Saturday, November 7, 2015

When a bad "SAD" patch seems endless...overheard in a cafe.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you will know first hand about the frequent grey and rainy days we experience during Fall and Winter.
While the weather is not all "gloom and doom" mood can be affected by the grey days.

Many are affected by what is known as SAD.
Seasonal Affective Disorder ~ depression associated with late autumn and winter and thought to be caused by a lack of light.
Try to "boost your mood" so that you can retain a positive outlook.
"Fake it until you can make it."

Being proactive, keeping active and adopting some strategies can help...

wear a well put together outfit ~ if you are down in the dumps try to dress upbeat
(something that is cozy and warm)
add a bright coloured pair of shoes
tie on a pretty scarf

put on some pretty jewelry (possibly something with sparkle)
go for a walk with a brolly and boots and perhaps stop at a cafe for a coffee

wash your make up brushes in shampoo and let them air dry
make a big pot of soup or bake cookies
brew a pot of your favourite tea and serve it in a beautiful bone china cup and saucer
peruse home decor books and magazines
chat with a friend
read a good book
work on a craft project
do the crossword
enjoy an in home Spa Day...manicure, pedicure, facial and a soak in the tub

slather on hand cream
buy some flowers and arrange them in a pretty vase
clean out the clutter ~ junk drawers are a good place to start
mend clothes, polish boots, handbags and shoes
catch up on the ironing while watching TV
plan a dinner party and look through your cookbooks to find some new recipes
go and visit an elderly person or a relative
explore a gallery or museum ~ visit their gift shop and look for treasures you need not buy anything
do some "deep" cleaning (perhaps the oven!)

polish the silver
go off to a thrift shop and browse...keep an open mind and treat yourself to an inexpensive small gift
buy a few really good them slowly and mindfully
venture into an area of shops that you do not usually frequent...wander and keep your eyes open
light a scented candle and close your eyes and meditate...
sit quietly, count your blessings or write them down in a journal.

 If you suffer from SAD try to get out and about and meet people.
Volunteer somewhere, become more active and social.
If things still look professional help.

I've been moved to write this post after watching and listening to a woman who was speaking to a friend while weeping.
Forgive me 
 I was eavesdropping.

Please reach out to others in need of help.
If this post helps one person it will be worth it.


  1. Hostess, This is such a good message and I am taking note of all of your suggestions to combat the blues. I especially like the idea of going to antiques shops/thrift shops/etc that you do not usually frequent and keeping your eyes open.

  2. What a good post, Hostess. So many helpful tips and ideas. Food for thought and implementation. Thanks so much.

  3. Great post, Hostess. November is my least favourite month in our area and this is my first November at home since retirement. All of your suggestions could help to alleviate November blahs. I bought a new book in Kerrisdale on Friday and just joined a new book club. Maman and I are visiting Laconner next week. Have a great rainy weekend.

  4. I hope the woman in the coffee shop has someone as kind as you in her life.

  5. Helping others is good. The satisfaction of being helpful is great. Plus, we never know when we will need a helping hand. What's the old saying - what goes around comes around? Not to be trite but I find this true. Also, nothing like a good spa day, even better with a friend or significant other.

  6. What a lovely post of little things one can do to lift the spirits. I've been feeling dull this week, but it's because of some bad news, combined with a very busy time at work, along with the time change. I've had a relaxing Saturday - time with a friend and quiet hours at home, so I'm feeling better. These times do come and go.

  7. Great message, thank you for this timely reminder.

  8. Great post! A good friend is one of the best cures for SAD.

  9. I live in the tropics but I think your suggestions are also ideal to combat a feeling of isolation and being lonely. Thank you for this post. Btw those bangles are to die for!

  10. Your post hits home to me and I always dread October. I'm glad it passed me by again this year without a disaster.
    Sometimes you can't solve a problem or prevent a tragedy; but I'll never regret saying, I love you, and I'm happy to have you in this world.

  11. You are very kind Leslie...your heart was touched by a stranger's pain. Wonderful suggestions.

  12. Hello Leslie. Great post. That's why we go to France in October and November.

    Maybe see you in January or February????


    1. Email me when you get back and we can chat about some dates...I welcome the excuse to hop on the ferry and visit SSI.

  13. I can't tell you how I much I appreciate the timing of this post. All such wonderful reminders. The beauty and warmth of your post is much appreciated.

  14. Very helpful tips for anyone looking buoy his/her spirits. I think the holidays prevent me from getting hit hard at this time of year--perhaps why I cherish them so. But after Christmas is always a very hard time for me. I used to tan daily and couldn't believe how much it lifted my spirits. Obviously, that's not a good thing to do. But it did make me "believe" in the importance of light.

  15. Such an important reminder. For all reasons that bring people down.

  16. I suffered from SAD for decades. However, I have learned that a steady dose of vitamin D helps extremely well. I do not like taking pills, but those of us who live in the mountainous north (I am 20 mi south of the Quebec border) suffer from lack of sunlight as well. Shortly after I began taking a weekly dose of doctor-prescribed vitamin D, I felt better & only suffer "the blues" by events of my own doing-not from lack of light. Because my mood is so much better, I can appreciate all of those lovely suggestions you made so much more than I did when I suffered from SAD.

    1. I had no idea how helpful taking vitamin D would be...several people have mentioned this therapy. I am happy to hear that it is so effective.

  17. Hi Leslie, I have not been able to comment for some reason, I must not be doing something correctly. Anyway, that was sweet advice

  18. Great message and lovely things! So elegant!

  19. A timely post, thank you. Our weather here in the North of England has taken a dismal turn for the worst. Heavy rain and wild winds, grey and definitely yuk! I've spent the day making chutney and then had a lovely Skype with my daughter and granddaughter. The forecast is dire so I will reread your ideas and motivate myself. Roll on the Spring.

    1. Oh I love chutney...sounds like you made the most of your day.

  20. Beautiful post and just what I needed today, L!

    SSG xxx

  21. Such a sensitive post Hostess and thoughtful advice, especially the part about reaching out to others. Sometimes a smile and "hello" is all it takes ....

  22. This is such good advice, rainy, dark or not we all have days when spirits are low. This will be a good reference for those days. Thank you!

  23. Whether it is SAD or just 'sad', we can reach out, and often it takes that, as the affected person lacks the energy to do anything.

  24. Wonderful advice! Those SAD lamps help too, I find.

  25. Mitsuko is still lovely, but sadly not quite the fragrance it was when I recall my mother using it in the 1950s. But then, no perfumes are the same and it's not just our olfactory system out of kiler, manufacturers don't always use the same ingredients.
    Love the Burberry scarf and the silver bangles. I'm a 'silver' rather than a 'gold' person, too.
    Not keen on candles (scented or otherwise), as they're a fire risk and I do feel it's just a little akin to burning money.
    Margaret P