Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a little bit of this n' that

The previous post generated many comments and emails.
Thank you, so much!
I am very grateful for your support and am most appreciative of your thoughts on this issue...
I've had time to reflect and put things in perspective and although this is "behind me" I will take greater care driving and especially when encountering and passing cyclists.

The roses are still showing off their floral finery...
soft pinks tips meld with a creamy white.

I love this masque...
the gentle fragrance is soothing and it really delivers a lot of hydration.

I dug out my gold hoops aka "creoles" and paired them with my diamond studs.

I took photos not realizing that I have a spot on my chin...
oh well welcome to reality blogging!

I'm letting my hair grow...
we'll see if I can stand this growing out stage 
or maybe I'll rush off to the hairdresser and have it all lopped off again.

I've been a wee bit busy these past few days...
taking care of our darling grandchildren.

Non stop Grammy!

Lots of games and activities...
 there's a new addition to our family!
It's a girl...
I'll share more later but I'm keeping it "hush hush" until they tell make an announcement.

Look what arrived in the post!
I'm excited to read Sharon's new book.
But first I'm off to the baby shops!

Hope your week is ticking along nicely.
Cheerio for now...


  1. Congratulations! How wonderful!

  2. Congratulations on the new baby girl in your family! I know you are going to have fun with her.

  3. Parallel existences at the moment. I'm on baby watch here, my daughter is due very soon with #2. Also trying to let me hair grow out, and it's at an awkward stage, but trying hard to resist the temptation to cut it again. And....looking for a new pair of hoop earrings!

    1. And so many congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter. xo

  4. Reality blogging is wonderful.

  5. So glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to hear more about your new wee one. Hugs!

  6. Many congratulations. Little girls are lovely.

  7. Such good news, such a special time, those first new days. . . Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! I like how your hair looks right now.

  9. Sweet, sweet news! Congratulations on your new granddaughter. We are on waiting for our Lillypad's Baby#2. Such lovely anticipation!

  10. Congratulations! I'm sure your help is very much appreciated while your daughter and her husband settle in with the new baby.

  11. Such happy news - congratulations and enjoy those new baby snuggles.
    I've been away, but read your previous post - how frightening for you. How unbalanced that cyclist must be if he is really just causing trouble. Reporting it to the police is the very best thing. Your hair looks great - that growing out stage is so uncomfortable.

    1. Welcome back...thank you I am not too sure that I'll survive the growing out process but i am trying!!

  12. Love the pictures of you. And congratulations on a new little girl in your family!
    Your experience with the cyclist would indeed be unsettling!! I wish they would keep to the bike paths.

    1. There are not that many bike lanes in our city...and it seems that there are so many cyclists that do not think they need to pay attention to stop signs and rules that motorists have to abide by...but we all need to be polite and mindful and share the road.

  13. Congrats on the new grand daughter - it's all grand sons over here...

    I am glad you are okay after the cyclist incident.

    Much love

    SSG xxx

  14. Congratulations on the birth of your grandaughter. .such a happy time for you and your family.

  15. Congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter! Her arrival is very close to my new granddaughter's. It's such great fun, this grandparent job. :-)

  16. I saw your post with your newest grand child ! Congratulations!

  17. I've also been letting my hair grow. I found that going to a place to have it blown dry made all the difference. It really helped me. I'm still learning how to take care of longer hair.

  18. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! I can't wait to hear which name her parents choose. It seems some of the names once considered "old fashion" are popular again.