Saturday, April 4, 2015

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk..."Sisters" and a healthy new recipe.

My sister is several years younger than myself blond haired and blue eyed.
I was born with brown hair and hazel coloured eyes...
She was athletic and I was "bookish" she was a lean child while I was the chubby one!
We are opposites in many ways, have different opinions on politics, medical and scientific practises but we do enjoy each others company. We see eye to eye on many topics and we rarely argue...
we listen to each other with great respect.
We used to fight like cats when we were young...we were very territorial about our space, toys and clothes.
She would sneak into my closet and steal some of my clothes and wear them to school...some she lost.
She once cut the hair off of one of my Barbie dolls...
in retaliation I gave her Midge doll a mustache with a ballpoint pen...
it was LOVE/HATE back then...happily things mellow as we age and we change.

We both love animals, gardening, entertaining, walking, cooking, our friends and our families.
I suppose we are "normal" depends on your definition of normal.
We are bound together by blood and linked with a rich history of shared experiences...

My sister is passionate about horses, is an accomplished equestrian with several horses in her barn...
she teaches riding and makes custom made leather chaps.
There are all kinds of physical jobs that go along with owning horses.
Mucking out the stalls, feeding, grooming, riding and training the horses.

Exercise is incorporated into her daily routine which keeps her svelte but it also gives her a big appetite.
While I struggle to keep my weight in check she does not.
I've seen how much she eats and I eat only a portion of what she does, but it is "what she eats" that is different...

She eats a lot more salads, vegetables and "raw food" than I do...
we spoke about this on a recent walk and she explained to me how cooking food often takes away the naturally occurring enzymes...
cooking can also enhance some nutrients too...
it's complicated and there is a lot of conflicting information out there.

I thought I'd spend some time reading and researching the theory behind the raw food movement and there are plenty of resources available online...I budgeted an hour while my laundry was drying and it was not enough time!

Weight Watchers recommends eating fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural state.
 No food is forbidden.
She listened to my thoughts about food and fitness and I listened to hers...

My sister walks at a much brisker pace than I do and I attribute that to her being a few inches taller.
(I kept pace with her and we chatted effortlessly the entire time we walked!)

Bleeding hearts in pink...

and in white.
Aren't the flowers so pretty in the Springtime?
It's a season of beauty...
quite possibly my favourite time of year...
everything is new and fresh coming to life after a winter of hibernation.
Carpets of pink petals line the walks and boulevards...
we both took note of the beautiful things along our walk.

The beat of the wings of this majestic eagle were heard above as it soared overhead.
The ease with which this large eagle flew was quite graceful.
The two of us below in our sturdy athletic shoes, arms swinging, and bodies surging forward at a rapid gait...
looking rather like "women on a mission."

Waking fast to counteract our breakfast...
improving on and building up our mid life bone health
walking with intention.

talking about Mother 
our spouses 
(mine, as she does not have children)
((another difference))

~ ~ ~

There is a lot to learn about the raw food movement...
how you cannot use much heat when preparing any food, it is kept quite low to keep the enzymes alive.
Nuts are soaked and used in a lot of recipes.
Blenders and food processors come in handy when mixing nuts and seeds.
It is a VERY labour intensive way of preparing food.

We have several raw food restaurants in Victoria...
are just two that come to mind.
We are taking Mother out for dinner at Be Love before I leave for France...
it will be interesting to see what she thinks of the food.

My sister mentioned that she lost almost 2 pounds by eating exclusively raw food for two days in a row.
I'm thinking that those pesky few pounds might be shed if I consumed only raw foods...but having said that
  I am not going to commit to a complete overhaul of my cooking practises.
(old dog new tricks kind of thinking here!)
(besides I can pretty much guarantee that my husband would not be a fan)

I came up with a new salad that uses zucchini instead of pasta
it's not raw but it is a step in the right direction and if it helps me shed those few pounds I can eat like this and still enjoy the big flavour and benefit from the lower point counts!

