Sunday, August 16, 2015

Silver stars ~ Roses ~ Happy and Sad news

Hope to goodness that you are not tired of seeing The Humble Bungalow Roses because I am posting a couple more...if you are bored scroll down and check out some of my favourite lotions and potions.

This vintage silver BREAD tray caught my eye at the Thrift Shop...
I know it will need polishing...many people despise silver now because of the work it takes to maintain the lustre and shine.
That's why it's showing up in so many shops AND for next to nothing you can take them home!
I quite like to spend time cleaning tarnished silver pieces...for me it's rather meditative.

I bought some French Rose and sipped a few glasses
I pretended I was still visiting France...
I can close my eyes and still recall the dizzy and giddy way I felt when I was in Paris.
I'm so glad I went and would encourage you to follow your dreams if Paris is on your bucket list.

I mentioned this mask recently and am doing so again because it is saving my face.
With our hot summer weather it has been a real challenge keeping skin hydrated.

I'm test driving a new eye product by Andalou Naturals.
1000 Roses Eye Revive Gel.
The skin around my eyes is getting very crepe-like these days.
I'm guilty of not using specific eye products very faithfully over the years.
Not expecting a miracle but a little reduction in lines would be a welcome and pleasant surprise.
I'm not one to give up and give in...

L'Occitane's Almond Milk is still a star player 
my arms and legs would be as dry as the Sahara 
without a daily dose of this wonderful silky lotion.

~ Happy News ~

Our grand daughter's name is Mira Louise Austin
she weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and was born on August 10th.
We think she's a red head like her big sister Isla!
She's a precious little bundle.
It's no surprise that hearts just explode with JOY when we cuddle newborns...
they are such a gift.
Babies are just so darned wonderful aren't they?
Can you feel the excitement?

~ ~ ~
We've also had some very sad news...
there has been a death in the family 
out of respect for those involved 
I will not go into any details 
but suffice to say it was very tragic, and although expected, came all too suddenly...

~ ~ ~

And just yesterday we got the call...
dear friends lost their adult daughter to cancer.
Our hearts go out to them in love and support.

"Grief can be the garden of compassion. 
If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom."

~ Rumi ~


  1. I never tire of seeing your beautiful roses! Congratulations on the new grandchild, and condolences on your family's loss. Joy and loss do seem to go hand-in-hand sometimes.

  2. Congrats on the new grand daughter.

    I am so very sorry to hear of your family's loss.

    Much love

    SSG xxx

  3. Photos of your gorgeous roses are always welcome. Congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter - such a special time.
    I'm sorry for the loss of those dear to you. Mingled grief and joy in your heart these days.

  4. Roses are always welcome. So sorry for your sad news and your friends loss of a daughter. Babies are indeed special and I am imagining you drinking in the sweet smell of Mira. Congratulations. Tonkath x

  5. I would never get tired of your flower photos...they are always so well done. The roses do look beautiful!
    Congratulations on your new bundle! I love being a grandmother. Being a redhead myself, I am always happy to hear of another.
    Sorry for your sad news.
    Mary Lou

  6. Your roses are beautiful! Enjoy your new "wee one". I am sorry to hear of your losses.

  7. Mira was born on my birthday! Congratulations and of course, my condolences on the sad/tragic news. I'm very aware and sort of anxious about just that, as I await the imminent birth of my next grandchild. Something tragic did happen a month after Pearl, so I do have that trepidation.

  8. So sorry to hear about the losses around you, but congratulations on your new grandchild. Enjoy this precious time!

  9. Congratuations on the new bundle of joy with the lovely name. And I know it is sometimes very hard to experience such joy when there is real sadness around you.

    I never tire of photos of the flowers you grow.

    That is quite a lovely silver bread tray! I frequent a local consignment shop and, at times, it is overrun with silver. We have a lot of it--and I may contribute some of it to the consignment shop if they will take it. I LOVE silver, but I am discriminating and don't need every single piece of it.

  10. Congratulations on your new grandchild. By the way, I really like the names of all your grandchildren - very beautiful. Many condolences on your recent losses. I enjoy the pictures of your gardens and your flowers. Especially love these pink roses. Love the bread tray. Nice that you rescued it and gave it a home. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Congratulations on the birth of Mira Louise....such a beautiful name. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful roses. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers as your heart is filled with both joy and grief. Hugs!

  12. So sorry to hear of the losses in your life. Blessings and tragedy sometimes seem to be intermingled, as here, with the wonderful news of a new granddaughter. Such a blessing! Congratulations to you and to the parents. I'm looking forward to that someday . . . . And, no, I'll never get tired of looking at roses.

  13. From Margie in Toronto - thank you for the lovely roses, their beauty is helping me to relax as I'm just back from a weekend visiting with a friend who is dying of cancer - it won't be long now and I am feeling very sad - so you and your family have my sincere condolences.

    Congratulations on the granddaughter - I too love the names for each - so charming!

    Enjoy your wine - it is also my favourite rose!

  14. I never tire of seeing pictures of your roses....they're so vibrant and can brighten an otherwise dull day! So sorry to hear about your loss of a loved one. As Deborah mentioned grief and joy are often intermingled in life.
    I also enjoy using the LOccitane Almond range .... So moisturising and smells delightful!

  15. Photos of your flowers are always welcome. Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

  16. Congratulations on the new baby. I love her name. What a lucky grandmother you are! And very sorry for your family's loss. Roses are good for both joy and sorrow.

  17. I am so sorry to read about your friend's loss.
    Amid sadness, though is also joy - your wee Mira - congratulations! We are in early-waiting mode here.