Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vancouver getaway...

Last weekend we hopped on a BC Ferry and visited friends in Vancouver.

Blue Horizon Hotel on Robson Street

The Marina on False Creek is where our friends moor their boat.
They served us a delicious dinner and we sat looking out facing this beautiful view.

The next morning the weather was cool and breezy, a typical Fall day.

Wind, rain and a wee bit chilly...leaves at our feet.

Perfect weather to visit The Vancouver Art Gallery

Exhibits by the Canadian Group of Seven and Lee Bul were highlights.

I was very impressed by the art installations of Lee Bul.
She worked with mirrors in Via Negativa and the effects were really interesting.

Walking through this mirrored installation I felt dizzy and slightly disoriented...
there were twists and turns before arriving at the lights.

It seemed quite popular with the people who were viewing this exhibit.
I ventured through the maze of mirrors several times!

We stopped for lunch in the cafe before going upstairs to explore more exhibits.

"Between Object and Action:
Transforming Media in the 1960's and 70's."
Kate Craig, Eric Metcalfe, Gathie Falk, Carole Itter and Evelyn Roth.

We shopped a bit along South Granville...I found something on sale at Eileen Fisher!
                                        Later we met up at La Quercia for a fabulous meal.

Sunday morning Mr. HB and I went to check out the new Nordstroms and popped into Holt Renfrew before heading to the ferry.
We took our books up to the on board buffet and sat at a window table for the duration of the trip.

A beautiful setting sun
 appeared just as we were about to disembark the ferry.

All in all it was a fun weekend and the cats were happy to see us when we got home.
Hope your week is ticking along nicely.


  1. Your art gallery photos are interesting. I must plan a trip downtown to VAG and to the Nordstrom store before Christmas. The onboard buffet is my favourite hideout on the ferry. You might enjoy the book that I am reading right now. The Muralist by B.A Shapiro deals with both abstract art and the Jewish refugee situation in the early days of WW2.

    1. I will add that title to my book list. I have enjoyed all your book suggestions. The salads at the VAG cafe are tasty and so healthy...everything looked so fresh and delicious. In Paris I savoured the food at the museum cafeterias...The Musee D'Orsay served my favourite lunch at a gallery. Hope you enjoy the gallery exhibit.

    2. I really have enjoyed lunch at the D'Orsay and Maman, my sister and I had a nice lunch in Rodin's garden amid the sculptures. For some reason, museums often have really fine restaurants.

  2. Oh what a fabulous view your friends have! I've only been to Vancouver once but I loved it. The museum looks beautiful.

    1. Our friends do live in a prime location in Vancouver and when they are not on their boat they reside in a fabulous old house on The Garonne River in Auvillar idyllic village in the south of France!

  3. Thank you for this tale of your Vancouver visit! You have inspired me to get off the rock and take the ferry to town to make the same trip...... I look forward to seeing that installation at the VAG and La Quercia is one of my fav. restaurants. Love your Eileen Fisher coat sweater. Well done! (Hmmmm. Pity I do not know someone with a boat who can cook me dinner in False Creek. Lucky you!)

    1. Georgia I hope you have a fabulous day in Vancouver!
      It was our first time dining at La Quercia and it won't be our last. We opted for the 7 course family style menu and were pleasantly surprised by the tasty food that they served us...we savoured every morsel. I understand why so many people are talking about this small gem on 4th hairdresser also mentioned that it is her favourite spot to dine when she visits Vancouver.

  4. Lovely spot to dine and some lovely sites to see. The beautiful setting sun must have topped a perfect weekend.

  5. It all adds up to a great weekend in Vancouver. The Art Gallery has some very interesting contemporary works, and the mirror installations are certainly intriguing. I had to look twice to spot you in there - very clever photos! I like the leopard display too - although I am not sure what point the artist is making :)

  6. It sounds like a great getaway! Your timing was good - had you waited a few days you would have been here during the storm. Or worse, had the ferry cancelled and not have been here at all. And getting a window seat in the buffet area of the ferry is one of life's frugal luxuries.