Thursday, June 10, 2021

My Stylish French Country Box...

My Stylish French Country Boxes are always
Beautifully wrapped...a joy to receive.

I look forward to opening them so much.

Satin ribbon and tissue paper.

The box is filled with pampering treats and the brochure
guide elaborates on each item in the box. 

Standard sized pillow slip in a cheery floral fabric.

Vintage Limoges flowered cup and saucer
Imai brooch from Paris
Mademoiselle Saint Germain Serum from Versailles
Kusmi tea blends
Madeleines by Marlette
Cozy alpaca socks from Bleuforet

Am eager to try this new serum.

Roses in gold

Love the socks so cozy and soft.
Time to brew a pot of tea and sip it out of the darling floral cup 
and indulge in a madeleine...or two!

If you would like to treat yourself to one of these exquisite boxes 
click on the link here to order one.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. The brooch and serum are what made my eyes light up in your post. These are all lovely things.

    1. The boxes are definitely a luxurious treat. Hope that you are enjoying your walks and garden. Your boat trips looks so peaceful.

  2. Looks like a nice box of goodies! I've never tasted a madeleine before, I will have to look for some to try. And it is always nice to see new brands that we don't have here in BC. Enjoy!

    1. I am going to make them as soon as I can find a pan...I think my BFF has a vintage one that I may be able to borrow.

  3. I watched Sharon unwrap the box on Instagram. What a lovely collection this month! I really like the rose brooch and the headband. When I am not able to travel anymore (and am not trying to save travel dollars) I shall definitely subscribe. I just purchased an April Cornell roses coverlet for the bedroom which now looks like a French auberge room. I might have to check the boutique to see if there are more cushion covers. We can always travel in our dreams.

    1. Sharon does some fabulous videos...I love her garden and the two adorable dogs. Saving for travel is so rewarding. Sounds like we will be able to travel within BC today and maybe internationally when the borders reopen and we have our vaccination "passports."

  4. Such lovely things - enjoy.
    I have looked at the website and the gift boxes - I think they are value for money but a bit beyond my budget I'm afraid.

    1. These boxes are a real splurge Margie...I may need to reconsider my subscription when my husband retires!

  5. Did you make up the madeleines yourself, from the mix?
    So many lovely gifts in that box -- the alpaca socks must feel absolutely delicious. I imagine you at your seaside cottage in a good rainstorm, wearing those socks, sipping Kusmi tea from your lovely teacup and saucer, and reading a good book. Perfection! Enjoy!

    1. I have to see if I can borrow a madeleine pan from my BFF. I think she has a vintage one. The socks will be very cozy! I tried knitting socks a few years ago but they were not a success...Tea is always a lovely treat. I really enjoy your blog posts.


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