Monday, February 13, 2012

Tick tock, tick tock....a forgotten post.

I found this post that I wrote a few weeks ago and forgot to publish...

Life is quite quiet here today...
the clock sounds tick tock
birdsong is audible through the single paned 100 year old Humble Bungalow windows
sitting here with a hot mug of tea in hand
until it's time to begin making dinner.

The Humble Bungalow living room
as it is today.

Morris arts and crafts chairs
two mica lamps
our reading corner
my chair is smaller 
it's the one with the linen pillow.

the kitchen
I should have moved the linen tea towel that I flung on the counter
oh well 
life in the Bungalow is not perfect or immaculate
nor will it ever be...

Pepper in one of her quieter moments
she has been "in trouble"
she was exploring the skinny plate rail in the family room
she leapt off onto the cabinet 
that held a lovely vintage West German vase 
let's just say Pepper is on the de-cluttering bandwagon.

Mother has been feeling poorly for the past month.
I have been back and forth with her on the phone and visiting
took her some tulips and had a cheer up session with her...
she's off to the doctor this week.

These tulips were a gift to lovely daughter
I took some just like these to Mother.

I bought some hyacinths 
and they are sweetly scenting the air.
I'll plant the bulbs outside after the blooms fade.

I am so in love with white flowers.

In the hour before supper this week I had a desperate moment...
what to make for dinner when I don't feel like cooking?

I had some leftover chili which I covered with mashed potatoes
added some salsa and grated mozzarella cheese
baked for 45 minutes and dinner's ready.
It was surprisingly good.

Crisis averted!

What do you serve for supper when you feel uninspired or too lazy to cook?


  1. Your home is so darn cozy!

    So sorry to hear your mother is feeling poorly. You are a good daughter to take such good care of her.

    When I am scurrying around for a decent dinner, I usually have my husband grill something outside while I make a salad and a side veg.

    xo, A

    1. Mother is much better now and we have hired on a cleaning gal to help with the domestics. Mother is very independent so this is good news!

  2. Such a cosy home. I love how Pepper is decluttering. Toast and beans or just toast is my can't be bothered dinner. Hope your mum feels better soon, any change is so worrying at that age.

    1. I used to have beans on toast and have forgotten how tasty they are...must put that on my grocery list and try them in your honor! Mother is feeling much better so I am relieved.

  3. To be honest, I usually feel uninspired to cook, as we dine at different hours during the week. So I won´t be able to answer your question.
    When I feel inspired, I´ll make a b i g salad, with vegetables, fruit and cheese ; ).
    My, your cottage looks inviting!
    I hope your mother gets well soon!

    1. What kind of cheese do you enjoy mette?
      Mother is doing much better.

  4. I hope your mom is feeling better soon!

    I keep the freezer stocked with soups and stews for days I just cant be bothered. They go well with toast or crackers. Anyone who complains is free to make dinner from now on ;o) So far no one has complained.

    1. I have a very small freezer on the bottom of my fridge so I never really stock up like you do.
      Thankfully Mr. HB doesn't complain too loudly or too often :)

  5. Your home looks so cosy.... baked potatoes,soups so qiuck and easy + cheese board.

    Hope your mother feels better soon. Ida

    1. Mother is doing well now...
      I love cheese...what are your favourite types?

  6. Dear HHB,

    The Fashion Police approve of both the Humble Bungalow and Deputy Pepper's efforts to keep clutter at a minimum. We also send wishes that Mother will be back on the dance floor soon. As for any dining conundrums – we make reservations. As for any UFP posts caught in junk filters, a quick review shows HHB has graciously posted all comments and/or infractions. So long as a red lipstick is on the quick draw and you do not reveal the location of the Secret Scarf Tying Camp in Paris, the UFP feels the HHB is currently in Good Standing.

    Carry On,

    Sgt. Blk. Slashacrosstheyes

    1. Interesting that all your posts have been published...I think perhaps there was another constable lurking in the spam department. I'll call you in on special detail if I receive another comment from the faux police!

  7. The comfort of home and food, hugs, hope your mom is feeling better. For me, my dutch oven often saves the day when cooking is at the bottom of the list, making everything that goes into it taste great!

    1. I have a wonderful Le Creuset that is a life saver too. I often think of it as a crock pot because it is so versatile and heavy going from stove top to oven.
      How are things on the east coast? I haven't seen any blog posts for awhile.

