Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tidbits, minimalism, and reads at the ready.

It's been a busy week and I am gearing down for the weekend.

I've been wearing my minimalist wardrobe
adding different accessories so I don't feel bored or stale.

I have worn these boots 3-4 times every week.
Tunic tops with black slim leggings and boots
is a silhouette that works well for me.

Scarves are my "go to" accessory...
my scarf wardrobe is fairly large.
Long oblongs in cashmere, wool, cottons and blends
patterned prints, plaids and plains.
Silk squares 
always with hand rolled edges 
signed patterns 
from Hermes to Lanvin.

I look for scarves whenever I go into consignment shops.
My budget does not allow for exclusivity of purchasing brand new Hermes.

I've been mixing up earrings
I used to wear the same combination every day and change only for evenings out.
Variety makes my minimalist wardrobe feel fresh.
 I have decided that to simplify dressing 
it cannot be large or be full of splashy prints.

I am sticking to the neutral shades.
The Fashion Police have advised that this will be fine as long as I wear some red gloss
and add a bit of colour elsewhere.

My new Caroline Vaile wrap top
half price at my fave boutique on "The Avenue"
made in the USA
a fabulous weighted knit in jersey
doesn't hug the torso like a girdle and show off any ripples
very flattering 
 a tank or camisole is needed underneath
 I fear that I would look like a woman of ill repute if I neglected an undergarment!

Our son has a birthday this weekend...
he'll be turning 31.
He's a fabulous fellow and Mr. HB and I are so proud of him.
Happy Birthday!

I bought this book after seeing the movie Julie and Julia which I loved.
Hope that it will be as entertaining as the movie.

The UK Country Living magazine arrived...
I savour this with a mug of tea
from the delicious cover to the very last page.

Doing a little research on what the designers are showing for Spring.
Spending will be held to a minimum as the reno is in full swing...
Hope that I can re work my basics from last spring and summer.

I don't really "follow" fashion to the extent that I am a slave to fashion.
Following the latest trends feels strange to me...

There's a fine balance when one hits the other side of 50
not wanting to enter the frump zone
or looking as if one is trying to relive their youth...
I wear what suits my body type, what makes me feel good and what I can afford.

 sleepy Pepper...

Dreaming of a quiet weekend
sleeping in later

What are your plans?


  1. I enjoyed this post so much, Hostess.

    I admire your take on life and style. I am inspired by your talk of winter as I am heading to London in a couple of weeks.

    Happy B'day to your son!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

    1. An excursion to London sounds like a perfect excuse to go shopping.
      It will be cooler in the UK so pack some of your cashmere sweaters.
      Have a great time and please show us all the sights when you get back...
      your trips look like so much fun.

  2. I think you'll find "My Life in France" to be a delightful read. I could almost hear Julia's voice narrating as I read. As you may have gathered from my post today, I'm re-embracing the wardrobe basics, and making my accessories pull their weight. I do like that red lipgloss on you!

    1. I have been ruthless in my closet and am reassessing if I need to pare down yet again.
      Like you, the exercise of blogging has brought clarity to my clothing style. Your wrap dresses really suit you.

  3. My Life in France is a great read, just read it last fall.

    I hope to relax a bit this weekend, my work week was nuts. And of course I am watching Downton Abbey on Sunday! Monday will be nice, I have the day off work for Family Day.

    1. Downton Abbey is such a highlight. Sadly I think it's the season finale...enjoy your day off.

  4. Replies
    1. merci beaucoup...
      I am interested to see what your tailor/seamstress has done with those trousers :)

  5. Fourth comment try . . .
    A couple gals from Michigan are finding you the "go to gal" to go to for some dress ideas. Spoken with a white blouse and pearls my dress for the day.

    1. Oh blogger has been persnickety of late. I see now on many blogs that there is a comment about proving that we are not robots and then forcing us to type two words which look blurry just to leave a comment!
      What an amazing compliment...I hope that I am up to the task.

  6. Your lips! What a perfect shade for you.

    I am still on my spending freeze and you know what? I am really enjoying it. I like to see what creations I can make out of my whittled down wardrobe. Without the help of accessories though, I would be lost.

    I have a quiet weekend ahead. The husband is gone a lot this weekend so I plan on going to market and cooking some low carb dishes, working out at my new gym, and doing a bit of trip planning.

    Have a lovely rest of your week! xo

    1. I love Trip Advisor for planning a vacation. Have you tried it?
      Your weekend sounds like it will have a great balance of activities....

  7. I loved reading "My Life in France." In fact, I've read it twice already. Happy Birthday to your son - isn't it amazing how the years fly by?

    My weekend plans are quiet ones, with some time spent with our darling granddaughter, and going to an appointment with our daughter. I hope your weekend refreshes and restores you.

    1. Oh I love seeing our granddaughter, she's the best!
      When I see our son, his wife and daughter it does make me realize just how fast life whirrs by...
      Your weekend sounds lovely.

