Monday, November 23, 2015

Stormy weather...

Last week we experienced a positively "Beastly Day"...

~ most of the day ~

wind howled
tree limbs cracked
branches fell
the rain pelted sideways at the windows 
water seeped in and pooled on the sills

the buds on our climbing Royal Sunset Rose were shaken about ferociously 
but somehow they managed to cling on 
for dear life

BC Ferries were cancelled
power outages were reported
trees blew down
waves lashed the shore and spilled over the onto the streets
floods followed

While the storm raged I prepared a simple curry...
"sweating" the seasonings
chopping vegetables
aromas waft up 
fill the kitchen with a heavenly scent

~ Vegetarian curry ~

garbanzo beans

simmering on the stove
and then

the sun came out and there was the most vivid of rainbows arching across the sky

a snapshot taken in summertime of our Royal Sunset Rose

What a difference a few hours make...
the forceful wind blew the clouds 
inclement weather 
east of Victoria
and thankfully

we were bathed in warm golden sunshine.


The forecast locally is for snow flurries from Tuesday through Thursday...
I will be bundled up for my walks.

I have a Lands' End Down coat 
that Mother refers to as "the walking quilt!"

Hope your week is off to a great start.

"Weather is a great metaphor for life...
sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, 
there's nothing much you can do about it 
but carry an umbrella or choose to dance in the rain!"

~ Terri Guillemets ~


  1. A curry on a rainy day sounds wonderful!

  2. Thank you!!! Lovely photos as usual. And yummy looking curry in a wonderful pot. I have two of Vij's cookbooks not for me, but for my guy who does all the cooking. (But i do know where the kitchen is - I can see it.)

  3. I was quite jealous of all the snow and storms this past weekend! I spent most of it inside preparing for Thanksgiving and would have loved some drama out my window. But there were some picturesque snowflakes to accompany me as I was putting lights up outside, so I enjoyed that! Your curry sounds fabulous! I'm sure the house smelled divine!

  4. Wonderful photos and writing Hostess. I understand about rain seeping through a pooling on window sills. A few weeks ago, we had horizontal rain at our farm and rain seeped in around rooftop vents--necessitating more caulking after we discovered a leak in our master bath.

  5. Fourth time trying to comment Hostess ...they keep disappearing! Here goes .....:)
    I'm smiling at your mums description of your Lands End coat! She's right ...snuggly and warm!
    Our weathers been rather erratic lately as well. Typical November, I suppose. I realised, today that in my bag I had a hat, scarf, umbrella and sunglasses! Most days I end up wearing and using them all! :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Your curry looks delicious!

  6. That was some storm! I'm in the minority as I'd love to see some snow. I don't mind the chillier temperatures too much if I'm bundled up well. Your coat sounds perfect. The curry looks delicious and a stormy day is a perfect time to cook.

  7. We had a beastly hot day here again. I'd love to have your weather for awhile. It is supposed to get chilly (for LA) beginning tomorrow, so we can have a cozy Thanksgiving. The curry looks delicious!

  8. Sounds like you had some fierce weather. Now snow. Time for warm winter clothes. Your curry looks delicious. I buy curry sauces at Trader Joe's and they are good too.. Thai curry is a favorite. Stir fry boneless skinless chicken in chopped onions and olive oil then add the sauce. This is easy and great with rice. I am ready for the holidays and the cold weather. I'm looking forward to the change of seasons. Kind of like a rebirth! Enjoy - Susan

  9. Snow! I've never made Indian food in winter. Time to give it a shot,

  10. Vij's food is wonderful. Admittedly, I purchase it pre-made. Yours looks wonderful.

  11. I love that quote! Wow yall had some rough weather there! Is the snow there yet.....please make pictures for us?

  12. I love that quote! Wow yall had some rough weather there! Is the snow there yet.....please make pictures for us?

    1. The snow did not materialize...but it is really cold and windy today.

  13. Oh, I think that bad storm came over here last night! The thunder and lightning went on for four hours....I love your Royal Sunset rose, just beautiful.

  14. Our weather here is the exact opposite. Cool start to the day but beautiful sunny afternoons. So enjoying it though I have managed to catch the dreadful lurgy hope it will disappear quickly so I can get on with enjoying the weather before it gets to hot.

  15. Lorrie, If you read this I'm looking forward to snowy weather too! You're right though,about being in the minority. I rarely say this because of peoples response! :)

  16. A curry, a warm coat and a good book are the perfect November pleasures. I went to book club Monday morning where we discussed The Secret Daughter. I read it years ago but my club was reading it and I picked up on themes that I hadn't when I read it before. The transplanted husband (from India to America ) complains about the blandness of his North American food.
    I love big pots of spicy vegetables. Such a beautiful rose!

  17. I love reading your blog. Nothing we love more than enjoying a warm bowl of soup on a blustery "Wiinie the Pooh" type of day, that and a good book or binge watching a TV show. Recently made oyster soup for the first time. It was delicious. That is one of the interests I've enjoyed renewing since retirement - learning to cook from scratch again.

  18. That curry looks delicious! What did you serve with it? I must make some. Lisa

  19. Nothing better than a delicious curry.
    We THANKFULLY had some wild weather too. I finally discovered where all of our leaks have originated. I spent a morning pulling off some of the downspouts, that were blocked with calcium,failing to drain, and backing the water up into our house.

  20. You always create such a cozy house. Glad you were sheltered from the storm.