Sunday, January 22, 2023

Blues ~ Tea, clothes, books and knitting

~ Tea ~
The Elixir of the Gods

I partake in afternoon tea each day.
It might be served with a silver service or poured over a bag in a humble mug.

Tea is good accompanied with a small snack...
a cookie, an apple, or a few bites of chocolate.

Decaf tea is my go to brew after 4pm and later in the evening, after dinner.

Tea goes well with my knitting :-))

The Miriam pattern sweater (available on Ravelry)
Rowan Felted Tweed yarn.

Italian wool and alpaca blend, so soft.

You may remember that I knit one of these casual cardigans in soft grey and love it!
I chose this turquoise shade as I think it will pair well 
with my classic denim and black wardrobe.

My chunky pearls and the new shirt...

Caught my eye while shopping... versatile soft Tencel shirt
 inexpensive and will fit in well with my minimalist wardrobe.

I don't buy a lot of clothes,
 but when I see something that meets all the criteria that I have for garments I pounce!

Life continues to be busy...
lots of social opportunities and meet ups are on the calendar.
Being a social being I quite like the flurry of activity.

I do enjoy quiet time and spend part of each day here in The Humble Bungalow 
tidying, cooking, doing laundry, knitting and reading.

Am immersed in this story set in Tuscany...
loving the characters and the setting.
It spans several decades and follows the lives of a group of friends
and acquaintances on their adventures.

Apparently it was named number one of the "best books" for 2023. 

I've got quite a few books on my TBR list...
have some Holds at the library and a few on my bookshelf.

Reading continues to be one of the luxuries that I really enjoy since retiring.
I used to be too busy when I worked full time to really get into a novel.
Holidays were the only time that I could devote a chunk of my days to books.

I was such an avid reader as a young girl growing up...
I always had my nose in a book!

I was a regular at the local Carnegie library downtown.

It all started with Nancy Drew mystery books, 
then L. M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series.
I graduated to more serious fiction in High School 
reading various authors among them: 
Aldous Huxley, 
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leon Uris, Ayn Rand, Leo Tolstoy
Walt Whitman

I have read and continue to enjoy many genres.
Reading is definitely a passion of mine and I always have a book on the go.

Are you an avid reader?
Who are your favourite writers?
What are you reading now?

It is time for me to close this post and get busy with dinner.

Hope that you are well and enjoying the start to the New Year.

~Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. It sounds like you have an enjoyable and lovely life! Afternoon tea is wonderful! I am reader from early days. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would read to me ... I had a favorite storybook that she must have read to me hundreds of times. I still have the book which is a prized possession! My favorite authors include Elizabeth Strout, Elizabeth George ... and I have been enjoying lots of YA books lately. The library has always been a favorite location and I certainly keep them busy.

    1. How wonderful that you still own that book from your childhood...I used to read our children a Noddy Book which I read so often by request that I could read it without looking...the kids turned the pages!
      Elizabeth Strout is a very gifted writer...Love her books. I haven't read her latest but it is on my TBR list. Libraries are a bustling places here and were very busy during Covid doing business one or two clients at a time.

  2. Yep, knitting and reading and tea -- we clearly have some favourite activities in common! (and you clearly share my appreciation for Rowan Felted Tweed! ;-)

    1. Reading, Knitting and Taking Tea are Simple have been my inspiration in the knitting and yarn world !! You are a woman of many creative talents...mending, knitting, drawing and painting...I appreciate the time you spend sharing your hobbies on the blog.

  3. I do love to read! Currently I'm reading one of the Darling Dahlia mysteries - author is Susan Wittig Albert. I have a few piles of books in the wings passed to me from my sister. I am an avid library user.

    1. I have seen those books at the library...I do love a good mystery. We share books here in our little free library and with friends. I don't have much room to keep books so it seems natural to spread them around.

  4. Oops - forgot! Love that turquoise yarn. Very beautiful. Please model your sweater when it's finished.

  5. I actually just got rid of 18 bags of my old Nancy Drew (and Trixie Belden, and Happy Hollisters, and Bobsey Twins!) books. I grew up reading them and progressed into science fiction (Heinlein, Bradbury) and horror (King, Straub, Lovecraft), but I'll read pretty much anything, although I'm more of a fiction gal. I am definitely an avid reader - I read around 40 books a year, including about 7 of different genres from my book club.

    I find myself thinking about a minimalist wardrobe sometimes. I don't think it's me, though!

    1. You definitely read a lot! I cannot imagine you with a minimalist wardrobe at all:-)) You are so creative and I think you LOVE TO SHOP!
      I used to have way more clothes when I is only since I retired that I pared down my clothing.

  6. I am an avid reader, but read very few novels. Instead, I prefer the genre of the memoir or biography. I am always reading one of those. Are you familiar with Joyce Maynard? If not, I would like to recommend her work--both novels and memoir--especially memoir. My favorite of hers is At Home The World. Try to find a used copy.

    1. I am not familiar with Joyce Maynard so I will look for her books on your recommendation Thank you!