Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A foray into the past ~ clearing the cobwebs and thinking back.

Spring cleaning is a wonderful opportunity to revisit and get reacquainted with things that we have stowed away in the deep recesses of The Humble Bungalow....things that we can not bear to part with as they are family pieces, they are intricately interwoven with memories...they have history and still hold a place in our hearts.

The vintage phone is our land line...
we have another set of phones that we use which are cordless and are current.

Our children's first baby boots have been bronzed for keeping...
does anyone do this anymore?

 I spied a few stray pairs of bronze booties in the local Value Village and wondered whose they were...
I'm curious when I see framed vintage family photos...why they have been discarded and donated?
Are there no relatives wanting to keep them?
Or is it that someone has passed away and an agency has been called in to dispose of all the personal possessions?

Our daughter's shoe is on the left and our son's is on the right.
My goodness it seems like it was yesterday when I held those wee ones in my arms...
wherever does the time go?
I can still remember how cozy and warm I felt with those babes swaddled in soft flannel receiving blankets nestled in the safety my arms...my heart was filled with joy.
Such soft pure skin
the brightness of their eyes
the smell of their hair
their wee fingers curling over mine
those tiny mouths as they rooted for my breast
latching on, suckling and swallowing in gulps
the contented sigh
slowly slipping off to sleep 
all to be repeated again in a few short hours...

You can see what I mean about how "things can transport you" back to an earlier time...
a time of such innocence
a simple time when priorities were plain to see
children, a husband, and a home.

Van Briggle Bunny
He was a potter from Colorado that worked during the arts and crafts era.

Bunnykins made sturdy bowls and cups for babies...
this is mine from the mid 1950's.
Designed and signed by Barbara Vernon.
I do not know who gave this to me and I will make a point of asking Mother later when we go for dinner.
My family were thoughtful in their gift giving...things that would stand the test of time.
I have kept quite a few books that were gifts from my grandmother and aunts and uncles.
Those were the days when they would write in the front of the book so you knew who they were from and when they were given.
"Dear Leslie, Happy Christmas, Love from Aunty Kay and Uncle Owen."
"Happy Birthday Leslie, Love from Uncle Alf and Aunty Georgia."

These are our children's bowls...they are from the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Such cute images of bunnies and their families.
You can see the sweet gentle innocence of life depicted here.
Happy Times.
Isn't that the way it is supposed to be when you are young?
No worries, 
and the freedom to go about growing up in a safe community surrounded by people who love and care about you.
This is what we gave our children...and this is what our son and DIL are giving to their children...

Doulton still make Bunnykins sets today.
I think they make a great baby gift even today when life is much more complicated...

Gosh I've really gone off on a tangent...
perhaps that's what happens when you tackle the dust bunnies!

Well that's my two cents worth this Tuesday...


  1. We had Bunnykins plates too when we were little. Sadly I think they all eventually broke over time.I love going back through old family photos, and now that both parents are gone, I often wish I had more information about some of these ancestors in the pictures.

    1. Oh I know what you mean, when our grandmother passed away so did a lot if our family history...the pictures have people in them that we do not know.

  2. I've just left a comment on your April 10th entry....had a few problems .....hope you see it.
    I still have Bunnykins and Beatrix Potter pottery that my children received as gifts and used regularly....wrapped in tissue waiting to be used by the next generation...hopefully! Our memories are the most precious things we have though...I think you'll agree by what you've written.

    1. I do agree Rosie!
      I read your previous comment and thank you for taking the time to write.

  3. When my daughter was about 5, I packed up all of the best of her baby and toddler clothes, gorgeous dresses from England and France that had been gifts, all the important mementos. It was the only box that got lost in our move and even though it was 26 years ago, it still upsets me so much. Would have loved to have seen my granddaughter in some of those things. So nice that you have all these things from your childhood and from your children's. My mother was not sentimental and didn't save anything from mine.

    1. Why is it that when we move things get lost? That is sad that it was your precious box of your daughter's treasures...you'll be making new memories with Pearl!

