Thursday, January 10, 2019

Life at the cottage ~ easing into 2019

After a busy festive season I felt the need to relax and cocoon.

Taking life a wee bit slower 
as we ease gently into the New Year.

We were fortunate to be able to go over to the cottage for a week of relaxation.
Its such a peaceful place...
there are many opportunities to "just live in the moment"

to  listen to the birdsong

watch the raindrops 
while listening to the howling winds

taking note of the tides
the ebb and flow of the waves 
as they lap upon the Salish Sea

a bouquet of fresh flowers 

nibbles for dinner 

sharing them with the neighbours from across the road

They joined us for the Juniors Hockey Gold Medal Game

USA vs. Finland
one of our neighbours is Finnish 
so it was much more exciting watching the game!

Finland won the gold!

Heritage barn
seen on our walk.

My BFF came over for a few days.
We played crib, chatted, walked, drank tea and enjoyed each others company.

My BFF has a Fit Bit so we knew how many steps we took...
7,000 on our walk and by the time time we had picked up a few groceries
then returned to the cottage
it read out 10,000 and fireworks exploded on her screen!

Self care is so important...

it can mean different things for each of us:

eating mindfully
dabbling in a creative hobby
learning something new
taking time to dress in clothes that make us feel good
indulging in a spa day
putting on a pretty and flattering shade of lipstick
savouring a piece of good quality chocolate
going out for lunch
saying yes to things we love and no to things that rob us of joy
we can choose those
opportunities that fill our days with meaningful "feel good" moments

listening to our heart and paying attention to what we need

reading a good book

Thirty More Chic Days by Fiona Ferris
an inspiring one that is starting my year off on a positive note.

Thank you to Fiona who sent this to me...
I am embracing many of her ideas from the book.

Wishing you a peaceful 
Happy New Year!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I know you enjoy your time at the cottage. We find the same kind of respite at our farmhouse. I often long to be there when I am at home in Dallas. Happiest of New Years to you Hostess. I do love reading your blog.

    1. We are fortunate to have special places to escape to!
      Your farm sounds wonderful...have fun!

  2. Love your list of things to make us feel better about ourselves.

    1. I like to make note of what helps me feel more positive and sharing it here with readers reinforces my dedication to the items on the list!

  3. Such a lovely and peaceful post, Leslie - thank you. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. The flowers lasted the better part of a week so they are definitely blooms to buy again in the future...especially when at this time of year there are few flowers in our garden!

  4. Not sure if my comment came through. Here it is again:

    Such a lovely and peaceful post, Leslie - thank you. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  5. Your cottage is a lovely place to savour these quiet January days! There's been a great variety of weather to watch!

    1. The cottage is a quiet spot to cocoon and walk...its been fairly quiet here ate home too...not a lot of construction happening on our block right now which is wonderful!
      Hope you are enjoying these lovely days...

  6. Beautiful, peaceful post Leslie. Hope you have a very Happy New Year. xo

    1. Thank you Kathy...I am loving your new paintings!
      Hope your New Year is a happy, healthy and inspiring.

  7. How wonderful to have such a beautiful spot to rest and relax in. It must bring you great joy.

    1. We love the cottage...its been a wonderful investment. The grandchildren love it too!