Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Humble Bungalow ~ keeping cool in a heat wave...

We have just returned from our holidays to our beloved home and garden...
the greenhouse is full of fresh home grown tomatoes
ready to be harvested and eaten.

a bounty of tasty tomatoes

I will be making tomato salads, perhaps indulge in some tomato sandwiches,
will also plan to roast some for a pasta dish and may freeze some.

BC is immersed in a heat wave...
the temperatures are rising
and with that, my plans to work outside in the garden are shelved for a cooler day.

The blinds are closed and the windows have been opened a crack
(otherwise the cats escape!)
The overhanging eaves, a typical feature of an arts and crafts bungalow,
help to keep the sunshine out.

So I am staying inside attacking my long "to do list"...
it's only 10:30 and I have done 3 loads of laundry,
the last load of slip covers are spinning in the LG as I type.

The farmhouse sink has been bleached,
the mail opened, bills paid ready to be posted.

I plan a quick manicure
a beach walk
need to return something to the store
stop by a friends' home
start a new book.

My summertime favourites...
Eau Thermale mist by Avene to help refresh the skin
I also keep a cool bottle of water on the counter by the sink 
 take one outside with me when I garden...hydrating from the inside out!

SPF 50 for my face and exposed arms and legs.
I try to wear a light Tencel long sleeved shirt for extra sun coverage.

Spritz of Roger and Gallet light rose scent to refresh throughout the day.

The new favourite Sally Hansen diamond tough polish which lasted an entire week before showing signs of wear...
the shade is called Love Bug.

I'd better get back to work...
my break is over! 

Thank you for stopping by the Humble Bungalow Blog.

What are you reading and how is your summer going?
Is it hot where you are right now?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. The B.C. Day holiday is over and my "to-do" list sounds like yours. Laundry is folded, plants watered, fridge cleaned and new iced tea made. I've tried David's peach and I quite like it. I just read a book that you would enjoy, Full Disclosure by former Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin. It's a light mystery, set in Vancouver, with references to lots of familiar places and people. I really enjoy the Avène line of skincare, it seems fresh and clean. I need a new book because I gobbled my last one. I'll try the used book store tomorrow.

    1. Ooh that mystery is going on my to read list thank you!
      Good luck at the bookshop tomorrow...I love poking around in a bookstore...you'll be able to go to the Shakespeare bookshop when you are in Paris!

  2. Your tomatoes look delicious! And I love your kitties- they always look so adorable! Bridget

    1. They are both sleeping on our bed right now,I have the blinds closed and they nap a lot on hot days as I think they really feel the heat...who wouldn't with a fur coat?

  3. Your harvest looks fabulous. Nothing better tasting than a fresh tom.
    The heat wave continues in MA too. Today 100 degrees and it felt hotter due to humidity. No garden work for me. My heat pumps are doing a great job keeping my house comfortable. I am reading books by Maeve Binchy. She writes about small town life in Ireland. Light reading and humorous. Susan

    1. I have read all of Maeve's books...I can be transported to those lovely villages in the Uk as soon as I open one of her books! Her interesting characters are so vivid...it does make one long for a small quaint village life!
      Enjoy keeping cool as you read...a heat pump sounds perfect for the heatwave!

    2. I had my monthly Probus social club meeting this morning and took in 3 Maeve Binchy books that I no longer want for their "book exchange" table - I barely managed to out them down before they were snapped up by someone! I have loved all her books so happy that someone else now gets to enjoy them.

  4. The glove is purple and has a friend now:). I save laundry for the night, so as to keep the house cool. And garden in the morning, because, don't want to fry!

    1. These purple gloves are by Playtex and are much heavier and last much longer than the "marigold" yellow gloves that i used to buy...these were a gift from a reader who spends time in the US and on Salt Spring Island!
      We water first thing in the morning and late at night as we are on water restrictions...
      gardening before it gets too hot is wise.

  5. I'm all Avène all the time since an allergic reaction to a supposedly "bio" product turned my face red and itchy. My doctor suggested Avène, which in France is very reasonably priced.
    We got a break in the heat and I am thrilled. I like summer, I don't mind the heat most of the time, and we don't have air conditioning so we get acclimated. But when it gets to 95 or so, my brain melts and it is very hard to work.
    Do you can your tomatoes? That's another thing--preserving the summer bounty without heating up the kitchen. I need a summer kitchen, outside....

    1. I am using L'Occitane Divine cream and serum but all the other products that I use are from Avene.
      I have not canned our tomatoes...I read that roasting them then freezing them make for a great base in pasta sauces, soups and stews. Do you much canning? I have not made jam in ages as we have no berries in our garden...but I do love making marmalade.

  6. It really does sound awfully hot in the Northern Hemisphere! It looks like the tomato vine loves it though, and what a thrill to find such bounty on your return. They look absolutely delicious. And nothing beats a good tomato sandwich for lunch :)

    1. It's hot in Europe too...the south of France and Paris are having a heat wave.
      I plan to buy a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery today and make a sandwich!!
      It would be great if they had a brioche like I bought in S of France....we ate Lionheart tomatoes from the market sliced and sprikled with salt and pepper open faced atop a slice of brioche with a glass of chilled rose when I was there! So tasty!

  7. What amazing tomatoes! I can almost smell that fresh home-grown aroma, so different from shop-bought ones. Mine are still green...
    Just finished 'The Making of the British Landscape", about the climate and human factors that have shaped Britain over the past 10,000 years.

    1. They do have that fresh smell that entices you to pop one in your mouth before you've even washed them!
      The book sounds interesting...the subject sounds fascinating.

  8. Bacon and tomato sandwiches - the best! Your produce looks amazing - but then your flowers are always gorgeous so you definitely have a green thumb.
    It is STILL super hot and HUMID here in Toronto - we are all ready for the Fall. I honestly find that I hibernate more in the Summer than I do in the Winter - I'm longing to enjoy a really long walk in some fresh air!
    I just finished a book called "Red Joan" - it's a novel based on a real woman who was arrested in the UK for being a long time spy for the Soviets. The film is coming out in a few months and Judy Dench will star. I picked up 6 new books from the library yesterday so lots to look forward to in the next week.

  9. Just wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder last week!
    I didn't freak out about it because of you writing about yours.
    Now it's just a matter of keeping it moving. The doctor gave me two exercises and I've looked up some others.
    We're the same age and it's amazing how talking to our friends helps with similar situations! Thank you! Kathy

  10. Our tomatoes are over - we had a great harvest this year. Your tomatoes are stunningly beautiful and unflawed! The heat and humidity in LA is really getting to me -I've been indoors a lot reading a ton. The part of our garden that gets a lot of sun is looking terrible -leaves all burned. I slow roasted a lot of our tomatoes for 8 hours (at 200 degrees) with olive oil and sea salt. I put them in mason jars with more olive oil and gave them to our kids who love them with eggs, pasta, everything.

  11. Our tomatoes are just beginning, so sweet and juicy. Isn't it hot? Gardening and cooking are for the early morning hours or later in the evening. I like slow roasting tomatoes and freezing them for soup or sauces, but I also can them if I have enough. Canned tomatoes are a staple for soups, chilies, and other dishes.

    Stay cool! Relief is coming on Saturday, I hear.