Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summertime Blues...

Himalayan Blue Poppy 
snapshot from my latest visit to Butchart Gardens.

These poppies are so pretty but are not all that easy to grow.
I had some about 10 years ago and they lasted for a few seasons and then they disappeared.
I have toyed with the idea of buying the seed packet from Butcharts and trying my hand at growing them again.

Old Navy Boyfriend Jean Jacket.
Very soft
and super comfy to wear.

Purchased in the store at 30% off the regular price.

It is very versatile and I love it with my white Tees and jeans.
(with pearls)
I added this scarf from France.

This scarf was in a subscription box from My Stylish French Country Home.
I think they sell them in their online store. 

There are a few rips which gives the denim character...
I wear this with my blue and white striped Talbots linen skirt.
My black UPP capris. and black lace top...
I popped it over a black dress
and can imagine that this will become a workhorse in my wardrobe.

We received our second vaccinations this morning and I am very pleased that we were able to get the second shot.

There is a sense of calm now as we move toward opening up things here in Victoria.
Dining inside is permitted, as are movie theatres and plays.

Looking forward to being more social.
Seeing our family and more friends.

How are things going where you live?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. The blue poppy is beautiful. I haven't been to Butchart in years. Maybe I should go when I'm in Victoria. I could buy seeds to sow next year. I like your jacket and I can see that it could be a 3 season favourite. I'm fully vaccinated but Brian gets his next week. They must have been a bit short of vaccine when he made his appointment. I wonder how quickly we will adjust to new openings. Summer is a great time to stay outside.

    1. Butcharts is easy to get to via the bus too so when you are here you can enjoy a scenic ride and they stop right at the gates. The jacket is a winner for sure and one that I can see myself wearing for many years. Hope you have a wonderful time here in Victoria. I am sad that we could not get together but maybe next time we can plan ahead to meet up.

  2. My question isn't related to your post at all. I love the area you live and your gorgeous bungalow. We are planning to move to the island in a few years but Victoria seems to be very expensive. What is your other favourite areas on the Island where the house prices are more affordable?

    1. Ah yes Victoria real estate prices have taken off and are incredibly expensive. Qualicum, Chemainus, Mill Bay and Maple Bay all up island, are places you might consider.

  3. OOh -- love that jacket and scarf combo. How very pretty!

    And, that blue poppy ... I've never seen one before!

    We've eased all restrictions here in Ohio and I must say it feels so odd (but wonderful) to go without a mask.

    Enjoy your summer!!!

    1. It must feel strange not wearing a ask after all these months. I don't wear my mask when I go for a walk but always carry one with me "just in case!" We are in the midst of a heatwave right now with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius.
      Take care Beth.

  4. WOW, just now you got the second shot?WE have had for a couple months now.I always think CANADA as being ahead of the USA!Think I got my second shot APRIL 30th........YES nO MASKS required NOW to go out and about!Have to say its a bit ODD for me to adjust too!
    I am going to unsubscribe and subscribe again as you are in my old email AOL which I rarely look at!Hopefully that will work and I will receive your posts in my GMAIL ACCOUNT!

    1. Our vaccine supply is coming from THe USA and Europe. Unfortunately one of our previous leaders sold off the site hat made vaccines in Canada...not a very wise choice now looking at the situation that we are finding ourselves in!
      Feedburner has been disabled so i am not sure that you can automatically subscribe to my blog...unless you use Bloglovin which I am on to get the posts. Good luck!

      Hope you are staying cool in this heatwave that we are having on the west coast this weekend!

  5. I have a Blue Poppy blooming in my garden as well. It was given to us ages ago (maybe 15 years?) and is still going. I do same some seeds every year, but use them in salad dressing, have not tried to grow them. Maybe next year I will give it a go.

    I also have a well worn jean jacket, mine is from Reitmans and have had it for many years. They look good with just about everything. Love the scarf, it will encourage you to add more blue to your mostly black and white wardrobe! I have to admit I like a cotton or linen scarf better than a silky one for ease of wearing, the silky ones look nice but slide off easily.

    Enjoy getting out and about. I have had dinner out with a couple of lady friends and we talked for hours...

    1. Good for you to keep that blue poppy going for so many years!
      Your denim jacket must be soft and cozy after years of wear. I do have a lot more blue in my wardrobe now...it's a great shade to mix with black white and grey.
      I am heading out this afternoon to meet a couple of gals and we will be sharing some nibbles and a flute of bubbly...am dressing up and looking forward to spending time together after so long not being able to be social.

  6. I’m not usually a Jean jacket wearer and keep mine in my Stampede clothes box with bandanas and cowboy belts. BUT your new distressed jacket looks great and I love that you wear it YOUR way with pearls and that great scarf. I’m your age and distressed clothing is just that twist that takes your outfit to the next level. It keeps it from being too contrived. I love this look you have created. I’m starting to have second thoughts about Jean jackets now. I do have a light weight jacket in this style in olive green. The shorter length of this jacket style does lengthen my short legs. I’m going to give your look a try. Thanks.

  7. I would call you an old rocker with your jacket were it not for the rather chic scarf and the thought of pearls! I've got denim clothes that are many years old and still going strong.
    I love the Hymalayan poppy and have tried growing it a few times with no real success. I first saw them growing in Hidcote Garden edging a round pond, simply glorious.
    British news is full of the extreme heat wave in your area so I hope you are managing to keep cool.


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