rain splattered panes....I've been pondering.

Thinking about my Spring trip to Paris last year...
it feels like such a long time ago.
I have oodles of pictures to look at and the memories can be called up at will.
There is a teeny tiny feeling of sadness, not unlike that of melancholy...
I am so grateful to have travelled there and would be fooling myself if I said I did not want to go back...but I am a realist and I must acknowledge that this was the trip of a lifetime.
It was a wee bit selfish to steal away so soon after retiring and spend all that money.
I have a modest pension, yet I turned 60 and it was a gift to mark this milestone.
Mr. HB has no desire to go to France so I went on my own...met up with friends and joined an all woman tour and had the most fun ever!!
The Ooh La La Tour is led by author Jamie Cat Callan and Mimi Bleu.
Paris in Springtime is not yet full...spaces await should you be interested...
please email Jamie if you are keen to go and please tell her I sent you!
You will have a wonderful time!

My wee Eiffel Tower is a reminder of my trip and I keep it to remind me of the magic that was Paris.

This wool hat made by The Canadian Hat Company nearly fell off the mannequin...
and into my hands.

I was browsing a local shop on Oak Bay Avenue when I bumped into a mannequin and the hat that was perched on top fell down and I caught it.
I would have never noticed it as it was above my line of sight.
Being height challenged I not always look UP!

I tried it on and it covered my ears and felt so warm and cozy...
and it did not look too bad on.
I am not really a gifted savvy hat shopper, that honour goes to my friend Cheryl.
She is the best hat shopper I know.
She wears her many hats with such flair that I am almost green with envy.

The sales clerk mentioned that with my hair longer than the base of the hat
and the side fringe swept lower in front that this was actually a flattering style for me.
(I did not dislike the look in the mirror.)
The price was reasonable and I have not bought anything for ages.

I wore it to Goward House for bridge and had half a dozen compliments within 15 minutes.
It works so all I need is a bit more confidence when it comes to choosing hats.

I am wearing my hat it with
 a white long sleeved tee top  ~ Style and Co.
dark denim skinny jeans ~ Banana Republic
Black shawl sweater ~ Zara
vintage bag ~ Valentina

I've been thinking of buying a new handbag...
I love the look and feel of leather bags
but it is hard to justify the expense.

So I polished up this old stalwart vintage bag and it will serve me for the time being.
Decent leather bags are difficult to source at our local second hand and charity shops.
I am not much of an Internet shopper but if I was there are so many choices online.
I am an "old school shopper" 
I like to touch and feel, try things on and see if they are exactly what I need.

It goes with all my blacks and greys...
has interesting details
nice textures 
made in Canada
what's not to love?

Hope that you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Very cute hat! It must have wanted you to take it home. :-)

  2. Hard to believe that our beautiful Paris is under attack by terrorists again. Thoughts are with them. Senseless tragedy.

    1. It is tragic news. I was fondly recalling my trip only to discover later that there had been attacks.

  3. Please take your post down for now. Very sad day for Paris and the whole world.

    1. It is a terrible day for Paris and all of France...I wrote this post hours before I heard the news and do not plan on taking it down. I did not post it to be disrespectful or rude I posted out of fond memories of my visit.

    2. It is the title Paris and I bought a new hat that is disconcerting.

    3. It is only disconcerting in light of the tragic was written before the news was released here in Canada around 4 o'clock....4 hours after I published this post.

  4. I have promised my great granddaughter a trip to Paris, but with Europe the way it is now, definitely out the question for us.
    Treasure your memories of Paris as some of us may never get the chance to visit there.

  5. There is no need to take your post down as Anonymous suggests. Yes, Paris is under attack, and it's a strange coincidence that you were thinking of your time in that beautiful city. So many of us love the city and all it represents. Terrorism will not take that away from us. I hope to return there one day.

  6. News Breaker...Paris under Attack, as I type!! 35 dead and dozens held hostage :( More details will probably be on tonight's news. Very sad day for Paris.

    1. I heard the news later tonight...such a terrible tragedy.

  7. love the hat. love to see it on you.

  8. "Thinking of Paris and I've bought a new hat..." is inappropriate at this time.

    1. I think we can give her a little more credit. Clearly this was posted before the terrible news had reached her.
      I don't think anyone who reads your blog would accuse you of being insensitive or flippant.

    2. Anonymous I wrote this hours before the news of the attacks. I would not be so glib if I had heard the news before I posted. If you had been reading my blog for any length of time you would know how I feel about Paris and that I would not be posting such a flippant post had I known this hours before.

    3. Thank you Stephen, I posted this many hours before hearing the thoughts go out to the people of Paris.

  9. You could not have known-about the terror--
    and Paris is grieving, but thought of the beauty and charm of Paris
    which is at this time is good--
    We all wish the people of Paris and France our best, and our prayers
    to stop terrorism wherever it exists.
    The beauty and charm of Paris and France will continue --and all who have ever been to Paris will wish her and the people who live there our love and prayers.
    Please be good to yourself and to yours--dear Hostess!

    1. I had no idea this morning when I was fondly recalling my trip....such a dark day for Paris.

  10. I thought of you Hostess when I heard this horrendous news of Paris today. Our hearts go out to the French people.

  11. Please please do not feel that you were disrespectful to the people of Paris/France by posting this lovely commentary. You love Paris as I do and your comments stand in tribute to a fabulous city that wants all of us to continue to visit. I am certain that everyone agrees that our prayers are with the people of France this evening.

