Friday, August 14, 2015

It's a bookish post today...

Our lending library had it's official opening last night...
it was a team effort getting this project off the ground but one that is well worth the effort.

I was asked to cut the ribbon...
and when the doors opened we stuffed the shelves with books.

It's going to be a fun spot to browse for books.
(I think I'll bring my mug of tea over and regularly peruse the titles.)

We celebrated with some appetizers in The Common.

The Common is a spare lot on our street.
There are benches, a table and some swings for the children to play on.

Dinner was served in our Humble Bungalow for the planning group.

Hydrangeas were picked for the table.
We served dinner buffet style and people sat wherever they wanted...

~ The menu ~

Assorted Cheeses and grapes on a platter
Stuffed devilled eggs
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Coconut and Chocolate Ice Cream

~ ~ ~

On my reading list are the following books...
I'm taking them on our boat when we go cruising later in the week.

I read Tigers in Red Weather and enjoyed it so I thought I'd take a chance and read her new book.
Ivy's Books on Oak Bay Avenue have a French themed book display...
Heidi was responsible for me buying these two books!

This book was suggested by Madame La-Bas.

My walking partner recommended this book.

Sharon Santoni's new book.
You may know her blog My French Country Home.

I brewed a pot of tea and spent an entire afternoon savouring and reading.
Sharon's friends are a wonderful and very accomplished group of women.
I felt like I was transported back to France...
The pictures are amazing...
and the French chateaus and apartments are enchanting and lavishly decorated.
So much style and creativity is found within this lush book...
If you like to read about French Chic Femmes and their lifestyles
 I think you'd love it.

Anyways that's about it for now...
I'm off for a big walk in the rain now.

I hope this moisture will douse some of the wildfires burning in our province.


  1. I read "The Sisters Brothers" in my Book Club - it was a fabulous book! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. That's quite the little library! The one in our neighborhood is not much bigger than an oversized mailbox. Such fun to peruse!

  3. Community libraries are such a good idea! We can recycle all those books that we have loved.
    I want to read The Sisters Brothers.

  4. From Margie in Toronto - what a lovely thing for your neighbourhood to do - and a great way to share books! We don't have anything as nice looking but I live in a small apt. and there is a ledge down in the mailroom where people can leave books and magazines and I know a few of the residents share the daily newspapers. I was over on the Toronto islands for dinner last week and just over the bridge where Ward's island meets Algonquin there is a similar set up to yours - people can leave books and any other items no longer needed or wanted but which others might find a use for - a great idea!
    I've put "My Stylish French Girlfriends" on my Wish List at Amazon - looks wonderful - I will have to check out her blog. Have a wonderful weekend - hope you get some rain out there!

  5. Love a book swap. We have one at work in our staff room. I’m always leaving morning tea with an armful. Especially good for the holiday season. I usually pass on to my mum, she to my sister and then I return them. I can never throw books out so it suits me fine to think that they go to good use when I am done. Your drop box is very stylish too! What a lovely idea. Tonkath x

  6. That's a very stylish little library -- well done! The Sisters Brothers is so much fun, although it also has one passage, about two pages long, that I found very affecting. A devastating event retold with disarming simplicity. I wonder if it will strike you as well.

  7. Wonderful idea! I love that people still read books on paper!!

  8. What a wonderful 'juicy' post full of lots of interesting things. I love the idea of the little library and actually saw one recently in my daughters neighborhood, I had her stop the car and look at it. Yours is quite elaborate and I am sure will be much enjoyed and used.

    Thank you for the book recommendations ~ something I always enjoy.

  9. Love this - so charming and cozy. Great idea!

  10. Love your book recommendations! How did you like "The little French Bookshop?" I'm in the middle of it. Wondering your thoughts. I'm still not sure but will certainly finish it.
    Love your lending library. Everything you touch is charming.

  11. "The Woman in the Photograph" looks fascinating. I'm anxious to hear how you like it. Such a cozy looking library. Glad all is back on track with you. I was concerned after your last post. Xx

  12. I read The Sisters Brothers some time ago. Loved it. Not long after, I heard someone had snagged it to make a movie, but alas, haven't heard anything further. Enjoy your cruise!

  13. A wonderful resource for your neighborhood! I have added your suggestions to my booklist. I gave reread several favorites this summer... Historical novels and such. I am reading A Full Life by former President Jimmy Carter. A lovely book that I can relate to since we grew up in the same area of South Georgia, USA. Good wishes for a pleasant week.

  14. Thank you for the book list, I have just about gone through my summer list already (insomnia !)
    The mailman delivered Sharon Santoni's book yesterday and I am loving it......

  15. Thank you for the book titles. Just finished 'The Red Notebook' by Antoine Laurin. Quick read and great fun.

  16. I am a new reader of your blog and have been reading through several posts and saw this book which I've had on my Wish List for a while, so now I might treat myself.
    Margaret P