Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tick Tock...Life in the moments.

Most afternoons I take a break from whatever I am doing and sit in one of our Morris chairs in our living room and sip a cup of tea.
This is a restorative time to sit in peace and ponder...

The ticking of the clock, the beating of my heart, a few cars passing by...
children's excited voices a they skip home from school are the usual sounds.

I find quiet times are very important to my well being.

One yellow lone Daisy sits in a vase in our Humble Bungalow bathroom.
One bloom spreads as much cheer as an entire bouquet.
(and it's cheaper!)

The frosty mornings have seen me bundle up in layers.
Warmth is essential to my comfort.

The windscreen on our Volvo has a thick crust of ice...
the automatic heat defrosting fan takes about 5 minutes 
so I usually speed up the process by using the scraper.

Autumn shadows grow long...

the last summer geranium is blooming.

Red Green and Silver
my favourite colours to use in Christmas Bouquets.
I must get something organized for our front porch soon and buy a wreath for the front door.

I've discovered some lovely French products...
wee glass jars of yogurt
Bonne Maman Dulce de Leche Caramel sauce.

I reuse you?
the Bonne Maman jars are sturdy
used for everything 
from homemade vinaigrette to storing small bits and bobs.
~ Waste not Want Not ~

Last week I cooked a small prime rib of beef for the two of us.
The ultimate comfort food on a cold day.
Mr. HB uses horseradish with his roast and I love Coleman's Hot mustard.
There is room enough in our home for both our tastes.

I volunteered to work at the Craft Fair last weekend
it was a busy morning selling jams, home baking and the crafts. 

These sold out in the first hour!
I had to buy one even though I cannot even think of who I could give it to...
Just so creative and kitschy.

Beautiful bright sunshine
twinkling on the ocean at McNeil Bay.
Trial Island Light House is in the distance.
We are so fortunate to live here...

Nudge Nudge
Wink Wink

I think this seal was "flirting" with me!

I posted this lovely David Austin Rose on my Instagram page this morning.
I was surprised to see it blooming in our garden as the weather is freezing outside.

Thank you for stopping by...I hope that you are enjoying your week.


  1. What a lovely post, Leslie. I may not be commenting, but I do drop by. Life has been a bit OTP - perhaps we will soon manage a cup of tea and a visit and I can fill you in! In the meantime, enjoy these winter-like days in our beautiful city.

  2. That plate of good looks soooo good!

  3. Mr. Seal is a handsome fellow! We are finally getting some truly cool weather here. The leaves have been turning and dropping, and I'm loving it. That "bikini" is too cute. What clever marketing!!

  4. Couldn't agree more on the need to pause and take in the good things! A great reminder for busy Americans today!

  5. Another enjoyable post about your life in the humble bungalow

  6. What a beautiful post - I enjoyed every word and every picture.....'specially that cheeky wink from Mr. Seal !

  7. It's chilly here, for us, but no frost yet! Oh the patterns on your window...

  8. Okay, now I want to cook a prime rib dinner. Looks so good and comforting. Quiet times are special.

    I loved this post, especially that cheeky seal.

  9. thanks for sharing....quite lovely!

  10. I, too, reuse jars. Thanks for a lovely post.

  11. One of the lovelies of retirement, Hostess, time to take a break to muse, ponder, rejuvenate! Great photos... Always a joy to visit here and catch you on Instagram. Smiles...Susan

  12. Lots of lovely things in this post, L. I do reuse jars and I'm fondest of the ones with interesting shapes, like Bonne Maman. How lovely to have that rose blooming in this chillier than normal weather.

  13. Good to remind us of the importance of talking time each day just to relax and ponder. I often drift away to my happy place in snowy mountains! Always feel refreshed afterwards. Your pictures, as always are beautiful. Especially the one of the sun on the ocean and Mr Seal :) French yoghurt in the little glass jars is my favourite!

  14. Lovely your words made me take a deep breath. I try and stop around 4pm have a cuppa maybe read or sometimes just be still. Mr Seal looks happy.

  15. Lovely photos! I always keep the little glass jars. Pondering is good. These last clear blue days have been so beautiful. We always have confused rhodies blooming here. I bought a tiny poinsettia for my apartment yesterday. I "phase in" Christmas decor.

  16. Just lovely. Quiet time is critical for my peace of mind. We got our first frost last night and it's lovely to finally be taking out gloves and scarves.

  17. You're so lucky to live in a place where you can actually see a wild seal! How cute!

  18. That bikini is priceless. Great find.

  19. Oh yes, I do believe Mr. Seal is flirting with you! What grand timing you managed to get that picture. What beautiful Christmas bouquets you must create, hoping you'll share with us? Your sunny/shady porch looks so enough to cover up, with just a hint of sunshine left to bring a tiny bit of necessary warmth. jenmiller

  20. I love how you find joy and comfort in all the "little" things. And, yes, I like reusing jars, especially the interesting ones. This time of year I will make a huge batch of Brunswick stew which I store in reused spaghetti sauce jars. This way I can also share a few jars with my adult children. I think I'll join you at 4 PM for a cup of tea!

  21. Such a beautiful post. Thank you!