Mock Pasta Salad
Grate a large zucchini and set aside in a colander to drain.
Place in a large bowl and add a few tablespoons of Pesto.
Chop and dice 1/2 red onion
quarter a handful of cherry tomatoes
add 1/4 cup Greek Olives
Salt Pepper to taste
Mix and chill for about an hour before serving.

This is a super tasty salad...
I can imagine this wrapped up in a whole wheat or corn tortilla!

Pesto Salad for lunch with roasted yams and carrots...
I made extra for snacks and lunches.
love the bright colours too!

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply"
 ~ Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814 ~

                                             "A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite."
                                                                ~ Elizabeth Fishel ~


  1. I can totally identify as I am the elder "bookish" sister (petite, plump, curly-haired with glasses)
    of a taller, blonde, active sister. Growing up, we had nothing in common. As we have experienced more of life, we have grown closer. With a distance of 4000 miles between us, we still talked on Skype for an hour yesterday, mostly about Maman! I have been very careful with my food in Mexico and since there is no wine here that I would enjoy, my consumption has decreased measurably. That salad looks yummy and I really enjoy yams. Have you read Paris
    Bones? My brother recommended it and I am just going to start reading it. Happy Easter!

    1. I have not read Paris Bones and will add it to my list...please let me now what you think of it. Oh and I forgot to mention that my sister is the pretty one!

  2. I've switched up my diet lately and am doing way more raw veggies and have cut out everything except vegetables and meat. Which still leaves me loads of options but is surprising how restrictive that really is. But I've been very happy and feeling very well. Also I've stopped weighing myself! It's too frustrating to go down and up and down by fractions of a pound. So I take measurements once a week and can't begin to tell you how much better I feel day-to-day without the morning scale drama!
    Love the account of your sister and you. Sisters have the funniest and most bizarre relationships as it can go from showing teeth and the lowest blows to laughing hysterically at inside jokes in about ten seconds!

    1. The morning weigh in is rather discouraging...I cannot quite give it up as I am focused...maybe "obsessed" with getting back to my goal weight!!
      Oh and my sister and I have had such fun when we have gone away together or with Mother...I miss our trips with Mom but she has said that her traveling days are over:-(

  3. Your relationship as sisters sounds very similar to mine, so let's consider it normal! The salad sounds delish, must make it.

    1. Cathy..I agree that our relationships are far more normal than not. I have heard of sisters who still hold grudges, and some that do not even speak to each other...there are so many memories that we share and it is fun to reminisce...

  4. I love hearing about your sister. I've got two, they are two of my best friends in the world. We're all more similar than different, in many ways, although we do run the gamut on the introvert-extrovert scale. And I feel about raw foot as I do about most extreme philosophies - not for me, probably some truth to it, probably some balderdash.

    Beautiful bleeding hearts - they are some of my favorite flowers, and California gardens are definitely best in spring!

    1. Here in Victoria British Columbia Gardens are glorious from Spring through to June...and some master gardener's with green thumbs like my friend graham can make a garden a work of art all year long!
      Do you have any brothers?
      Two sisters could make for lots of sharing of life experiences and I imagine gales of laughter...

  5. No am the oldest of three sisters and each of us a unique relationship with the other two. It's lovy that you and your sister can spend time together and have come to terms with the things that make you different from one another.

    1. Family dynamics can be tricky...I cherish the time that my sister and I spend together...I've learned a lot from her...and she's 5 years my junior!

  6. I have only two younger brothers and it's no comparison. Would love to have had a sister with whom I could have shared life's experiences. You are very lucky. Enjoy every day with her. And as to the raw food diet, I suggest starting with just one meal a week to get your husband accustomed to the idea. Is insisting on meat in every meal a male thing ?

    1. No my husband does not insist on meat at each and every meal...we eat "raw" salads with our dinner most nights and often I will make a vegetarian meal. I do consider his preferences when meal planning and often will make fish for myself and a meat or poultry option for him. That way we are both happy! Peace and harmony are very important for my happiness.

  7. you are so fortunate. my sister stole our inheritance, ( father with dementia- POA, long story) myself & my siblings will probably never speak to her again.
    love the bleeding heart. love reading your blog.

