Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dressing tactics...I wear red when I need energy ~ Saturday OOTD.

Some days one just needs a influx of energy when the physical and mental stores are depleted.
A day dawns when the kick of a coffee is not enough...

My cream in coffee habit has been replaced by foamed milk...
which is win win as there are fewer WW points and it's a fancy way to start the day.
I purchased an electric foam gadget at Starbucks and use 1% milk in it.
So easy and so delicious!
(you can see the base of it to the right of the microwave)

Our Humble Bungalow is bathed in warm sunshine this morning....
 we await word from the vet who is doing more diagnostics on our cat Pepper.
 Who by the way is celebrating her 5th birthday today.

Our lovely daughter is celebrating her birthday today...
Mr. HB's mother will be 97 today.
There are other grandchildren and great grandchildren celebrating an April 18th birthday.

When my energy is ebbing low I dress for comfort.
Opt for cozy worn in "boyfriend" jeans DKNY, a soft Tee shirt Gap, and some ballet flats Lands' End...
this will be my OOTD.

I grab my red shoes...wearing red shoes always puts a smile on my face and a little bounce in my step.

 I was out in Brentwood Bay yesterday delivering the cat to the hospital 
I perused some shops and found a new dress and belt...

Vero Moda dress
Jacob leather belt

This is an easy casual outfit and is super comfy for running errands, lunching with the ladies.
 Or perhaps strolling along the Seine...wandering on the cobblestones of the Latin Quarter or sauntering through the Luxembourg Gardens.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

I can hardly believe it but I'll be in Paris next week!!!
Ooh La La!


  1. Love the red ballets, and Lands' End shoes are good quality. I'm keeping a good thought for Pepper. Hugs.

  2. Enjoy the weekend's celebrations, the energy of red and of new dresses, and the happy anticipation of that plane ride a week from now!

  3. The red shoes will propel you through all of the weekend's busyness. It's hard to believe that it is almost your Paris time.

  4. First time I have commented but have loved your blog for always. I too wear mostly nueutrals but am drawn to red when I need energy too it just give you that required lift.
    All the best with your cat -i know that it can be very worrying.
    Have a wonderful time in Paris -I go in July and will look forward to your photos and experiences on IG and in your blog
    Best Wishes
    Marilyn Wood
    wood_farm in IG

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you! You're going to love Paris. Hope Pepper is on the mend.

  6. Thinking positive thought regarding pepper. I am thinking that dress will be the favorite item you take on your trip!!

  7. I like the idea of those perky red ballets with the new dress, too! I have them and they are a go to in my shoe wardrobe! Good thoughts continue for Pepper!

  8. Hostess, I am so excited for your upcoming trip!. Love the simplicity of the new dress/belt combo and your new jeans in that dark denim look very smart too. Your wardrobe is going to be very chic as you traipse around Paris. Daughters are indeed lovely and seem to know when you need them. Both of mine have great fashion sense too and I always seem to love the things I buy when I am with them. Sending good vibes for the fur baby. Tonkath

  9. What a great dress. I think you are really going to enjoy wearing it on your trip to Paris. Have a wonderful trip!

  10. Leslie, you will love every minute in Paris. I hope your cat is much better. Your new dress and belt are very cute. I really like foam in coffee, too, but this morning I have a chai tea latte.

  11. A week and your in Paris how exciting. Hope you can blog from there and tell us all about it. I'm sure Pepper's health will improve soon.

  12. Good thoughts for Pepper and for your one-awaited trip to Paris. I love your new dress! And I have simple, expensive (but thrifted) red sandals ready to go when our weather says go!

  13. That's "long-awaited" trip. Sorry.

  14. Such a hectic time with trip preparations and kitty-worries. Sending good thoughts for Pepper and hopes your trip is everything you have dreamed of.

  15. Next week! Hooray! Was glad to see on Instagram that Pepper is well. I hope you are now happily envisioning your trip and making preparations. xox.