Monday, October 16, 2017

OOTD mixed with some Netflix suggestions...

Mod-O-Doc patchwork top
worn here with the skinny knit Calvin Klein knit pants

Cut Loose top and the Calvin Klein skinny knit pants
Clarks shoes.

to play bridge and take lessons at the club.
They are simple easy pieces that can be dressed up with accessories.

Authentic, honest clothes that reflect my no nonsense approach...
(sometimes I might be a tad too serious)
I have been considering buying a fun Tee shirt...
not sure exactly what it will look like
noticed a few women "of a certain age" 
wearing interesting Tees with variations of patterns 
some with writing
which for years I have never considered.
Perhaps there is a Tee for me 
that would look not quite as "out there" worn under a simple sweater
like Mom's cashmere waterfall sweater
 that I wear often as
it feels just SO COZY! 

Speaking of cozy
that reminds me of "comfort food."

French Toast for breakfast 
 our garden grown apples with a drizzle of maple syrup.

Cafe Creme
of course...

We just finished watching the Netflix series Atypical 
which I can highly recommend...
it is about an autistic boy and his family.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is the lead actress.

I am now glued to the Netflix series "This is Us"...
and loving it!
The show reminds me so much of "Thirty Something" 
a series that my husband and I watched with our friends 
many years ago
 I discovered that Ken Olin is involved...
he was in Thirty Something 
and it has a similar vibe
perhaps that must be why I love it so much.

Hope that you have a lovely week.

I am looking forward to a slower pace after our busy weekend cleaning out the basement!
We found all kinds of things that we could get rid of, things we will never use
 things were popped outside on the boulevard for passers by to take 
 the rest is off to the thrift shop.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Oh i loved ThirtySomething! I hope This is Us comes on Netflix in The Netherlands..

    1. Hope you can watch the was also aired on the TV last year so you may be able to find it.

  2. You look so nice in your top-I hope you'll find a lovely and fun tee shirt,too
    We usually prepare french toast not as a sweet dish,but as a salty one

    1. The Tee will have to "speak to me!" especially if it has writing on it or a pattern because I usually shy away from things that are too "loud."

  3. I do like your OOTD - and feeling cozy at this time of year is a wonderful reward for having to switch over our wardrobes. I too tend to the conservative side of clothing and every now and again I attempt to find that breakout fun piece. Sometimes I'm successful and it makes me very happy - but more often I find that it's just not me and gets returned or passed along.
    I had a very quiet Monday as I'd spent the previous 4 days at BoucherCon - an annual gathering of mystery writers, publishers and fans. It was excellent and featured panels of such writers as Louise Penny (the guest of honour), Rys Bowen, Anne Cleeves (who writes the Vera & Shetland series), Ian Hamilton, Sara Paretsky & Charlaine Harris - amongst many others. It was very well run and the panelists were all a delight! There was also a lot of talk about written materials being adapted for the movies & especially for TV - both networks and suppliers such as Netflix. They were very forthcoming about their experiences, both negative & positive and offered a lot of tips as to how to protect yourself and what to think about when it comes to contracts.
    While it was a lot of fun it did take it's toll so a day of rest with an icepack on my knee was lovely. There was also a bit of Netflix watching. I love mysteries so I can recommend both "Line of Duty" and "Happy Valley" from the UK - gritty but not gory and with a lot of twists & turns. From Iceland "Trapped" is a wonderful short series. On a lighter note if you are more into "cozies" then "Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries", from Australia would work - much more in the vein of Midsomer or Father Brown.
    I now have to get back into the swing of normal life and will spend Tuesday tidying up and doing laundry before heading out for some volunteering duties this evening. Enjoy your week.

    1. Sounds like you have been quite busy!
      Thank you for the suggestions too...I do like Anne Cleaves and Louise Penny is probably my favourite mystery author ever!
      Good luck with your knee...I think I have developed shin splints and my other shoulder is now showing signs of "frozen shoulder"...the orthopedic surgeon warned me this might happen...
      Hope you have a lovely week!

  4. I like both of your outfits. I had French toast with banana today but I should buy some maple syrup. Have you watched Norman with Richard Gere? I've seen most of the British mysteries and I'm hoping for new seasons soon. I used to love Thirty-Something. Enjoy your week!

    1. The banana French Toast sounds very much like comfort food...nom nom!
      I have not watched Norman with Richard Gere...will look into that tonight!
      Thank you!

  5. I highly recommend Line of Duty and Happy Valley, but also Dr. Foster and Shetland!

    1. Have watched Happy Valley and loved it...Line of Duty and Doctor Foster are both new ones for me...will see if I can find it on Netflix.

  6. Have you seen the Doctor Blake Mysteries. Very good. I wonder or very much recommend.

  7. Your outfits look very suitable for this season when the temps are cooling down, and you sometimes need an extra layer, or sometimes not. We're fond of Miss Fisher and Midsomer Murders, however, we have recently started Outlander and are quite intrigued.

    1. Thank you for those suggestions Lorrie...many of my friends watch Outlander.
      Hope you are enjoying all the beautiful fall colours of the season...they really brighten up our days at this time of year.

  8. Should say I very much recommend!

  9. We really enjoyed Atypical as well and look forward to the next season. Hope you managed to see the Robert Redford-Jane Fonda Netflix movie, Souls at Night -- I'm sure you'd enjoy it. And we just watched the wonderful The Meyerowitz Stories, also on Netflix, stellar lineup, so well written, directed, and acted. Such a surprise to see how good Adam Sandler was in a serious role. Making a note of This Is Us as I was very much a fan of Thirty Something. . . .

  10. I like your outfit. I've just started watching Atypical, I think I'm going to enjoy it.