Saturday, November 21, 2020

Roses, Tea and Covid Cooking...a tonic during lockdown


Roses continue to bloom in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
The cheerful pops of colour elevate our days.

Jude the Obscure still putting on a show!

Walked downtown on Thursday 
to meet my husband at the lawyer's office and sign our new wills.

I had a few minutes to spare so I popped into Winners.
I bought a couple of gifts and just happened upon this trio of teas.
I have savoured the Wittards Chelsea Afternoon Tea blend and was eager to expand my taste experience...
I bought all three!

I have yet to try this one but it sounds delicious...
Oolong tea, pineapple, strawberry and papaya pieces, marigold flowers.

No7 Mango and Bergamot is SO GOOD!!!!
Green Tea, Mango, petals from cornflowers, sunflowers and roses.
Bergamot flavouring.

This one is a gift for a dear friend.

Lockdown is here to stay for the forseeable future.

The Covid Cases are climbing far too fast.
Hospitals are filling up and our provincial health doctor has had to enact the act
that prohibits us from gathering with others.
Only our immediate household can be together, even outdoors.

We are permitted to walk with one friend.
Masks are mandatory in public places and at worksites.

So I am cooking like crazy as a distraction to save my sanity...
(my husband winks when I say this!)
Thanks darling XO

Mr. HB seems to be enjoying all the meals.

Christmas decor here is minimal and I am fluffing the house bit by bit...
I will publish a post sharing what I've done soon.

Our neighbours to the south are preparing their Thanksgiving menus and sharing many gorgeous tablescapes.

I made Ina Garten's Herb and Apple Bread Pudding from her book 
"Cooking For Jeffrey."
(page 152)

I made it this morning and it is in the fridge waiting for later...
I love a make ahead dish.
Ina mentioned that it pairs well with Turkey.

I am making "Engagement Roast Chicken" similar to Ina's Perfect Roast Chicken.
Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Will steam some broccoli to serve with dinner.
I had hoped to buy green beans but they were not that fresh...
why do some stores keep them on the shelf when they are past their prime?

My husband has been outside all morning digging fence post holes.
He'll be weary when he finally comes inside...
Hope this meal will be tasty and comforting.

How are you doing during this pandemic?

What are your favourite distractions?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.

Stay Safe

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Good to know that you are doing well. Like you - we are about to go back into almost total lockdown on Monday - I'll be doing a lot of baking!
    The first two weeks of November were gorgeous - almost summer-like but it has now turned dull and grey so it matches everyone's mood.
    I am spending this weekend tidying up and then I will start to put out a few Christmas decorations, although I'll wait another couple of weeks before buying any poinsettias. My Christmas will be spent with another single friend - we are both very careful and follow all the protocols. Ordinarily I would have travelled to spend Christmas with family this year but that will have to wait.
    Take care.

  2. My husband put up some white lights on the back deck and I bought a fir and pine cone wreath for the front door. I have some festive white lights on the shelf above the farmhouse’s a start, and we need to enjoy these simple festive touches which we are in lockdown perhaps even more than before. Good luck with your baking and enjoy your time spent with your friend. We are all in this together and need to be supportive and positive. I heard a very profound comment by a veteran saying if they could fight for our country and endure horrific events during their time on the battlefront we should follow the rules and stay home.

  3. Yes, we need to be strong and stay apart to act together. We're both still working and school is a very interesting place to be just now. So many protocols and I don't see anyone outside of my little silo. Weekends are a wonderful respite. I made some vegetable soup today, with mostly leftovers, and will be roasting a chicken tomorrow for dinner.
    The teas look delicious! Stay well.

    1. We watched some neighbours entertain outdoors and it was very unsettling. My immediate neighbour went out in her deck and mentioned the rules of not gathering and I was so grateful that she spoke up. I was not sure what to do.
      Take care Lorrie and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. My state is open and we are enjoying the start of the holiday season. A light dusting of snow this morning puts everyone in a festive mood.

  5. My state is open and we are enjoying the start of the holiday season. A light dusting of snow this morning makes everyone feel festive.

    1. Enjoy your freedom! A dusting of snow is like icing on a cake...everything looks beautiful.
      Take care.

  6. There has been a sharp increase in Covid cases here in Vermont. Thankfully "only" 62 people have died, but one person was a local woman. That caused many disbelievers to be a little shaken. Three elementary schools in my school district shut down last week, one of which was a school I worked in for 22 years. My children who live alone and work from their homes will be our only Thanksgiving guests but we will try to Zoom with relatives. I start the make-ahead dishes tomorrow. I think I'll put up window candles first before I start with the decorating. I am going to use a light hand this year, softer colors, as I did with my fall decorations. It was more serene and I like that there were empty places for my eyes to rest. I years past I had something in every nook and cranny! Not only do your teas sound delicious, the canisters are charming. I expect you may find a way to somehow re-use them in the Bungalow! We were supposed to be in Ireland right now nearing the end of our trip. I was looking forward to learning how to make a proper tea over there but I will have to wait until next fall. We were able to reschedule our trip. Carol in VT

    1. Your Thanksgiving plans sound like fun! Good to hear that the Covid numbers are not out of control in Vermont.
      Travel has been curtailed for us all. Ireland for you and Paris for me...thankfully I got my payment back from the airfare as I used my Visa card to book the tickets. Many others are still waiting to find out if they will be reimbursed. The tea tins will be reused when they are empty! The Mariage Freres tea tins from Paris hold crayons!
      Enjoy your family and thanksgiving dinner.


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