Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's this?

Do you know what this might be ?

It looks like a bottle cap
but it's not.

any ideas?

Georg Jensen Designed this gadget

Do you give up yet?

It's a bottle opener...
you use the ridge on the underside of this "bottle cap"
to de-cap-itate the bottle!

How about this gadget...
do you know what it's used for?

I love this one and use it regularly.

Looks like something from a Star Wars movie.

Do you want me to tell you?

It's a cap for champagne or bubbly and keeps the effervescence inside until you want another glass
works for many days.

Last one...
an instrument of torture
a strong pair of hands?

This brawny gadget will open any jar...
it's a life saver.

 a wee bit rusty
appearances pale compared to the fact 
that it's so trusty.

I ordered some comfy casuals
to wear while doing domestics around the Bungalow.

Why you might ask?

My cleaning gal is off for 6 weeks as she is resting up after surgery.

When she comes here she wears stretchy exercise gear and "works out" while cleaning.
(The Lessons Learned From Madame Chic mentions this too!)

I bought a French terry tunic in grey
which I layered over a black tank top.
Bought some new capri's in black
with a slight scallop at the hem...
see Land's End for more great casuals.

Look here's a late bloomer...
this bulb was sitting in the planter with the Xmas paper whites and never bloomed
until now.

Better late than never!

Is there something that you really want to do in your life?
what are you waiting for?

Mr. HB and I have narrowed it down to a few candidates for the giveaway
but there is still time to enter if you want to tell us what makes you feel Chic.


  1. What makes me feel chic ! Freshly cut and coloured hair , freshly laundered and air dryed wonderful cotton sheets . Lancome Vintage Rose Lipstick , a beautifully set table and a casual country french style cassoulet in the oven and a cosy relaxing Sunday afternoon. Donna

    1. Donna that all sounds very French...I have never made cassoulet. Do you have a favourite recipe that you could suggest I try?

    2. this is the one I casually use as a guideline. I use an herbes de provence mix I get from the Red Barn for seasoning too , any kind of sausage I feel like and I usually do my beans from dried and soak and cook first. I alternate between red or white wine . It never turns out the same . As with most of my recipes I just use as a guideline. I am of the hurl in the pot and hope for the best type , I know what flavours i like .
      I also always wear a vintage pin everyday , I have a lovely collection of them and a couple of different sets of pearls I wear too. I was over visiting my grandaughter for her third birthday , she now wears pearls everyday too. I have another dish I will post for you , it is an Italian country style recipe , awesome for serving guests too. That is when I am dreaming of visiting a Tuscan villa and going on a cooking holiday . Donna

    3. Sorry that link didnt work for some reason. D :(

  2. Oh Donna's answer is wonderful, I'd like to order it all. Nop, there's nothing left that I want to do , I'm quite content in that respect.

    1. At we age I think we get to the stage where contentment is achieved. I am not suggesting that we are old either, just wise!

  3. What makes me feel chic is confidence. That is built on any of the following:

    -being well groomed from nails to brows to perfume
    -having on a vintage piece-jewelry or clothing-that nobody else will have
    -wearing a smashing pair of shoes--my burgundy leather Italian boots or towering black sandals (I agree with Diane Keaton who says "they make me feel snappy")

    That confidence makes me feel so strong and happy, ready to set out and accomplish my day; ready to smile and be kind and graceful to others.

    Oh! On top of all that, if I can find myself a comfortable chair with a lovely flute of champagne, c'est TRES chic!

  4. I have one of those champagne stoppers too! I have different jar and bottle openers, but still struggle. Just got a little post of MAC eye makeup and it took me 20min to open the lid. Crazy. It's been such fun, reading how everyone gets their chicdom moving. I like your idea of fun clothes for cleaning house...Mr. HB must have fun, watching you and Pepper zip around the bungalow, sprucing things up!

    1. Mr. HB rarely sees us do any cleaning, we get things ship shape before he gets home...Mother told me never greet your husband in your cleaning clothes, dab on some perfume and get dressed up!
      Mr. HB has seen me looking very bedraggled and rather unkempt on occasion....please do NOT tell Mother it'll be our secret!

  5. What makes me feel chic? A pashmina wrapped around myself as I head out the door with fresh lipstick applied.

    Don't have any of those kitchen tools, but would like the champagne stopper - I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

    1. I too love a pashmina!
      Oh and those gorgeous cookies on your blog look tasty!

  6. Dear Hostess,

    'Love the gadgets, top and the flowers. Thanks for posting!


    1. No. Thanks for asking.


  7. I find it funny and very 'hostess' that you have bought new clothes in order to assume housecleaning duties. They look stylish enough to wear for a walk or running errands!

    1. Duchesse- It might surprise you to know that I have in the past, gone out and bought "painting clothes" the kind that can be splattered and maimed by interior latex!

  8. Just yesterday I bought some new home/loungewear too. I am looking forward to weeding out the older items to donate and having a nice concise collection of stylish, comfortable and chic clothes to wear at home.

    I chose mid-calf leggings which are ruched a little up the outside, and long, fitting tunic/singlet tops (no sleeves since it's summer here) in colours of black, navy, grey marle and grass green.

    Your new outfit is so chic.

    1. Your wardrobe basic colours must look great with your complexion and hair colour.
      While you are enjoying a hot summer I am moving very quickly to generate heat to keep warm and cleaning seems to be exactly what it takes!

  9. The first opener had me stumped but I knew the purpose of the second opener as we own one just like it. Yes aren't they great for keeping the bubbly bubbling.
    Oh I'm afraid I'm not feeling terribly chic at the moment Hostess, we are battling rainy weather and awful humidity. These days I feel most chic after climbing out of the shower and spritzing my beloved Chanel no 5 before doing battle with my hair in this ridiculous weather lol.

    1. Hair and humidity are not very good friends...perhaps yours is long enough to simply pin up in a casual updo. The scent is a classic, Mother wears it as well.

  10. Feeling like a bit of a late bloomer myself Leslie... You got me on the gadgets. Good for you for embracing your domestic chores in such a fashionable way... :)
    Jeanne xx

    1. I thought that if i wore the "right clothes" I might be able to do a better job!

  11. I clean the house in my ordinary home wear, if/ when they get dirty, I wash them afterwards. And by the normal home wear, I mean jeans + T-shirt.
    I clean a bit every day, so it doesn´t really " feel " like a job at all. And I have lowered my cleaning standards quite a lot, as our lifestyle is what it is.
    But I understand the need to have specific clothes for domestic chores. I would not either do the cleaning in my cashmeres.

    1. I have lowered my domestic standards and it's nice to hear that i am not alone in this area.
      There seems to be so many more enjoyable things of which I prefer to engage in...blogging, patting Pepper. reading, going for walks, almost anything is preferable to cleaning!

  12. Your cleaning gel is on my wave length.....always use house work as a exercise routine..all that stretching,bending keeps a gel well toned.
    Just wear loose pants & tee,finish off with few combi moves + 10 runs up and down reasonable clean home. Ida