  8. I'll have to read that book! Love Pepper! Reminds me of my sweet Tiger who passed away last year. :(

    1. It's devastating losing a pet...
      When our cat Stickley passed away I felt immense grief and emptiness. It was several months before we adopted Pepper and I am so glad that we have her in our lives. She's a delight.

      If I may be bold, perhaps it's time for you to consider the option of a rescue cat?

  9. Two ear piercings - you are a secret wild child!

    I'm going to see Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men' at the theatre tomorrow, cocktails at home this evening and I think I'll tai e aloof at my spring/summer wardrobe which is tiny, and root out the things I've been keeping but not wearing.

    1. Two is pushing the boundary just a wee bit...
      I have no tattoos so not really that wild :)

  10. Have a great weekend! I am going to BILs 50th birthday soiree at my inlaws'. Give me strength.

    1. I have a sneaky feeling that you'll rise to the occasion...
      you are a well versed and mild mannered gal after all.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Typo, sorry. I just noticed, that I have a sore throat, so that´s my weekend.
      But, you have everything planned so perfectly, 50% of the work done : )!

    2. I've got one as well....
      it must be going around.

      You've been working hard washing the dog and the floors too so time for some R&R.
      Maybe there's some online shopping that needs doing?

  12. Thanks for your postings, Leslie. Your serene dedication to living a lovely life is always inspiring. My weekend is a quiet one, I think: a hike in the woods, a Friday pizza, a Saturday roast chicken, a film, and more wardrobe sortings...always!

    1. Swissy I love what you have planned for your weekend.
      It sounds exactly like what I would love to do.
      Have fun!

  13. I love the red lipgloss on you.

    1. Thank you Kathy...
      it's a new look for me and I am quite comfortable wearing it now.
      Lovely DIL was with me when I purchased it and without her encouragement I would not have felt like I could carry it off. I appreciated her second opinion as the Chanel sales clerk was quite a character!

  14. I really like the wrap top. There is nothing wrong with wearing neutrals! If I could find the right tunics, I would definitely try the legging/tunic look. It seems so comfy and chic.
    I just love that so many of us are sharing pictures of our pets. I think it reveals a bit more about us as individuals. Pepper looks pretty happy!

    1. Debbie I think you'd look great in a tunic top, boots and leggings.
      For me the top must be above the knee but well below the thigh area to make me feel comfortable and appropriately covered!
      I don't know what shops are in your city but when I was last in the Seattle Macy's they had some great options in Style My Way in both the Petites and Womens departments that were reasonably priced so you could try the look without breaking the bank.
      Happy Hunting!

      Pepper is a princess! She brings so much love and joy to our lives.

  15. That's a graceful, pretty new top! Best wishes on the birthday (after all, it is you who did the work!) You were, I assume, a young mother.

  16. Sounds like a great line-up for the weekend. I really enjoyed "My Life in France" although it's more autobiographical than novel - a bit heavier read. But oh, so, French.

    Another book I just finished was "A Paris Wife" - story of Hadley Hemingway in the early days of her marriage to Ernest Hemingway in Paris, 1920s. Lovely, sad.

  17. I think I will make my hair redder this weekend , I thought maybe I was getting a little too old for that but I have decided I am not. Maybe a new shade of lipstick too.Black is my go to colour . I did a sweep of some thrift stores on Cook today . The boutique was not entirely interesting today as they were having an auction for wedding gowns , the store was flooded with them. BLT's tomorrow ,with bacon from the red barn market. The skies have let go tonight and a torrential downpour and wind . I could see the black cloud coming over the bay . Happy Birthday to your son . Donna

    1. Black is my go to colour for clothing , not sure what I might choose for the lipstick . My post sounded like I would wear black lipstick . Donna

  18. We're off to the Tea Festival tomorrow, but otherwise the weekend will be quiet. I feel the need to stay close to home, to replenish my reserves before another week at work.

  19. Love your new always find some really great pieces of clothes.

    Warm sunny day so had planned to plant my Snowdrops 'in the green' at the front of the drive....but the antics of 2 Hares' leaping & chasing each other in the field...bit early to call them mad March hares...took up most of the morning.We always have lunch out on Saturdays.
    Tomorrow late breakfast,read the papers'...then maybe plant the Snowdrops.

    How is your w/e going? Ida

  20. Lovely blog,
    off now to have a good read of it.

    Great ideas and photos.

    Have a good Sunday


  21. I also loved the film "Julie and Julia." I can't get enough of Julia Child. There is a new book out about her and Paul and their careers as spies. I think it's called "A Covert Affair." As soon as I saw your UK edition of Country Living I went out and bought it. Love the British magazines on home and gardens. Tonight will be all about "Downton Abbey" and the season finale. I am so excited!

  22. Sadly, I didn't like the JJ movie or the book. BUT My life in France is wonderful! Actually, now that I think of it, we fastforwarded through all the Julie parts of the movie and watched the Julia sections.

    I also read the book of letters between JC and Avis De Voto.