Thursday, February 18, 2021

Skin care products that I rely on to help keep my rosacea under control.

Are you on 
De-cluttering your spaces?
Feathering the Nest?
Editing your closet?

Working my way through The Humble Bungalow 
culling stuff from cupboards and drawers
Ridding ourselves of things that are no longer wanted
are out of date
 dusty and dull.

The bag of donations grows each day!

I tackled the skincare products and only kept the top performers.
You may not know that I have rosacea or that my skin is VERY sensitive.

I must be careful to use only the gentlest products.
No HOT water
no excessive rubbing
GENTLE but EFFECTIVE medical grade serums are worth the expense.

Here are my reliable trusted stalwarts in skincare.

Gentle cleanser and Micellar Lotion
by Avene

Rose Mask and Exfoliator
by Andalou

Pro Health Advance and Hydra Cool Serums
from IS Clinical

I use 3 drops of Pro Health Serum in the morning dabbing gently on cleansed skin
followed by Sukin Enriching Night Cream 
(it is super hydrating as my skin tends to be dry)

After cleansing at night I use 3 drops of the Hydra Cool Serum 
followed by the Sukin Enriching Night Cream

I use the Andalou CC cream every morning 
followed by La Bella Donna Mineral powder with additional sunscreen.

I use the Moroccan oil once a week as an intensive treatment.

It would be lovely to go to the spa for a facial 
but with Covid still active I am not planning a visit anytime soon.

Any skin care pampering will have to be done by me!

“Beauty is not in the face; 
beauty is a light in the heart.” 

~ Khalil Gibran ~

A January Rose bud that was blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
The rosebuds have all faded after the recent snowfall!

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
I hope that you are staying safe.
Taking good care of yourself.

We are living in a precarious time... self care is important
being proactive and soothing one's spirit is not being selfish.


~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Thank you for sharing your beauty regime. Your skin always looks so lovely and well cared for. The scent of roses is just what we need now. I have rosacea too and have ordered the mask and night cream to try.

    1. Oh good luck with the new products. Rose is very gentle and soothing for our rosacea issues.

  2. As a fellow pink faced person, I will be trying some of these soon. Thanks! Just to share my regimen with you too, my go-to is La Roche Posay. This brand's oils and their sensitive line does not cause me any reactions.

    1. La Roche Posay have an anti redness formula too which has great reviews. Avene is also a gentle line and has a red reducing formula as well...take care Kristi

  3. A local company, in Nova Scotia, sells a beautiful line of rose based skin care products. Natural ingredients with a lovely scent and texture. My rosacea prone skin has never been better. The company is Osha Mae.

    1. Thank you for the information on the skincare line from Nova Scotia.
      Take care Laura

  4. I don't have rosacea, but do love both Avene and Andalou products. I learned about Andalou from a friend. I commented on how nice her completion was looking, and she said she was recommended these products and had been using them for about a month.

    I also admit to loving the scent of roses in products. I think perhaps it makes me think of my mother! It is a bit of an 'old fashioned' scent that is coming back into favour, for good reasons.

    1. Gentle and effective skincare products are good for a lot of skin types. Roses are my favourite flowers and I adore their scent. I am not sure if that makes me old fashioned but I am a senior so I may come by that naturally :-))


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