Sunday, August 30, 2015

After the storm....

The winds were wild and gale force in the Straits near Victoria and Vancouver yesterday.
Fierce winds battered the coast, trees blew down and there were power outages. 
We stayed safe albeit a wee bit wet from the driving rain.

Today we slipped out of Otter Bay Marina and headed down to Poets Cove Resort.
The seas were lumpy and the winds moderate.

Last nights sunset....
"red sky at night sailors sky in morning sailor take warning."

Otter Bay have nesting boxes for the Purple Martin birds. 
They must have already flown south as we did not see any while we were there. 
We enjoyed our few days at this small Marina. 
Last night there was a wedding aboard a sailboat and there were dozens of people attending. 
The bride was taken out the boat in a dingy and she wore a lovely long white gown. 
Chiffon, off the shoulder, and her hair was up and she had a tiara of pearls. 
The rain held off for their nuptials and after their vows the heavens opened up and poured rain. 

I did some cleaning today as the boat was looking a wee bit unkempt. 
Living in a small space means stowing everything when it's not in use. 
I have a bad habit of kicking off my flip flops and leaving them in the middle of the floor where I trip on them later! You'd think I would be more careful. 

Tonight we are going to dine on a big crunchy salad, a BBQ steak, 
Rose French wine and some boiled new potatoes with butter salt, pepper and mint. 
Simple, easy and so satisfying. 

I have saved my favourite magazine and plan on reading it cover to cover after I finish my current novel. 
The anticipation and the lovely covers are part of the joy this magazine brings me every month. 
Do you have a particular magazine that you enjoy? 

My daily regime on board our boat is pretty close to the one I do at home. 
I don't use or bring Fresh Sugar face masks as they are far too bulky. 
All these fit into my small make up bag. 
Sunscreen is a must! 

My basket is full and the two books I have already read were donated to the previous two Marina libraries for other Mariners to borrow. 

I made this appetizer tray up earlier in the week. Small chunks of cheeses, crackers, pickled asparagus, and wine salami. These take up very little room in our tiny galley fridge and add a bit of luxury in the evening. 

I need to get some exercise that is not going to stress my laps are on! 

Well I must close for now as the swimming pool awaits...


  1. From Margie in Toronto - I was wondering how you were after seeing the CBC news this morning. What a terrible storm! Glad that you are safe.

    My favourite magazine is Victoria - I own every issue ever published. It was every other month - went to monthly - disappeared for a while and then came back - every other month again. I read it from cover to cover.

  2. I love Victoria magazine for its "prettiness." It is a romantic's dream. I'm glad to hear that you have weathered the storm.

  3. Glad you are safe. Must have been a "bit" scary. I have given up purchasing magazines as they've become so expensive. I do like to borrow from the library - Country Living, American Patchwork and Quilting, Yoga Journal, various gardening magazines, etc. My city library has a vast array of titles. Hope there is smooth sailing the rest of your holiday.

  4. My favorite magazine is also Victoria. Boat living looks so relaxing and freeing. But it looks as you manage to do it with a touch of elegance and chic. Your makeup kit looks lovely.

  5. It was quite a storm, and I was ashore! I can't imagine it in a boat! I love Victoria magazine as well :). Hope the weather holds for you!

  6. Amanda - From New ZealandSeptember 1, 2015 at 4:40 PM

    Hello Hostess, it must be so lovely and freeing to be able to go off cruising in your boat and so very relaxing to get away from everyday life for a while I'm so glad you weathered the storm ok! I'm very intriqued with your beauty regime, just love to see the beautiful products that you use, just wondering if you could talk me through what they all are, especially the Jane Iredale in the tube? So look forward to reading your blogs. Kind Regards Amanda