Friday, March 13, 2020

Shopping my closet...casual denim for Spring

I have been wearing my go-to cashmere sweaters with jeans but with the sunnier days and Spring flinging our way I've been looking in my closet and thinking about dressing in lighter clothes.

Cailey 22 lightweight denim shirt 
In winter I layer this shirt under my black V neck cashmere sweater.

Gap heavier denim shirt
this works alone or layered over top of a Tee or top.

Gap shirt
Eileen Fisher sleeveless top
Letol French scarf
(was included in a previous delivery of My Stylish French Box)

Gap denim dress
layered over a long sleeve Eileen Fisher top

(I may purchase a pair of white capri tights to pair with these two pieces)

A lovely scarf...
cheerful colours
heavier and can also be worn as a shawl.

Works really well with denim and chambray garments.

I am trying not to panic 
after the recent announcement of the world wide Covid-19 pandemic.

Looking at the bright spots in my daily round.

I plan to do some "deeper cleaning" here in The Humble Bungalow.

Bathrooms, surfaces and door knobs will be disinfected.
We have not travelled on a plane or left the country and hope that people who  are ill will stay at home and self isolate.

Nice scented soap

Wash your hands well and avoid touching your face 
to minimize your chance of getting the disease.

Make sure you have 2 weeks of non perishable food on hand 
in case of an emergency.
(just like you would have in your earthquake preparedness kit)

Many people have been panic purchasing toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

According to scientists soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers.

Of course we don't have access to these when we are in our cars 
so maybe keep a bottle handy when you are between the shops and your home.

Planning to avoid large crowds...

Having had pneumonia 3 times in the past and at 65 years of age
 I may be one of the demographic that needs to exercise more care.

Happy Weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. It is all a bit scary but we are so fortunate to have our homes and gardens for sanctuary. And books! my what would we do without books. Unfortunately my library closed today until the end of next month...I am so lucky to have gone last week and have a nice reserve. Love how you paired up all of the denim.

    1. I understand people need to have food in reserve but what I saw at the grocery store yesterday was unbelievable! Carts full of toilet paper and many shelves empty! I stocked up on cat food, coffee and bought some laundry and dish soap. We have pasta, jars of sauce and soups in the cupboard already.
      It will be enough. I have a few books waiting and the home and garden always need tending.
      Enjoy your books!

  2. I hope everyone will keep social distances and stay well! I had serious pneumonia at age 32 and have no desire to revisit that at age 67! The scarf is lovely!

    1. Isn’t that scarf lovely? I saw some patterned ones by Letol in Provence. I was tempted but couldn’t decide between the choices!!!
      My last bout with pneumonia took its toll...I was ill for two months! I always wash my hands a lot as I worked in the schools for over 25 years and it became a habit.
      Stay safe Susan.

  3. Love when you shop your closet.We have similar taste in clothing and you always inspire me. Stay well xo

    1. Thank you Annette...denim is such a fabulous fabric. I cannot imagine my wardrobe without a few pieces...especially jeans.
      Am staying close to home right now but I do go out for my walks.

  4. That is a beautiful scarf and it will be lovely to wear lighter clothes soon. Not today though, brrr, that wind is sharp. Yes, handwashing is so important. Like you, it's a habit with me, from working in schools. I keep disinfectant wipes at school for cleaning computer keyboards and remotes, too. Since I started doing that a few years ago, I've had very very few colds.
    Stay well, Leslie!

    1. Hope you stay safe...hand washing is paramount and keeping our distance from others. I am missing my social bridge games and the freedom to go out with friends.

  5. I went out today!
    I was visiting a friend who works in a clothing shop in a very busy area.ONLY ME in the two hours I was there.........yesterday the grocery store had lines.I needed just a few things.I'm using up what I have in my pantry.........not adding to it!WE have chickens so eggs are always available............AND WE HAVE A YEAR SUPPLY OF PESTO!

    1. Stay well Contessa. We need to be mindful of what the health professionals are telling us in order to remain safe.
      Pesto on pasta....yumm!!!!!
      Going to work on a new blog post today...
      Thank you for sharing your lovely home and fashion posts with us.

  6. I worked in health care and have a serious hand washing fetish but agree with you about disinfecting and socially isolating. It is eerily quiet in New York now. We are about 6 miles from a "containment area".So grateful for books,Netflicks etc!

    1. I heard that there are quite a few cases in NY and that a floating hospital will be deployed to help. Stay safe Terry and I hope you have some fun things to do wile you take shelter in your home.

  7. I've got my books on my phone and I'm trying to place an online grocery from Mexico so Monsieur can pick it up. He just had a septoplasty before I came to Mexico and has had pneumonia a few times. Both of us will be self isolating when I get back. Perhaps some "closet work" will be in store for me. I brought all blue and white to Mexico this trip so I know what my sunny wardrobe will look like this year. We'll just keep reading!

    1. Are you home or enroute?
      I have been thinking about you and hope you managed to catch a flight.

  8. I hope you are keeping well. We are well prepared and I've never been so grateful to be able to cancel a European vacation in my life. Some of our friends got stuck overseas. Stay safe!

    1. I am well and accomplishing a LOT of stuff here in our home...things I always procrastinate doing.
      Take care and enjoy your home time.


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