Friday, August 10, 2018

Hydrangeas and hair...the view from here.

Hooray the limelights are blooming!

The hydrangeas are taller this year 
which is good news 
as the deer love to munch on the tasty leaves.
Sadly the deer have eaten most of the hosta leaves 
out front in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Frothy creamy blooms act as a backdrop to the side patio
providing privacy
 a place to sit and sip a cup of tea while reading a book.

I loved this book and read it in two sittings!
They are making it into a movie.
Suzanne Rindell is a screenwriter...
she has two other books and I plan to read them.

In other news
the "growing pains" continue...

My hair is growing...
the wavy curls are coming back.

I have been on Pinterest looking at hair styles...
there are so many lovely women with salt and pepper and grey hair.

just wondering how long I should let it grow
what style will work with my hair type and face shape.

A conundrum 
 I have weeks or possibly a few more months to wait.
Patience has never been my strength...

I'd like to be able to grow hair as fast as that Tressy doll!
She was the doll that had a long pony tail with emerged from a hole in her head...
a screw attached to her back controlled the length of her hair!
Do you remember the doll?

The TV ad...

"Short or long or in between
Tressy's hair makes her a Queen!"

Happy Weekend!
Do you have any special plans?

We will be celebrating the 3rd birthday of our darling granddaughter Mira.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Your garden looks lovely! I have the Limelights in my garden, too, and they look great this year. I have salt and pepper gray hair and wear it short in a pixie-type cut. My question for you is have you found a product that adds moisture and shine to your hair. I know you try out different products and thought you may have come across something that works well.

    1. I use two products that help my hair...The Bumble and Bumble "don't Blow It" cream and the Aveda Brilliant styling gel in a blue pot...this I use on dry hair the B&B I use on wet hair.

  2. Your limelights are beautiful and tall. Love your hair long. It really frames your face softly. The curl/wave is very pretty. I like the softer look that frames your face. This is flattering vs. the very precision short cut that can look like a helmet on anyone. Your patients while growing out your hair are impressive. Very worth the wait. Looking good! Happy weekend. Susan

    1. Thank you Susan!
      I have the full use of both my arms now after several years of frozen growing my hair is a celebration of sorts...I will be able to use the blow dryer when the weather gets cooler. It is far too hot to use it right now in this heat wave!!

  3. I have my hair layered short now, but it's not curly like yours !!!
    I am so jealous. The perfect hair-do for me would be a low ponytail.
    I do not think I'll ever be brave enough to look at my real hair again. Coloring it for decades and I'm a natural blonde but this many different colors of blonde. Everyone is talking about "going gray" and I think that's OK. It's not fatal nor permanent. If you don't like it you can be a redhead ! About the deer. They are so beautiful & graceful, we see them all the time in the hill country of Texas and most everyone has to plant things the deer don't like.
    We give them fruit, veggies, etc. They can smell it I guess because within 30 minutes they are there. Look at my children's clothing site: having a 20% off sale

    1. I might grow mine long enough to put in a pony tail...that would be ahndy when I swim oir garden...and an up do might be fun too!
      The deer here have so much to eat...the spotted twin fawns are just so cute.
      Will pop over to your website and browse...the dresses I have seen on your IG are adorable.

  4. Lovely pics of the garden and your hydrangeas are magnificent. The deer have eaten all my day lillies! I like the direction your hair is going. As someone else says it is softer and frames your face. I think you will know when it's the right length for you. I have lots of curly hair, older than you, which I find performs a lot better with some length. As you mention you can put it up as well as an alternative. I have found that moisturizer and not shampoo is key. There are lots of youtube videos on how to look after curly hair, of course some better than others.

    1. Those deer have voracious appetites!
      Hope that I kno when the length is right so that I can go back to my hair stylist and have it trimmed. I did like the versatility of a pony tail and an updo when my hair was longer.
      I will explore You Tube and do some investigating....thank you Christy.

