Friday, August 28, 2015

SeaRay Summer...August 2015

We have been cruising for the past few days and the pace of life has slowed down to a gentle rhythm. One that allows us to sleep in and slowly make our morning coffee. 
We read a few chapters before eating our breakfast. 
I have been eating a high fibre oatmeal cereal with a sliced banana and Mr. HB has been enjoying Raisin Bran with a V8 juice on the side...
as you might surmise nothing too out of the ordinary has been happening. 
Well except we had a power outage this morning and we had to boil the kettle on our BBQ! 

The hydrangeas are fading...
I have read two books which were disappointing...but the third book is fabulous! 
It's called The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DE Witt. It's a very different genre for me but came highly recommended and has won rave reviews and numerous awards. 
You might enjoy it too. 

We walked for an hour and a half to get groceries this morning and my knee is aching. 
I really am a baby when it comes to pain, and I am not a fan of taking pain medicines either. 

I have been posting on Instagram and will continue to do so regularly. 

We are at a lovely little Marina on Pender Island called Otter Bay. 
After 5 nights at Telegraph Harbour Marina yesterday we scooted at 20 knots and an hour and a half later we were tied up here. 

The pool beckoned  and so we had a quick swim and I have done the laundry so we have clean clothing....showers, swimming, reading, walking, relaxing and eating tasty simple meals are what SeaRay Summers are all about. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by...
I'd love to hear from you and welcome your comments if you have the time or inclination. 


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  1. Have to admit I was arrested by the combo of Raisin Bran and V8 juice -- I like them individually, but . . . . funny how rigid we can become in our notions of what might "go together" food-wise. . .
    So glad you enjoyed deWitt's Western -- I've read it a few times and find it so entertaining. Some of the images really stick, long after the book's been read. . .
    Happy boating!

  2. Hi Hostess! Glad you are liking your summer, but so sorry your knee is bothering you. That is really not good:(.

  3. Your relaxed lifestyle boating sounds like perfection. I am sorry to hear about your knee. Being such a high energy person this has to be very difficult. A friend of mine also had some knee pain and she recently had a day surgery whereby tiny incisions were made on both sides of the knee and the doc removed tiny pieces of bone that were causing her pain.

    Bone health is so important. Currently I am taking magnesium, AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Bone Maker. My doc tells me as our bodies change these supplements are important to maintain bone health. Thinking of you - Susan

  4. This all sounds heavenly Hostess. I guess we are doing our Texas equivalent. We're out on the screened porch at our farm enjoying the night noises and the late summer breezes.

  5. Your trip sounds relaxing. Hope your knee feels better soon.

  6. What a lovely time to share on your boat! Reading and relaxation. It's too bad about your knee. My mum has arthritis and gout but so far I am lucky. Rain and wind today here. Hope the knee feels better.

  7. Your boating days sound lovely and relaxed, just the thing for summer's end. I'm sorry your knee is bothering you. It's rainy and windy here today so I hope you're tucked in tight at the marina. It's lovely to swim and have laundry facilities handy.

  8. We are having wild wind storms here in Skagit Valley, the rain is so welcoming but the downed trees are not so much. We're just South of Bellingham Wa.. So hoping you stay safe up there, don't know if the winds are affecting you up there!

  9. Beautiful flowers Hostess! Love hearing about your SeaRay Summer. Reading this post is like a mini getaway. Hope the knee is feeling better! Black cherry juice has helped me with minor muscle pain. Just saw that the book Pain Free is now in Kindle version (for pain that hangs around). Hope that's not the case for you and that your knee is already like new! Love the delicate shading on the hydrangeas and your other decorative touches! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I am reading the same book...The Sisters Brothers......he is a good writer....have a wonderful day ...hope the rain and wind are not bothering you over on Pender!!

  11. Your holiday sounds just wonderful - except for the knee pain. I hope it feels better soon.

  12. Hostess, SalonPas patches for your knee! At grocery and drugstores. They work wonders!