Monday, February 6, 2012

Giveaway Winners and The Fashion Police.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the giveaway!
We were very impressed with the great responses to the qualifying giveaway question
"What makes you feel Chic?'...
it was a difficult decision choosing just one so we have chosen two!
With such great answers we could have given out many copies!

One winner will receive the unread copy of Madame Chic and the other, the Hostess's gently read copy.
Both books are autographed by the author Jennifer Scott.

Congratulations to Rebekah and Laura Gail !
Please email your mailing information and I will pop your books in the post pronto!

 I am not guilty...

Stick 'em up!

2 ply cashmere cardigan by A. Giannetti of Italy
chestnut brown
for a song.

I think I got a bargain
I didn't steal it
I paid cash
and yet
I rushed out of the shop
feeling a bit like a criminal!

Like that IKEA commercial...
the one where the woman runs out of the store screaming 
"Start the car, start the car!"

I found a wool duffle coat...
under $10.00
way too large
 so I
 took it to my seamstress
who altered it to fit
still boxy but much better on the shoulders and the sleeve length.

It is very pedestrian
but in such a soft wool and cashmere blend
I could not resist!

I wore Gloverall Duffle coats in high school
so it's a bit like walking down memory lane...

Mr. HB wore duffle coats.
Many of my classmates wore them. 
There was a uniform of sorts...
an unwritten code of dress.

Speaking of a code of dress...
There is a witty writer who comments on my blog
when I mention The Fashion Police
                                                          he or she is very entertaining....

                                             I'd like to share their latest comment with you.

Dear HHB,

Lt. Blk. Slashacrosstheeyes of the Fashion Police (5th Precinct), here. The Precinct has been snowed under. Mostly due the immense number of infractions and resultant arraignments made at a recently held award function that shall remain nameless for security reasons. (Oh, Sarah Michelle. Really?) Regarding your recent inquiry on the possible correctness, political or otherwise, of the donning of fur outerwear, the short answer is: You wear leather shoes don’t you?
But let’s see what the Code Book says:
Article II of Sec. 56(ii), tells us “Oftentimes an individual is the recipient of a vintage style of outerwear constructed of one or more animal pelts. This windfall can be considered fortuitus and no citations issued if:
a) it fits;
b) it keeps the wearer warm when exterior temperatures have dropped to the point of Freeze Your Patookus Off; and
c) you could never afford anything so luxurius even with your second income as a Street Harpie.
The wearing of the hide is also allowable under any one or a combination of the following circumstance(s):
a) when worn, the wearer is both holding the collar up and close to the cheek whilst making an entrance through any portal [i.e., the Ritz, a corner dive bar, a bedroom] of any room as it is not WHAT you wear but HOW you wear it – this is key;
b) a sultry stride of entitlement is utilized whilst making said entrance; or in the occurance of a bedroom portal, a casual lean against the door jam, one foot in a slightly raised position behind the other in a kittenish manner and sipping a bourbon;
c) you are Elizabeth Taylor.
However, what must be noted here is the additional importance of what the wearer is wearing underneath, or more specifically, not. If the wearer is: 
a) nude or
b) a little Wacoal (very little); or
c) a satin and lace slip; then not only are there no infractions but kudos are awarded. Extra bankable points can be issued as well if perfume is to be found behind ones knees, one’s pearls match her slip and/or You Can Leave Your Hat On (Tom Jones version), or perhaps a little of Bronislau Kaper’s Butterfield 8 sound track is playing mistily in the background on the hi fi.”

So again, it looks like you’re in the clear on any possible infraction. Thanks to your Great Aunt Tirzah. And you know SHE liked her Tom Jones, even if she never said.
Lt. B.S.A.
5th Precinct
Universal Fashion Police

I think this is brilliant and witty...
hope that your week is off to a great start!

Thanks again to the Fashion Police.


  1. UFP is quite a writer - clever, humorous and informative.

    Don't you love finding quality, wearable garments at the thrift shop? It really is a thrill. I've given it up for this month so I can focus on my existing wardrobe....but I have to admit, it's only day 6 and I'm missing it.

    Have a wonderful Monday! xo, A

    1. I agree with you about thrift shop thrills. Hope that your week is off to a great start.

  2. Very funny, thanks for the great laugh. I love duffle coats, also wore them as a child. I have one and it makes me feel very cozy. Looks like a great sweater too.

    1. I love the Fashion Police's wit...I keep re-reading this comment and smile every single time.

  3. Fun!
    I wore a Gloverall as well, although mine was thrifted. . . coming from a large family on a budget, I ended up being ahead of the curve on the thrifting front. And those coats could last for generations keeping wearers warm . . . they were very well constructed.

    1. I had hand me downs from my wealthy cousin in Montreal.
      Lessons about thrift and money learned at a young age seem to stay with us as we get older. I am grateful that my parents taught me these valuable lessons. You must have some great budget stretchers growing up in a large family.

  4. Congrat's to your "Chic Winners!"
    Great cashmere and coat "finds."
    The Fashion Police comment is really witty/delightful!

  5. Very witty and charming! Great job, Fashion Police.

  6. I have a faint memory of having had a duffle coat as a child too.
    As an adult, I tried one on, and it did not look good at all on me. Sigh. Your´s is a great color. Hopefully you will find it useful: ).

    1. The coat is rather boxy so it might not be that flattering on me. But I don't really mind so much as I adore the fabric as it is super soft and I do so love grey.

  7. Yep also had a duffle as a wee girl,have noticed a few around
    the towns lately.

    Wow you certainly find some great bargains.Enjoy them. Ida

    1. I think duffle coats are English, perhaps they are making a comeback.

  8. Yay, I'm a winner!!!

    I am getting over being sick, and your letter of clarification from the fashion police made me hurt myself with laughter. I am heading over to iTunes next to download You Can Leave Your Hat On. I had forgotten how classy Elizabeth Taylor was in Butterfield 8 as she played a nicely coiffed and clothed common prostitute. But hey, we need to take our inspiration wherever we can!

    Your photo with the fur reminds me of Lauren Bacall. You should channel that look, especially with your new hair-do.

    1. Congratulations! I'll go and check my email for your mailing address. Good too that you are feeling better!

  9. Congratulations to the winners! Hostess thank you for your gorgeous Thank you card- I got it in the post this past weekend! Sending hugs xo

    1. Thank you for the books! Your generosity made this giveaway possible.

  10. So excited that I won the book. Congrats to the other winner as well! Thank you so much for the giveaway! I emailed my address to you. Thanks again, Laura Gail

    1. I'll be off to the post office this week and congratulations!

  11. congrats on the thrifted cashmere! I have a fur collar that I cut of a mangy faux suede raincoat and I ADORE it! I have no luck thrifting anything else although I've tried. Perhaps a few more fur accents....

    1. I hope that there is a great thrift find in your immediate future. It will keep you looking once you get a taste of the thrill of the hunt!

  12. I love your cardigan...I used to have a toggle coat...and my kids too! So classic. I need to dig deeper for clothing when I'm at thrift stores...I walk away empty handed and then I see what everyone is finding....I think I'm missing something.

    1. Thrift shops are not always organized well. I find that exasperating and often I too give up.
      I have noticed that I need to be "in the mood" to really scour the stock and have enough time to take it all in.

  13. That was so well done!
    You certainly hit the jackpot recently! I'll just have to take a little more time when I'm in my favorite shops.