    1. So sorry to hear that and I empathize completely. My sister did the same and left my brother and I with bills that should have been paid by my mother's estate. The betrayal is what hurts the most. I wish you peace and blessings to forget the past and move on as I have to.

    2. Oh dear this sounds dreadful...we have heard of this kind of greed when there has been a death in the family but it really did not affect us directly as it was in a previous generation...odd how some people behave...they must feel that they are entitled.
      I too hope that you can find some way of moving forward and putting this nasty business behind you...

  8. What a lovely post! I never had a sister, and have always felt like I've missed out on something special. But I do have two daughters, and have been able to see that special bond between them. In fact, they are both here right now for Easter. Good luck with the changes to your diet.

    1. Sounds like you'll be enjoying a wonderful weekend with your family!
      Happy Easter.

  9. It does seem that with spring comes talk of dieting. We work so hard at dieting, only to discover a few missed days will result in weight gain. I find it very discouraging and at times wonder if it is worthwhile. Perhaps as we age, a bit of extra weight is needed, reserves for times when we are unwell? The yams and carrots look delicious.

    Beautiful photographs, interesting sister thoughts.

    1. You echo the thoughts of many women that I know and love...both my sister and I want to be able to go for long walks and stay strong and remain healthy.We try to eat good food and be moderate with the amount of sweets and desserts we consume. We see Mom deteriorating and her mobility diminishing and I think we are forcing ourselves to keep as fit as possible...Mom wasn't the type of woman to go to a gym or do any physical exercise other than house work. We love her dearly and I think we are clinging to the notion that we wish that she could stay young forever...and perhaps considering our own mortality.

  10. My sister and I are just 13 months apart and I am the elder, bookish, more introverted sister. Like you and your sister, we alternately bickered and cooperated through childhood. We've never lived close enough to each other to really get to know each other as adults although we do enjoy getting together when we can.
    There are so many ways of eating out there and it's hard to separate what is healthy and what is pure quackery. I think many methods merely reduce calorie intake which is certainly going to result in a loss of weight over the long term. I can't imagine eating raw food entirely - I love a hot meal.
    When studying the development of mankind over the ages, the ability to cook our food has contributed greatly to our societal and intellectual status. I'm glad we live in a society where we have choices about the way we eat, unlike much of the world where people lack the abundance we have.

    1. My husband and I had a very similar conversation about food prep that fits with your comments Lorrie. I will be introducing a few modifications to my eating regime and see if they make any difference and will report back!

  11. I have a very good friend who went raw well over three years, if not more, ago. She is in the process of doing a "cookbook". After seeing the effects on her, after a year her husband also went totally raw. They have a lot of energy, are seldom sick, and literally glow. I do know she follows what foods to eat together and when in the day you should eat them for full effect and less gas.

    1. My sister says that she has way more energy too....and she is seldom ill.
      Perhaps you'll share your friends cookbook info...when she publishes it?

  12. reading your posts brings me joy and contentment. You are one lovely woman!
    Have a most terriific time in Paris.

  13. Thank you Marilyn!
    You words are touching and so very kind...

  14. I admire people who can stick to such a rigid regime, but it doesn't fit my personality. I made a lot of pureed soups out of barely roasted vegetables. So sort of raw-ish, but hot and I guess cooked some. I don't have a sister, but I do have a first cousin that's like a sister, and it's so nice as I get older to have a companion in our shared history.

  15. I think it is a good idea to eat the way we plan to eat at our goal weight. Then the weight should stay fairly level.

  16. I don't have a sister; but I consider my best friend as a sister. We're closer than any sisters I have ever known. I always joke that "blood may be thicker than water; but some people can't stand the sight of blood."
    I managed to lose five pounds by eating soup for the past week. I broke down tonight and devoured almost a whole bag of Hint Of Lime nacho chips.
    When I rode my horses, I never had to think about what I ate, AND I never had cellulite.
    I haven't ridden in almost two years, and Elancyl is a poor substitute in keeping the cellulite in check.