Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Year of the Rabbit...and other Stuff


Last week I took flowers to a board member who had undergone surgery.
I usually opt for white and green bouquets but it was a rather dreary grey day
I chose a colourful assortment of blooms.

My favourite florist was not answering their phone so I ventured out and found a lovely assortment at a local grocery store.
After assessing their stock I grabbed a few bunches and found a clear glass vase
then had the clerk put together this pretty arrangement.

I drove out to my friends home and planned to drop the flowers on her doorstep but she greeted me and invited me inside for a visit.

I didn't stay long...
just long enough to hear about the procedure and how she was doing.
She looked remarkably well and was in very good spirits.
Not at all what I was expecting considering the nature of her situation.

The next morning I was busy packing up for the cottage week.

The forecast was for colder than usual temperatures 
so I packed sweaters, wooly socks, hats, scarf and my down puffer coat.

The weather was windy and then a storm rolled in...
bringing down trees on the power lines 
resulting in a power outage that lasted about 20 hours!

It was VERY cold...
we kept the small gas fireplace going but the minus temperatures were powerful.

Once the power was restored we fortified ourselves with hot soup and went out for a brisk walk on the beach.

There was quite a lot of seaglass to be found...
one piece of aqua glass was too big to fit in the vintage sealer jar 
so I plan to bring it home and see if the new empty jar has a bigger mouth on it.

Our current jar is almost full!

We've been reading our books of course!
 Back to the Cazalet Chronicles for me after a year hiatus.
Confusion is book 3 in the 5 book series.
It is a charming account of family life in England that spans the wars...
I enjoy the "voice" that the author, Elizabeth Jane Howard, uses to narrate the story.
The books have been reprinted due to popular demand...
Many people LOVE this series...you might enjoy it too.

Went to the community centre here for a Yoga class which was fun.
Am doing online Yoga to augment my practice when I am not at the studio.

It is with a modicum of optimism that I mention 
my "aches and pains" are easing 
since I returned to the practice...
my goal is to be more flexible and move with ease.

Have you taken on any new hobbies or made changes this month?
January can be a great time to embrace some new habits
it feels like a month that invites fresh eyes to analyse the routines.

Waking up and seeing the possibilities feels quite empowering.
A fresh new awareness...

February awaits...
what changes will it bring?

Chinese New Year 

~ The Year of the Rabbit ~

The rabbit has a quiet personality that hides their confidence and strength
they may often be seen as soft and weak.

In fact, they steadily move towards their goals 
despite the negativity that they receive from others.

With good reasoning skills and attention to detail they make great scholars.
They enjoy being social and often turn to escapism...
Plain routines are not to their liking
despite being conservative and careful they need and crave surprise
to spice up their life!

Happy New Year

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Jeannine said...

I am only at the halfway point with the Yoga with Adriene January challenge. I will stick with it even if it takes me to the end of February to complete! While I haven't been walking daily in this very cold and windy/snowy weather I did go out today. It's good to force oneself to get some fresh air and sun. Plus I figure I'm working on my heartiness skills!

GrammaGrits said...

The flowers are so bright and colorful - how encouraging to your friend!
I love the colors of the seaglass. . . what fun to pick it up on your walks. For a number of years, I've collected heart-shaped rocks, and it's amazing how many there are once you begin noticing!

Lorrie said...

Bright flowers would certainly cheer up these grey days, although they are becoming brighter! Sea glass is lovely to collect and Wow on finding that large piece. I've been getting out and walking 10,000 or more steps every day, and doing some targeted exercises at home. It does make a difference and helps me sleep and move better.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I didn't finish all of Adrienne's classes as I am now on Your Tube testing out videos using pilates with weights! I have to applaud and support you in your heartiness getting out there in the inclement weather!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I too collect heart shape rocks...seaglass is my favourite thing to look for when I walks on the beaches...colour really can elevate our attitudes and make our lives feel much richer. Flowers are a wonderful pick me up! Hope you are well and enjoying the New Year.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I am loving the lighter days...it won't be long before we are back in our gardens tending the beds. Do you use a step counter like a FitBit Lorrie? I am using my IPhone but don't always have it on me so some of my steps go uncounted...sleeping better is a great reward for walking and exercising more! Take care and enjoy the "pops of colour" on your walks.