Monday, March 23, 2020

Flowers. thoughts and ramblings from The Humble Bungalow...

Deep indigo grape hyacinths are a welcome pop of colour.
We have quite a few of these in our front garden.
Thankfully the deer do not nibble these sweet flowers.

How are you managing during the "shelter at home" order?
Are you busy or bored?

Do you get "dressed up" or have a PJ Days?

Keeping quite busy with home and gardening tasks.

Baking bread every few days...
to accompany homemade soups and stews.

We were down to a few cups of flour and we hit the jackpot yesterday 
by finding 10kg package of flour
it felt like a lottery win!

(We are not taking anything for granted.)

I'll be able to keep baking bread for the next few months with this supply.

I purchased an antibacterial spray from Nezza Naturals.
I've been wiping the counters, light switches and door handles.

We have a few lilies blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
Planted these a few years ago and they pop up early each Spring.
Such a delightful dainty little flower 
which reminds me of The Flying Nun's hat
do you remember Sally Field in this television show?

Love the variegated foliage of the Trillium
When the flower is in bloom it is a dark magenta shade.

I sat on the front porch this past weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and birdsong.

Tapio Wirkkala Ultima modernist mug made in Finland.

Darling daughter has a large collection of Ultima
which I covet!

Timo Sarpeneva Finnish Festivo icy candlesticks.

Baked banana bread and pasta were delivered to our son and the grandchildren.
We waved at each other through the windows and they came out on the front porch while we stood at the bottom of the stairs.

Later we Face-Timed with them
the kids were in fine spirits when they
demonstrated a dance routine that they were working on!

Thank goodness for the internet to help us stay connected.

Loving this Lemongrass Tea Tree soap
the scent is divine and the sudsy soap makes it easy to keep up with the necessary hand washing.

With all this hand washing I need to moisturize my hands.
This cream absorbs quickly and protects my hands in between washes.
I apply and small amount at tea time when I sit to read my book.

Hellebore blooms are not deer food.

 ~ Vintage Enamel ~
Bread tin and colander just part of the small collection in our laundry room.

All is calm...
the ironing has been done
(such a soothing task.)

Clothes are washed and hung to dry.
Counters washed ~ floor swept.

Feeling in control of my own home 
is just one part of how I am keeping my focus positive.

It's time for lunch and I'm making a simple sandwich.
Will pop the kettle on and brew a pot of tea.

Hope you are finding ways to amuse yourself while you cocoon at home.

~ Stay Home and Stay Safe ~


  1. I'm in my fifth day of isolation after my return from Oaxaca. I get dressed and put on lipstick although I am alone. Monsieur is at a hotel. He leaves me groceries in a basket outside the door. I've cleaned and organized a bit, read a bit, sketched a bit and I have planned nice meals for myself. Before I left home, I read Sally Field's autobiography. I do remember The Flying Nun. I really like that glass. I think I gave mine away in the 90's. Oh, well! Enjoy your sandwich.

    1. Hope that you will continue to feel well. Part of feeling good is self care like getting dressed and taking care to do ones hair and make up. We do it for ourselves as much as for others. My mom always made the effort...and it has stayed with me. Putting on a brave face, lipstick a strand of pearls goes a long way to elevate our daily round. 💐 stay well.

  2. Just want to check in to say this is a wonderful post with lovely pictures and ideas - I'm going to read it later when I can savor it! Thank you! Stay well.

    1. Thinking of you...hope that you are doing well and are able to find those sweet spots in your daily routines. 💐

  3. I love your blog. So soothing and calm in such an anxious unknowing time...thank you for your beautiful words and photos. They are much appreciated.

    1. Hello Patricia!
      We find our inner strength in times such as these and I can imagine many women who faced greater challenges than we are being asked to face now. Wartime and the great depression come to mind.
      If we can look ahead of the worldwide goal to flatten the pandemic curve we will be able to put in perspective these quiet weeks spent simply at home.