    2. YES! Le Creuset, 2Q and change I think. Bright RED! LOL I even bake my No Knead bread in it. Google No Knead Bread- a fantastic recipe should come up somewhere on The Day newspaper. Changed my life, that recipe did.

      WOW what a commitment blogging is! You do such a wonderful job keeping at it. Your's and the few other blogs I manage to keep in the loop with regularly, I'm thoroughly enjoying. And a sense of history is coming over me after reading the Daily Prep's post regarding a recent visit to New Haven. One of the things I connect with deeply in New England is the rich history here. A post in the making!

      PS!! I tried and now LOVE my Burt's Bees lip shimmer after you posted on it - no chappy lips and a little color is just perfect for me!! TY!!!

      Have wonderful, sun-kissed day today and thank you for bringing some sunshine to mine :)

  8. Smiled at Pepper's decluttering - you too will in time!
    I turn to eggs - omelet or scrambled - when I don't feel like cooking. We always have homemade bread, so toast and a salad or simple sliced tomatoes - doesn't get much easier! I love leftovers, and also always have some frozen soup at hand. I have lived in all parts of Canada, so I always have some food on hand - never want to be storm-stayed without something in the larder.

    1. Oh I love the smell of homemade bread!
      Do you use a bread maker?
      Eggs are a great idea they are so versatile.

  9. Love your craftsman bungalow - the book cases beside the fireplace, the wood trim - oh so perfect! comforting last-minute dinners are eggs and hash-browns, often with sausage or bacon thrown in. Green peppers, tomatoes, and/or yams added to hash browns. Mmmm. Lately, though, my wheat and dairy purge means that I have to plan everything. Restaurants usually can't accommodate, so cooking at home is a must. Today it's minestrone soup with turkey meatballs. I'm sorry about your Cat-astrophe.

    1. Cat-astrophe! Love that expression!
      How's the purge going? Are you doing it as a detox?

  10. I make either easy chili or eggs on toast. I love "breakfast" food for supper. Or, get takeout.

    1. We call breakfast for dinner Binner.
      Mr. HB prefers to eat breakfast only in the morning...

  11. Such a pretty bungalow you have!
    When dinner hour approaches and nothing has been planned I do as you did - there's always something interesting left over, and we have hens that give us the most delicious eggs - quiche or a frittata in minutes.

  12. I adore Mission Style. I have a new Mission entertainment center and love it. Also, tables and 3 mica lamps. They give off such lovely light. Your home is lovely.
    I hope your Mother is feeling much better soon.
    I like your supper idea. I may have to try making that as my hubbie loves chili, salsa, and mashed potatoes. Never tried together, but sounds good.

    1. Thank you Debbie!
      Let me know what you think if you make this for your husband.

  13. Eggs are my go to in a pinch, kids love them and they usually help, my 9 year old is happy to cook his versions of scrambled eggs for brekky, ouch and dinner.

    1. I love that you are getting your kids cooking in the kitchen. Perhaps they'll make you breakfast in bed on Mother's Day!

  14. Happy Valentine's Day - hope your day is filled with love. Your home is so warm and cozy - just makes you want to stay a while.
    Hope your Mother is doing okay - it's such a struggle seeing them age, isn't it.
    As for supper - if I'm uninspired I always make pasta throwing whatever I have in the fridge at it.

  15. Happy Valentine's Heather!
    Pasta would be Mr. HB's preference too!

  16. Oh, no! I, too, have lost fragile things to my cats' redecorating activities.

    I make paella on nights when I don't know what to do for dinner. I keep a supply of short-grained brown rice, olive oil, garlic, smoked paprika, saffron, and chicken broth from the freezer. Then I add whatever else I have--leftover roast chicken or pork, a can of navy beans or chick peas, vegetables I need to use up, almonds, etc. I never get complaints!

    I hope your mother begins to feel better soon.

  17. Corn flakes!

    My cats have helped me declutter on occasion too.

    Love the tulips, come on spring!

    1. It's a sunny Valentine's Day here. Feels warmer and there are some trees in bud so Spring must be just around the corner.

  18. I love your's the opposite of mine and has such a feeling of warmth and coziness with all the wood. Looks like the perfect place to be on a rainy day or a snowy night. Sometimes my all white makes it feel a bit stark.
    Your dinner concoctions sounds yummy and very creative. I love using up leftovers. Happy valentines day...hope your mom perks up soon!

    1. I love your white rooms. It does feel dark here with all the beams and woodwork. It's not something we'd ever change though as we are arts and crafts purists!
      Happy Valentine's Day Annie.