    1. I was unaware of this news when I posted it this morning....

  12. From Margie in Toronto - Well said Mary and Lorrie - terrible news from Paris but no reason to take down a post that speaks to a love of the city - they will need all the support they can get from all of those around the world who love that very special city.

  13. No need to remove your post ...just an unfortunate coincidence. We all know how much you love Paris and can imagine how you are feeling.
    All our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris.

  14. I know you meant no disrespect, and that you are as saddened and horrified as everyone else.

    1. The news was on about 4:00 here and of course I am shocked and saddened. I published my post this morning....hours before I knew. I adore Paris and would never be disrespectful or rude. That is not my style.

  15. From Hilary in Greece.
    We are all thinking of the people of Paris today.
    I enjoyed reading your pre trip Blogs and then the Blogs telling us of your experiences.
    I was also in Paris in the spring and found the people so kind and pleasant. I hope you will always remember your trip there and write more about your visit

    1. My heart goes out to the people in Paris tonight...such a tragic day and so many have been injured and have lost their is horrific. I hope for healing and peace as Paris is a beautiful city and to tarnish it with senseless violence and scare people from visiting seems like such a shame.

  16. I don't very often comment on your blog, but always read it. Today I felt the need, on this sad day for the people in Paris. I find it hard to put into words that people can accuse you of disrespect for the people in France. (all of them anonymous) If they read your blog, they would know that you love Paris and for the past year must have thought about your visit everyday and even in your sleep.. Please don't let this affect you. On a lighter note, I love the hat you bought, and can't wait to see a photo of you wearing it.

    1. Thank you Barbara....I can see why readers were surprised as it was the most unfortunate coincidence. The timing was odd too that I had an all consuming urge to write about Paris before I had any idea what was transpiring. I will let the post stay as it was written with fondness and admiration for a beautiful place that still stirs me by its beauty.

  17. I too agree with the many encouraging you not to remove your post, the minute I started reading I knew the timing was an ironic coincidence. Your lovely memories still ring true.

  18. In the days to come we will learn more about the tragic events. It is just all so very sad. I hope that tourists will not be afraid to go to Paris. I was there on May Day and saw scores of police in riot gear keeping watch on the streets in the 6th arrondisement which is mostly residential and I felt quite safe. I was by myself exploring the area before my group tour. It would be a shame if people shun Paris after these attacks.

    1. Completely agree and love your post. It's a great tribute to a great city.

  19. Your love for Paris is evident. The only consolation to be found in such madness is to look to the many people who , despite their own fear and horror, stepped up to help. I saw friends drawing wounded friends from the theater , cabs offering free rides, and Parisians opening their homes to total strangers who could not get home because of the closing of the metro, etc. In times of horror- look to the helpers.

  20. Please do not take down your post as it is a tribute to the beauty and charm that is Paris. In the face of this latest tragedy, we need to be reminded of all that is good about Paris. I know that you did not mean any disrespect and that you love Paris as so many of us do.

  21. I seldom have anything to say here, but I am a faithful reader. I went to school in Europe and learned how to cook in Paris. My Grandparents lived in Provence and my love for France and Paris particularly has never diminished because of distance. I cannot understand why would this post offend anyone. A love tribute it is what one needs at moments like this. And yours was, heartfelt and sincere. I respect your decision not to remove this post, you shouldn't.

    For a moment the wound stopped bleeding to remind me of the City of Lights in all of its beauty, charm and graciousness, taking away the tears I have been crying since last night. There are too many of us who love France without fanfare and who would never think of asking anyone to silence their own expressions of love.

    Allegra Smith

  22. I have been reading your posts for a while now and know your love of Paris, France. I know, as well as many others, that you would only have respect and kind thoughts of the country. Please keep sharing with all of us your experiences there as many of us may never be able to see this fine country. I love that you have brought home beautiful items that help you relive your moments there. Peace and love to you and all your readers. Connie

  23. Leslie, anyone who reads your blog, will realize that your post is just an unfortunate coincidence.
    We don't all have our radios and televisions on 24/7.
    France needs our support and part of that includes tourism. We can't let these inhuman and soulless terrorists keep us from sharing our love and enjoyment, of people and places.

  24. J’adore votre blog et je vous suis régulièrement..Surtout ne supprimez pas votre dernier post…
    Lorsque vous l’avez écrit, vous ne saviez pas ce qu’il venait de se passer a Paris..Et de cela j’en suis
    certaine…Et puis faire revivre vos souvenirs n’a rien d’indécent..
    Il faut toujours se souvenir des bons moments..
    Bien a vous..Continuez de nous faire partager vos belles photos, de roses, de plage etc.….
    Un petit bonjour de Provence..

  25. I love hats too and the timing of your post was just a coincidence. Terrible tragedy over there

  26. I would not remove your post. The title is fine. Cute hat. What store did you purchase it? Did it come in another color?
    So sad about Paris; however, we must not let FEAR prevent us from enjoying life and for returning to France.---S/E

    1. I purchased the hat from Nicholas Randall on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria.They only had the one hat in this style but the company may make it in other shades.