  4. Love this post. What a lovely mug and candlesticks! The quote by Corrie ten Boom is one of my favorites - thanks for sharing it. We planted three kinds of spinach today in the raised beds and caged the peonies before they bloom and fall heavily to the ground! Looking forward to spring blooms in the Pacific NW!

    1. I love the quote too!
      It will be fun watching the spinach grow in anticipation of the harvest. Home grown veggies taste amazing. There is a local Japanese bistro that makes a delicious Gomea (mostly spinach) salad with sesame seeds. I am not sure that I spelled it correctly but you may want to try making one when you have a chance.

  5. We are sheltering at our farm in East Texas. We brought a friend along with us so that she will not be alone. We have plenty of food, but are a bit apprehensive going forward do the erratic nature of our president.

    1. Sheltering on a farm sounds wonderful! You must have a plot of land where you can get outside without encountering too many people. Sounds like freedom to me! I still go for my walks but avoid getting close to others. Neighbours on our street are very social but we respect the social distancing advice from our medical infectious disease doctors.
      Politics here seem to be rather collegial during this fact all parties are working together for the health and safety of our nation. It would be lovely if this continues after we get a vaccine for this virus.

  6. This is a lovely post, Leslie, full of positive things and the daily routines that give a calming rhythm to life. Good for you for finding the 10 pounds of flour! I'm okay for awhile, but in a couple of weeks I'll need some more.

    1. I found the flour at Peppers and it was also on sale. You may find it there when you need some more. Calming routines have always soothed me in troubled times. When the children were small I loved to sit with them and colour or play with play doh...working with our hands creatively seems to lift the weight of our troubles off our shoulders. Knitting 🧶 does this for me as well! If I was a quilter or a seamstress I am sure those hobbies would be a tonic as well.
      Take care.

  7. I have now spent a week indoors aside from a walk on Saturday and a brief stop at the grocery store - no flour however.
    I am cleaning my small apartment - one room at a time. I am also cooking - unfortunately I'm also eating! :-)
    My office closed last Tuesday although we are doing conference calls or Zoom meetings twice a week just to keep things updated.
    Netflix, books and keeping in touch with family & friends fills the days but I do feel a bit stir crazy - I will go out for walks occasionally but well away from other people. I miss being able to have a cup of coffee with a friend. But I'm luckier than most and I have to remember that.
    Stay well.

    1. We heard that Toronto is “locked down” which sounds rather daunting but it’s pretty much the same thing here. I have heard many women are having virtual coffee parties on Skype and Face Time, even a book club meeting! Creative ways of staying connected and social. The telephone can be a saving grace when we are isolating at home. Yes Margie I so agree we are fortunate and we must be grateful and count our blessings. I think of all those in Italy who are not as lucky and my heart aches for them and their families.

  8. Really am enjoying your blog, now more than ever. Keep posting your garden pics and your simple reminders of self-care and your simple pleasures. I cant wait to see my grape hyacinths emerge. Several weeks here yet, I'm afraid, as all I still see out my window is white!! 30 degrees here but will warm up to mid 40s. Love the candlesticks

    1. Winter will melt away before you know it and the gardens will reward you with their beautiful blooms!
      I will try to post more frequently as I find it so soothing just putting together a post with pictures.

  9. DAY seven I dont look to good today but have been making an effort!
    Have you heard the latest from MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No I have not heard the latest! What is happening?
      Will go and see if I can find it on google. Hope you are Ok

  10. Today is my Day 1, as daughter and her family just returned to Canada yesterday. I enjoyed reading your activities, as I get myself organised. My hands are also complaining about all the hand-washing, especially with children as house guests, we were very fanatical about it all :) Well done for finding all that flour - there was none at all at our local store today, but I still have a kilo. Your Finnish glass is so beautiful, and I love the display of candlesticks. I am starting making lists of activities, and how to organise myself for a long isolation. Our state closed its borders tonight. Take care, and I hope you are ok.


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