Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dinner at Julie's....a Valentine extravaganza!

Mr. HB and I received an invite to a Valentine's dinner party.

There was a fabulous assortment of guests which consisted of 4 married couples.
Set the stage...
An office manager, gourmet cook as the hostess her husband who semi retired from his job in roofing and construction.
Retired former Opera manager whose parents were leading Canadian Operatic singers who grew up in Paris as her parents sang with the Paris Opera and her husband a finishing carpenter/boat builder who hails from Kent.
The hostess's sister, a director for the Canadian Cancer Society and her husband who owns and runs a local construction and millwork company. I went to school with this couple eons ago!
Mr. HB and myself.

Julie's Valentine's table set in red with orchids and hearts.

Glasses waiting for
 Prosecco, Pinot Noir, and more.

We were served a different wine with each course!

The meal was "over the top" and consisted of 5 courses...

We started with 
seared scallops over avocado cream with jalapeno vinaigrette and orange supremes.

Salad bouquet in a crispy filo vase roast beet and herbed chevre terrine with pistachio vinaigrette.

Fresh pasta ravioli with herbed ricotta tossed in butter parmesan with a roasted tomato.

Roast tenderloin over truffle mashed potatoes with roast vegetables and bordelaisse demi glace.

Chocolate hearts filled with raspberry mousse fresh raspberries and coulis.

The food was above and beyond...
 beautiful to look at and it tasted amazing.
We sat down to dinner around 7:30 and got up from the table around midnight.
The courses were paced comfortably 
with time in between 
to allow the hostess to clear the plates and arrange the next course
interspersed with animated conversations
we were very happy and sated guests by the time we departed.

Julie has a passion for food and a talent for cooking. It's a hobby that she loves and she is now doing some catering.
She has catered weddings and birthdays and is looking for more business.

If you live in town and want her number please email me privately and I'll send you her number!

I am hoping that she is still in business when I turn 60
when I plan to have a splashy event.

Thank you very much Julie!
When you come here for dinner
it will be much simpler fare
but I will make an effort to impress your taste buds!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh my goodness - one treat after another! A meal such as this doesn't happen without a great deal of effort, love, art and skill (order to be arranged as one sees fit!)
    How lucky you were to be at the table.

  2. What a delicious experience. A very interesting mix of guests as well!

    Happy Valentines!

    Art by Karena

  3. Oh wow, that looks like something from a Michelin-starred restaurant. It must have been amazing!!

  4. Wow, fancy!! Looks amazing and I'm sure it tasted wonderful! What a fun evening.

  5. Oh! Please tell Julie: C'est magnifique!
    Beautiful presentations, and I know it must have tasted divine, all of it. If I lived in your town I would definitely call on Julie for my catering needs...but I don't. Sigh.

  6. A lovely valentine treat indeed. Julie looks very creative and talented.

  7. Wow! What a fabulous meal you were treated to -- absolutely beautiful and it sounds as if the table conversation must have been wonderful as well.

  8. Good friends + great conversation,not forgetting the food!
    That makes a special Valentine's day....what did you wear?

    Kent England?? your friend is from?? Ida

  9. This is better than Babette's feast.


  10. What a fabulous Valentine's dinner. So much better to have it in a home than a restaurant. There was so much traffic last night in Los Angeles, that it took over one hour to get to our restaurant which would normally be a 15 minute drive! But once there we had a lovely four course meal and some wonderful wine.

  11. Wow - what a totally gorgeous meal. And how lovely to have it at home. She should do very well in her catering business.

  12. How fun! It all looks so delicious. We have hired a caterer for this Saturday evening - it is the 15th anniversary of my last breast cancer treatment!! She comes with food, her utensils, washing up equipment - all she asks is that we make room in the fridge, clean off the counter tops and stay out of the kitchen! We have included our son and DIL. Nice to help out people who cook with a passion. It is not more expensive than going out to dinner, and you can walk to the bedroom safely!
    I am sure the conversation was lively, such a great mix of people.


    1. Peg,
      Congratulations and I hope that you have a super evening celebrating your significant milestone.
      What a wonderful and memorable way to enjoy your special day.
      All the best for your continued good health.

  13. That looks amazing! I love having dinner with an eclectic group like that.

  14. Divine! I love these over the top menus- also, appreciate a simple meal, say soup and bread... just gathering around a table with interesting,convivial people. What fun to enjoy an extra-special menu on Valentine's day.

  15. I can’t think of anything else to say, but “WOW!” I don’t think Julie will have any issues pursuing her catering business. She is very, very talented. What a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat.

  16. Thank you so much for your kind words and high praise for my culinary efforts. It was my pleasure and honour to have such a great group of appreciative guests to share my dinner with. It was definitely one of the best evenings I can recall ever having and I'm looking forward to sharing a wonderful pasta meal with you and Mr. HB soon!


    1. Thank YOU Julie!
      I have been all abuzz relating the details with my co-workers who I might add are very impressed :)