Sunday, April 12, 2015

Manic Saturday...a recipe, pretty flowers and a new book.

Saturday morning dawned crisp and sunny and I hopped out of bed to give Pepper her medicine...
the poor cat must think I am punishing her by squeezing a syringe full of foul tasting liquid down her throat.
It's hard for me to do this (I would make a terrible nurse) but I can follow orders, especially if the outcome will be favourable, and that it will relieve some discomfort and suffering.

Seeking out comfort...
I lit a scented candle, this one in the signature Aveda fragrance.
It didn't take long for the aroma to permeate the kitchen where I was working.

I was taking control...
by energetically cleaning.
Wiping out drawers and cupboards
rearranging the counter tops.
Washing things that somehow had been overlooked!

When things go awry I like to feel that I do have some measure of control...
even if it is an illusion.

It took awhile to deep clean the space...
when it was all done I looked around with a wonderful feeling of a job well done and was satisfied.

I actioned a comforting meal...
soy ginger glazed chicken
and steamed broccoli.

Soy Ginger Chicken
Mix the following in a bowl:
 2 tsp of grated fresh ginger
1/2 cup soy sauce or Braggs
2 minced cloves garlic
3 tbsp. brown sugar
2 tbsp. honey

Pour over chicken pieces and bake at 350 for about an hour.
Basting once or twice during cooking.
Sauce is yummy over the rice too!

I'm loving the new Cuisinart enamelled pots.

Mr. HB drew my attention to a lily blooming in our front garden.
I seem to recall planting this many years ago but he thinks it might be a volunteer.
It matters little how it got there I am just so grateful that it has decided to thrive and bloom in our space.

A cobalt coloured primula with frilly petals has filled out and is putting on a decent showing this season.

On my frenzy of cleaning and reorganizing I added a few things to the bathroom...

The silver tray used to be on the counter in the kitchen and the perfumes were on my lingerie chest in the bedroom, now they are easy to access in the bathroom.
I think they look quite pretty on the tray.

I found a new copy of Edith Wharton's classic book "House of Mirth" at the bookstore on Sunday.
It sounds like an interesting read...
quite ahead of its time by the sound of it.

Pepper has had a quiet day today, she has been more social and gave us lots of cuddles.
 Thankfully she nibbled a bit of dinner and sipped some water tonight...
I have my fingers crossed that her health will improve with each coming day.

Chester and Pepper  
(a picture from the archives)

Chester has been very gentle and considerate and I am convinced that he knows Pepper is not feeling well.
We sprayed catnip on the cat toys to perk up Pepper and she played for a few minutes like she was a kitten 
which did my heart good to see.
Our furry family are so much a part of our lives that when they are under the weather 
they greatly affect how we feel too.

Looking at my newly arranged counters and tidy kitchen has given me a boost.
It didn't cost me any money and I like the results.
Plus I got some of that anxiety that I was feeling about Pepper out of my system.

 Hope that you have a wonderful week ahead...


  1. How clean and sparkling your house must be. I can identify with the feeling of wanting to do something productive when it feels like life is careening out of control.
    Your lily looks like a fawn lily, native here, so it may well be a volunteer. There are many of them in the wooded areas near our home. Such shy little flowers, aren't they?
    The chicken sounds delicious. Enjoy your week, L.

    1. I've seen masses of these same lilies in Beacon Hill Park and there is a beautiful church out on Metchosin Road that has hundreds if not thousands of them in their church and grave is worth the drive out if you have the time.

  2. I love the arrangements. The pretty flowers. Hope Pepper gets well soon. Have a lovely day. Mary

  3. Hope Pepper gets back to full and proper health soon!

    Your house looks immaculate too and soothing as always.

  4. Undertaking a cleaning project is a good way to "take charge" of the day. The small flowers of springtime are so lovely. I'm using one of Maman's silver trays in my bedroom but I have to polish it often. I hope that Pepper is feeling better this week.

    1. I polish our silverware regularly and often wonder if thee will come a day when I have polished all the silver away! I recently consigned a few pieces that we never use and I hope that someone else will enjoy them.

  5. Loved this post. I can just feel the renewed energy in you and your beloved Pepper. And your cleaning really shines! I'd better get going...

    1. Pepper is not out of the woods yet...thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

  6. I purchased a bottle of Durance pillow spray (on your silver tray) while in Paris a couple years ago and have been unable to find it for sale anywhere in Canada. Did you buy it online or locally? We have been searching for sometime now with no luck....

    1. I found this pillow spray at our local Pharmasave drug store but sadly they have not restocked any of it...will look for some more in France when I visit. I hope you can find a source for it in Canada. Perhaps it's available online?

  7. I understand the pull to establish control when things become unpredictable. It is very calming. The kitchen looks lovely and orderly. Love that blue primrose! My best to Pepper!

    1. It's like that saying Keep Calm and Carry On...I try to keep busy when things go awry.

  8. I hope Pepper is feeling better soon. It's encouraging to hear that she's eating and drinking. Our kitchen needs a serious clean and de-clutter. One of these weekends I hope to be able to arrange some uninterrupted hours to do it.

    1. She is eating but not very much...I hope she bounces back soon.
      Why is it that our kitchens get so cluttered? I seem to have more things in the cupboards and drawers every month! Good luck with your clean out...if time is the issue perhaps you could tackle just one drawer or cupboard each weekend? That way you still get to enjoy some R&R and not use up an entire day.

  9. Your house has such a calmness about it! The burning candle, food on the stove and cats just add to that feeling! Hope Pepper continues to improve!

  10. You were very busy! I have been cleaning out kitchen cupboards too, for some reason it is a very satisfying job. I hope that Pepper continues to mend. Your new cookware is lovely.

  11. You were very busy! I have been cleaning out kitchen cupboards too, for some reason it is a very satisfying job. I hope that Pepper continues to mend. Your new cookware is lovely.

  12. What a great idea. Your house looks great!

  13. A Cleaning binge like that is very therapeutic. I hope Pepper perks up sooner than later. It's so upsetting to have a pet who is ill.

  14. Oh dear, I sure hope Pepper gets better, and especially before you head off on your holidays so your heart can be easy. My Morgan is a pretty sickly cat and it seems like I'm always having to give her some sort of medicine. She's terribly ornery though and tough to treat, (although she puts up with me treating her without scratching or biting, just a lot of swearing), but I've found that this is infinitely easier if I use products like Greenies pill pockets to deliver the medicine, or mix it into her food with something she loves to pieces, like her hairball medicine which is a sort of liver smelling goo I get from her vet. Anyway, poor baby. Give her a special pat from me. I dream of the cream Le Creuset in my kitchen. I have a couple orange ones (both here and in OXON) which are millions of years old, but so good and so long lasting that I can't justify a new bunch just for the beautiful cream colour. (sigh) It's been years since I read the House of Mirth, and I must go for hike out in Lighthouse Park where I know fawn lilies grow to see them this year. As soon as it stops raining!!!

  15. I always clean when I am super-stressed -- at least something is in my control when the world is spinning out of control. I hope Pepper has a good outcome and quickly.