  5. I like your longer hair for a change. That Bumble and Bumble "don't blow it" works really well on my hair. It seems to keep the shape of the curls better. It doesn't frizz as easily. I've been doing "messy French curls" for a bit but I'm ready for a change. The hydrangea are thriving here this year. We have so many bushes and they are all so different. Beautiful! Do you read Alexander McCall Smith? I'm reading The Quiet Side of Passion. It's one of the Isabel Dalhousie books.

    1. Products really do help our curly locks...I dislike frizz and embrace soft curls. I have read some of McCall’s mysteries he is a very popular writer with a huge following. I am excited to read Louise Penny’s new mystery in the Fall.

  6. Funny, I've been letting my hair get longer as well - although I can't necessarily say I'm growing it out. Maybe it's down to laziness as I cut my own hair and I just don't feel like cutting it! I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I won't let it get much longer, though, as my hair is quite fine - if it gets too long it's just too "drippy" looking. Your hair looks great. I always like what you do with it and I think it looks great at the length you have it now.

    1. Mom cut her hair too...I am rubbish at it! Clever you!
      We all have our talents and hair styling is not mine.

  7. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! They are My favorites. I always love seeing your beautiful blooms. Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs!

  8. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. "Frothy" describes them perfectly. Their light lime green color really makes a bright spot in your yard.

    Your hair is looking great, so thick and full of body. The curls frame your face very nicely.

    I am trying to grow my hair out from a really bad haircut I received way back in January. I asked the hair stylist for my hair to be a little shorter in back and slightly stacked. She must have thought I said super short in back and horribly hacked. I wonder if she was even sober when she cut my hair. It is slowly growing out. It makes me nervous to think about getting my hair cut again, (even, of course, by a different stylist) but sometime it will have to be trimmed and something done about the hacked back. Right now I curl my stick straight hair to try and disguise this growing out phase. I am going to let it grow to shoulder length or at least as long as it needs to be to wear it put up on top of my head sometimes.

    1. Oh my gosh I hope that you have recovered emotionally from that bad sounds quite traumatic.
      My mom gave me a Twiggy haircut after much begging when I was 12 or 13 and she made a mess of it...even the hairdresser said there was little that she could do to fix it!!!
      Time takes care of these botched cuts!
      Let’s try to be graceful as we wait....

  9. I think your hair looks great growing out. I've been growing mine out too - from both the coloring and the length. It's long enough now that I can wear it in a ponytail or up, both of which I do almost daily in this heat wave. Your growing it might seem slow, but it looks like it grew fast to me (from your last photo) - beautiful limelights.

    1. Oh I love the idea of a pony tail or an updo...and in this heat what a blessing!
      I've been following Linda V Wright on IG and I think that you two look like you could be cousins! You both have great style and fashion sense...very inspiring.

  10. Hydrangeas are amazing indeed,what a beautiful colour!
    This book sounds interesting,thank you for the recommendation
    As well as Madame Lá-bas,I like when your hair is longer-how long, you have to choose
    My weekend is bitter-sweet,it is time to finish holidays and enjoy the last two days (with a lot of cleaning)at the Adriatic Sea
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Enjoy and savour those last two days on the Adriatic...the end of holidays do seem bittersweet...cherish those summer memories alive and extend the holiday spirit as long as you can.

  11. I do admire those Limelights! I grew my hair out a few years ago and it was a long, sometimes frustrating process. Then over the past couple of years, I went back to my natural colour, which includes grey. I thought of chopping it off to make the colour process easier, but persevered, and I'm glad I did.

    You'll be glad to get it to the length you want. I think it's looking very chic.

    1. Thank you Lorrie...the limelights are the star performers in the garden right now as most of the other plants are starting to fade in the heat. It has been such a hot summer, the cucumber and tomato crops have been amazing! We have a bounty of food in the greenhouse that we are harvesting every few days...your produce looks fabulous too!

  12. I remember Tressy! I had one! As I recall, her hair wound in and out by winding her arm. One of the styles they advertised her with was a beehive bubble. Thanks for the memory. I haven't thought of her in years!