  4. My daughter now has her Bunnykins and Pendelfin bunnies. It seems as though it was a gentler
    time in the 70's. I loved to push my second-hand Gendron buggy through the South Granville area where we lived. Can you believe that I would leave the baby sleeping if I popped into the bakery! I have kept a few inscribed books that were mine and some that were Maman's. It is the memories that are most precious when all is said and done!

    1. I love the South Granville area...it must have been a tony area back in the 1970's...was Meinhard's there? I adore shopping at Meinhard's!
      I used to push our pram down to the Cook Street Village and do my shopping...I pushed the pram right inside all the shops and the childrens' cheeks were pinched by women who were seniors who commented on how "bonny the wee ones were!"...(they were probably my age!) We went through 2 sets of tires on the pram! I walked everywhere.
      Memories are all we really have when all is said and done.

  5. How about that! I have my father's three old Bakelite phones here at the house and they all work. Some days though we just have to take a break from the ringers and unplug them...lol. Those bunnykins plates are such a treasure. I've given Kerstie's back to her for Ever Isla and Zoe, but still have Jon's. Chloe didn't have bunnykins because he father is French so she was given Babar. It's amazing what treasures we keep, isn't it? I must admit I was slightly sad when Kerstie asked for her baby Christmas ornament, but completely understand and happily gave it to get to start traditions of her own.

    1. The ringers are very loud and ours has no sound control!
      We still have the Xmas ornaments and will happily give them up when the time is right...if my children read this post they might ask for their bowls and mugs and if they want them I will pass them on...

  6. I have some plastic bowls and plates from when the kids were little:). The plates they drew on themselves, remember how that worked? Those kits? Sigh.

    1. My children made some plates with drawings on them too...they made them at their preschool. I think I made a couple too...good memories!

  7. We had the same Bunny dishes for our boys! (1979 and 1982) We also have a wall hanging electric clock that was Bunnykins.

    1. Your two were almost the same age as ours...21 months apart and what a busy time it was! Cloth Diapers and the washing machine going full time with a line of them hung out to dry...folding the diapers while I watched a soap...the ONLY time I ever watched a soap was when I folded diapers and the children were napping! General Hospital...the Luke and Laura storyline....and they came to Victoria to do a shoot!

  8. This post just reminded me that I haven't seen my Bunnykins since we moved. I know they wouldn't have inadvertently been thrown away. I can't believe I never even gave them a thought, until now, and a set was given to my son on his Christening by his Godmother.

    1. They are probably boxed up and stored away somewhere safe...waiting for your new grand daughter!

  9. My 28 year old was given Bunnykins for his Christening. I have a silver Christening goblet from my christening which is surprising as my parents weren't sentimental and got rid of a lot of things that others may have treasured. I'm not a great one for looking at old photo's but if there's a Birthday or celebration it is nice to look back.

    1. Babies are worth celebrating in style...gifts often are luxurious...jewelry, silver and such. Keepsakes like these mementoes are worth saving....

  10. What a wonderful post. It so sweet that you've held on to these mementos after all these years. As the mom of a 6 month old, I struggle with decided what things to hold on to. I want to keep everything right now :-) The bronzed shoes are adorable.

    1. Oh I think at 6 months it is too early to get rid of anything significant just yet...you've got time and there will be years ahead where you can re evaluate what you have and decide then. Enjoy your baby! It was a wonderful time for me when my children were young...we made our own fun and those memories are with us today.

  11. I still have our childrens china Beatrix Potter mug and bowl! Thanks for a heartwarming opst that set my meories on fire too! Dust bunnies indeed. Thanks for the great ride down memory lane!

  12. It's great to think back to those days...I get teary eyed remembering...

  13. Like Jennifer, I still have our children's Beatrix Potter china, including teapot cups and saucers. I love them and have them displayed in our china cabinet. They are precious reminders of my daughters' childhood. Like you, I could never part with them!